We tried doing Thaumaturgy today.

Tho-ma-tur-gee. Forging links between objects, and using said links to make magic.

Or something like that. Anyway, the supposed science is that everything is linked together by the same atomic make-up, and hence you can do thaumaturgy. Whatever you can do in the small scale, you can do in the big scale. Whatever you do to something from the original source, you can affect the source itself.

Balthazar gave me a wedding ring. "What I need you to do, is to look for this ring's pair."

"You didn't steal this from anyone, did you?" Was the first thing I asked.

Stop looking at me like that. It was a valid question.

How is it a valid question? I'll save it for my next entry. So there will be some suspense, you know.

Balthazar leveled me a look, and I shrugged. He handed me the ring, and I closed my eyes, and concentrated. I could feel a ring of blue fire erupt around me.

I whispered a small word to focus my magic, and I travelled along the path of the ring.

The wedding rings were made from the same batch of gold alloy. If one ring went missing, I should be able to use the other ring to find it. The emotional bond between the two would help bring them together.

I got flashes of images. Gurgling water. A flash of silver. Some stones.

I opened my eyes, set the ring on a compass (attached firmly using duct tape) and followed where the compass pointed.

Do you know where I found the ring's pair?

Inside a fish. Which I caught in a river. Gave me a Bible-esque feeling.

It turned out that the husband threw it in the river out of frustration (he and his wife had a marital spat – you know how that is). He regretted his rash action afterwards and dove for it, but he was too late.

Uh… I guess… weirder things have happened, and weirder things will happen. And I'm sure I'll be there to see it.