Chapter 1 - Coming Home

Pale blue eyes looked out the windshield as her hands clenched the steering wheel. She hadn't been back to La Push, Washington in five years. The last time she was there she was seventeen and her Uncle Harry had passed away from a heart attack. Her cousins Leah and Seth had taken it particularly hard. Of course who wouldn't though Uncle Harry was their father. Daniella looked down as she grabbed her cup of coffee and took a sip of the hot liquid. The only person running through her mind was the one person she left La Push because of...Her childhood to high school enemy. She hadn't seen HIM in five years either, he'd showed up to Uncle Harry's funeral, but she was sure his handler Sam Uley had something to do with it.

After fifteen years of being bullied, being made fun off, pushed in the mud, and various other torments. She really hated the fact that she had to go back and knew he would still be there. He would always be there. He was a full blooded Quileute just like her. Quileute's had been the long descendents of wolves. As it turned out there was a handful of guys who she was friends with and Him, who'd gotten the wolf gene. They were given the gene and it only activated when vampire's were present in Washington.

Sam Uley had called a few hours ago, he needed her help, trying to convince her she needed to come back to La Push immediately. As unbelievable as something's are in life. She knew she needed to be there. She'd told friends who weren't part of the Quileute tribe she was going to college. Truth be told she was going to her grandmother in Port Angeles learning how to be a medicine woman. Her grandma had been the tribes medicine woman for years, and now she was too old and bed ridden to help. She had been transported to a hospice. Her parents had gotten her a room at a friend's to stay while she visited her grandmother everyday for her training. The tribe had started relying on a doctor named Carlisle Cullen, turned out he was a vampire and had recently moved. At this point she didn't want to go but knew she had to. Her tribe needed her and more importantly Sam wouldn't have called if he didn't need her.

Daniella looked at the time, it was almost 6PM. She was close to La Push, she could smell the pine and rain in the air. She'd initially left because she wanted to go to get away from La Push and HIM; she'd told her parents she would be back once she had been fully taught and not before then. Of course living in Port Angeles she had nights when her memories became too much and she would go running. Though she had completed her training a year ago and buried her grandmother around the same time, she honestly hadn't planned on ever going back to La Push, but knew when Sam called there was no way to avoid going back.

She passed the sign that said 'Welcome to La Push'. She frowned, she didn't want to be here. She never wanted to be near HIM again. He was a cocky. dirt bag asshole, and if she thought about it for more than three seconds the first thing she'd do when she saw him again was punch him in the nose. But she knew he was in the pack too which was something else she was dreading. There was a chance she'd have to work close to him. She was normally a good natured girl, but when ever thoughts of him and the things he'd done to her arose in her mind in memories that constantly clouded her brain she became bitter and hateful towards anyone in her path.

She had changed over the five years of being gone. She'd gotten a couple of inches taller, and her curves were more defined, her once long raven hair that was almost to her knees had been cut to just below her breast and layered. She was excited to see Sam and Emily again. Even if Leah did consider Sam and Emily the enemy. Emily was still her cousin too. Sam had dated Leah for years and were going to get married, but when he started phasing, he imprinted on Emily and couldn't really explain it to Leah until she started phasing. Leah understood, but the pain was still VERY evident.

Daniella knew there was no way she was going to let the pack get close to her. Granted she was close friends with a couple, actually all of them...but HIM. It was bad enough that Leah used her memories of her and Sam against the pack constantly. But she also had a hard time controlling them. When the pain made itself present there was no stopping it. It was like a freight train. Daniella was almost grateful they couldn't read her mind.

She was brought out of her personal thoughts when a wet tongue licked her cheek. Daniella couldn't help laughed as she looked over at Panzer her almost 2 year old German Sheppard. He still had a lot of puppy in him, but the sweetest thing on four furry legs to walk the earth. He was sitting in her front passenger seat with his head stuck out the window taking in the fresh air.

She pulled into the familiar dirt drive way, as she grabbed her bag and kept Panzer in the car, she walked up the 3 steps and knocked on the front door. The familiar face of Emily Uley 3 scars on her right cheek but beautiful as always looked back at Daniella. Emily squinted her eyes, "How can I help you miss?" Daniella smiled softly, "Someone call for a medicine woman?" Emily's face turned shocked, "Dani? Dani is that really you?" Daniella giggled, "Guilty." Emily threw the screen door open and tackled Daniella with a hug as he shouted, "SAM! SAM! DANI IS HERE...SHE MADE IT!"

Sam walked around the corner as he smiled, "Daniella, I know I should've have called, but I didn't know what to do with Embry." Dani frained shock as the name Embry registered in her head, "What happened to Embry?" Sam sighed heavily, "He got into a nasty fight with a vampire and the vampire stabbed him in the leg with a metal object and the damn leech broke off a piece of a hunting knife in his leg. It's not healing for some reason."

Suddenly a familiar voice let itself be known, "What is she doing here?"

And once again she felt like she was back in school stuck by the bully.