As I look back upon the events that happened that day, I realized that there was nothing I could have done. My heart still stings with pain as I think about it for the hundredth time, but I feel a certain blanket of peace surround me. I did all I could; even more, I was able to share with him his last few moments. I held him through the last of the breaths.

It saddens me to think, that he will never experience life. He is 11, and his days have already come to an end. He will never have his first kiss, never drive a car, never fall in love, and never finish school. There is so much that he will never be able to do. He died, in the most fragile state of his life. It was taken from him, quickly, but brutally, yet not without honor. He died saving someone. He died paying it forward.

The last few months of his life were dedicated to doing just that. Again I feel pain, knowing that he will never know that he accomplished his last goal. He certainly helped me, showing me love; he died saving his friend, having courage from his heart to risk himself above someone, who at that moment, needed him; and I have a feeling, that he helped that homeless man, in a ways he doesn't know.

So again, the peace enters my heart, as I think of the remarkable young man lying below me. He truly changed the world. He helped people he never met, and saved people he never knew. He did it all out of the goodness of his heart. There is nothing that can compare to an act like that, and I can just hope, that I can do one tenth of what he did to change the world.

I bend down, laying a single flower on his grave, sending a silent prayer to heaven. A small smile forms upon my lips. It feels unfamiliar; I haven't smiled since that awful day a few months back. In his remarkably short life, only 11 years, he has accomplished more than any fully grown adult I know ever has. In 11 years, he lived more than anyone on Earth.

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