Disclaimer: I don't own bleach


I feel it in the depths of night,

While sleeping in my bed,

The chains being pulled so tight,

The chains inside my head.

Trying to break free of me,

Wanting to strike me dead,

Your golden eyes burning me,

Until tears of blood are shed.

Your face so cruel it makes it hard,

To fight your teeth off my skin,

It pierces me like a glass shard,

Oh this bitter sweet sin.

Your hand it plunges in my chest

Wanting to tear me apart,

Who am I to deny your simple request?

To let you devour my heart

It's bliss to feel you break my wings,

When had this began?

You call me your king of kings,

When did I become a masochistic man?

I want to shout, to scream and fight,

Every part of you I can,

To take your mouth in mine and bite,

Till your blood fills me whole again.






Thanx for reading.