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I save Todd.

Saving Todd was the only thing that Manchee could think about now. He
didn't care about the itch behind his left ear or the fact that he
could smell something that would be absolutely delicious to eat only a
little bit away. He jumped as high as he could, scattering dirt as he
used the ground to spring himself forward.

Bad man no hurt Todd.

Manchee was delighted with himself when he managed to cover the
distance between him and Todd's attacker in the single bound. His
teeth found purchase in Aarons cheek and as he Manchee fell to the
ground again, a small portion of flesh ripped away from Aaron's face
with a sickening tearing sound.

I do good.

Manchee was pleased. Surely now Todd would scratch his ear and be
proud of him. Manchee could head the praises ringing out in Todd's
noise. Manchee turned back to Todd and was preparing to jump back over
to him when something felt wrong.

Pain Todd.

Manchee let out a mournful howl as Aaron fled, pulling the
bloodstained knife out from Manchees back. Blood poured from the
wound, staining Manchees fur. He heard the worry in Todd's noise now.

Hurts Todd.

Why wasn't Todd doing anything to stop the pain? Had he not pleased
him when he had attacked Aaron? The dog lost power in his legs and
collapsed to the ground, his breath coming in short pants. Manchee
heard footsteps and raised his head painfully to see if it was Aaron
of Todd.


Manchee let his head drop again when he saw the upset face of Todd
approaching. He felt himself being lifted onto something warm and
being stroked softly, the hands careful to avoid the cut. Salty tears
splashed onto Manchee's back and stung the cut. Manchee gave one last
quiet bark as his eyes started to close and he drifted off into the
darkness. The pain was started to ebb as the fingers of death tightened around Manchee's heart. He had just time for one more thought.

No hurt Todd.