Because I Said So

Rating: PG-13/T
Genre: Family/Drama
Summary: Like all kids, Shilo wanted to stay in style. Of all the things Nathan would not let her do, this was number one on his list.
Author's Note: I don't know. I mean, I assume that Shilo's never had any organ replacements before. But she watches TV, so she must see all the organ ads and the GeneCo promotions. It must have crossed her mind to ask at some point.
Disclaimer: I don't own Repo! The Genetic Opera. It belongs to Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith.

"Dad, can I get an organ transplant?"

Nathan spat his water out of his mouth.

Shilo was thirteen, tiny and skinny, still with the long, black-haired wig because her own hair wouldn't grow. She wore the same clothes as all the other children, all the things that were considered stylish in 2053.

But damn him, maybe he needed to stop letting her watch so much TV. She saw the ads. She saw the commercials with the happy people with their new organs, smiling and preening for the cameras as they advocated GeneCo and all of its many benefits.

His little Shilo was so sweet, so innocent, so young. How could she know? And if she did know, how could she even begin to understand the things that GeneCo got up to, the stuff that didn't make it into the evening news because Rotti Largo owned the television station that broadcasted it?

But Nathan knew. Nathan had seen. Nathan had done.

Nathan had received the late-night phone-calls from Rotti, telling him that some poor shmuck had missed one too many payments and that it was now time to reclaim GeneCo's property. GeneCo was Rotti, and when you stole from GeneCo, you stole from Rotti, and no one in their right mind stole anything from Rotti Largo.

Nathan had tracked them all down in the night, when there would be less people around. Had seen the terrified looks on their faces when (if) they realized he was there, had heard their frantic pleas as he pulled out his scalpel. The men weren't so bad- it was the young women that made the bile rise in his throat later, when he was Nathan and not the Repo Man.

How easily could it be Shilo? Or somebody else's Shilo? Or, god forbid, someone else's Marni? He'd never wish the sort of pain Marni's death had brought him on anyone else. And he wasn't certain he'd be able to live with the guilt if he found out that he was responsible for someone else's mad heartache.

And Rotti Largo was sadistic enough to order him to kill Shilo if she went past her payments. Not that he would, but that wouldn't stop Rotti- He'd just order someone else to do it. And then he'd make Nathan watch.


"Why?" Shilo had a raw deal, and he tried to indulge her as much as he could without spoiling her (Could you spoil a child when you denied them the ultimate teenage want: Freedom?). But this- this he would not bend on.

"It's not safe."

"Dad, everyone gets organ transplants!"

"Your organs are perfectly healthy, Shilo. They don't need to be replaced." Indeed, it was only her blood that was damning her to a life inside.

"Plenty of people replace the organs they think might fail on them! It improves their health!" Unless they missed a payment, in which case it was guaranteed that their health would go south for the winter and not come back in spring.

"I said no, Shilo."

"But why?"

"Because I said so, Shilo, and that's it!"

As long as Nathan was alive, Shilo was never getting organs replaced unnecessarily.

He couldn't give Rotti the satisfaction of holding one more life over his head.