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Chapter 20 – Fools Like Me

Daniella was standing next to Summer, her white dress flowing, Seth in a tuxedo. Daniella couldn't believe her baby cousin Seth was getting married, Summer and him looked so happy. Summer took the whole werewolf / imprinting stuff quite well. And accepted him apology when he fractured her wrist. She'd known all along it wasn't his fault. She also knew he felt back about it. Paul was standing next to Seth looking at Daniella hungrily. He winked at her as she let her pink tongue slide between her red lips and wet them. Oh yea she was teasing him. He smirked at her, that was fine she could tease him all she wanted, he would definitely get her later for it.

Seth and Summer said their 'I do's' and then turned to each other and Seth kissed her thoroughly breathless. They walked back down the aisle this time as husband and wife.

And Daniella turned and walked after them she smiled softly when Paul's arm went around her waist and held her close. Paul kissed her neck softly, "You look beautiful Mrs. Redson." Daniella smiled softly, "Thanks...I don't exactly feel beautiful. I feel like I'm bloated." As her hand rubbed her Six month pregnant belly. Paul was about to protest when a familiar voice agreed, "I second the motion, only I feel like a whale." Daniella turned and saw Jake and Adriana walking up to them. The two girls embraced, trying to hug each other around their growing bellies. Jake gently rubbed Adriana's belly, "You're beautiful you're having our baby. You'd look beautiful either way."

Yup! The doctor's had been wrong. Though they made her spend the first 4 months in bed, just to be on the safe side. Sam had let Jake slack on patrol, because he wanted to make sure Adriana was well taken care of. They hadn't been married for even a month when they found out she was pregnant.

The whole pack was sitting at a table eating and talking as Seth spun his bride on the dance floor. The guys had all gotten together and helped build him a house. It was a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms. Deciding if they had to they'd add more rooms or whatever it may need which was their wedding gift to the couple. The girls got together and helped decorate the inside which was their gift to the couple.

Paul smirked as he leaned over, "Dance with me beautiful." Daniella smiled softly, "Fine but when you're son starts kicking you get to calm him down." Paul chuckled, "Anything for you." They'd only been married for 7 months, their wedding was directly after Jake and Adriana's. It was also no surprise when Daniella turned up pregnant. They'd already said they wanted at least six kids. They were currently working on the first.

Paul wrapped Daniella in her arms as they slowly swayed to the soft music. He stared down in her eyes as he was sneaking soft kisses. He never imagined they'd finally be married expecting their own baby. He never thought they would come this far. Not after what he'd done. Though she had finally forgiven him and they decided to never speak about their horrible beginning again. They were only going to focus on their future and the future of their family.

Daniella's voice cut into his thoughts, "Paul stop thinking about it." Paul shook his head as he chuckled at her. She knew him he was like an open book to her. She knew what he was thinking about constantly. He didn't know how...Maybe imprints intuition.

Paul kissed her lips softly, "I was such a fool."

Daniella smiled softly, "Yea well fools like me...We'd pick a fool any day."

The End