"What is zis one?"

"Fainting Fancy – makes you faint."

"What about zis two?"

"Fever Fudge – gives you a fever, and Nosebleed Nougat – gives you a nose—"

"I get it – it is deesgusting. This one?"

"Puking Pastilles."

"Even worse." Gabrielle glanced back into the box, tapping her fingers. "I will take a dozen Fainting Fancies, Bruzzer-in-Law."

"You should probably take some of each for variety."

"No need. Everyone at Beauxbatons zinks zat I am a deleecate, because I am leetle. Zey already expect me to faint at eny time, Georges! Zey will expect nuzzing."

"I like how you think, Sister-in-Law."