Hope you all like it. This story will have part from the actual book if you recognize some of it that's why. Enjoy :)

In the Malfoy Manor the twins are sitting on chairs in the living room. Draco has an excited look on his face. Dara is reading a thick book, worn with time and use.

The two soon to be six year twins seem affected by their parent's association in different ways. Dara closes then that she is reading and rests her head on the closed book, tiredly. Dara's body ached all over, stressed isn't even the word to describe how Dara felt about what her parents were doing.

Dara's long blonde hair falls everywhere, in the process, showing the back of her pale neck, revealing a long scar. Draco becomes serious as he looks at it and tries to cover the scar with Dara's hair. At that moment their mother and aunt walk into the room. Dara shoots her head up to see who entered the room.

"Mother," says Dara as she looks at her mother and aunt. Dara then goes to the two and bows gracefully, then hugging her mother and she then hugs her aunt awkwardly.

Finally the two are on the train back to Hogwarts. Dara sits with some Slytherins before going to Draco's compartment. Blaise, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy are all there. When Dara comes in Crabbe and Goyle make room for her.

"So Zabini," said Malfoy, "what did Slughorn want?"

"Just trying to make up to well-connected people," said Zabini, who was still glowering at Goyle. "Not that he managed to find many."

At that Dara starts to fidget at his words. This information did not seem to please Malfoy.

"Who else had he invited?" he demanded.

Dara shuddered at Draco's anger.

"McLaggen from Gryffindor," said Zabini.

"Oh yeah, his uncle's big in the Ministry," said Malfoy.

"-someone else called Belby from Ravenclaw-"

"Not him, he's a prat!" said Pansy.

"-and Neville Longbottom, Potter, that Weasley, and your sister but she declined the invitation," finished Zabini.

Dara inwardly shuddered at the mention of the Weasley girl. She knew she should've accepted his offer. Draco sat up suddenly, knocking Pansy's hand aside.

"He invited Longbottom?" Zabini shrugged.

"Potter, precious Potter, obviously he wanted a look at 'The Chosen One,'" sneered Malfoy, "but that Weasley girl! What's so special about her?"

"A lot of boys like her," said Pansy, watching Malfoy out of the corners of her eyes for his reaction. "Even you think she's good looking don't you Blaise, and we all know you how hard you are to please!"

Dara grits her teeth, clamping her mouth shut as to not say anything she shouldn't.

"I wouldn't touch a filthy little blood traitor like her whatever she looked like," said Zabini coldly, and Pansy looked pleased. Malfoy sank back across her lap and allowed her to resume the stroking of his hair.

Dara still has her mouth clamped shut when Pansy starts to talk again.

"You were invited too, Dara right," said Pansy, knowing that Draco would sit up again.

"Yes I was invited but denied his offer," says Dara coolly, "plus I wouldn't even know what to do with myself without my twin."

"But you still have me, Dara," says Zabini to the girl. The comment goes unnoticed.

Draco sits up again. "You were invited! Yet you declined because of me!"

Dara nods. "You know Zabini said that before so this is old news."

Draco shakes his head as he mutters, "Stupid sister I have."

Then awkwardly Blaise lies across Dara's lap so she can stroke his hair or head, either way she would be calmer.

"Well I pity Slughorn's taste. Maybe he's going a bit senile. Shame, my father always said he was a good wizard in his day. My father used to be a favorite of his. Slughorn probably hasn't I'm on the train, or-"

Zabini sits up. "I wouldn't bank on an invitation," said Zabini. "He asked me about Nott's father when I first arrived. They used to be old friends, apparently, but when he heard he'd been caught at the Ministry he didn't look happy, and Nott didn't get an invitation, did he? I don't think Slughorn's interested in Death Eaters."

"But Dara got invited," protests Pansy.

"Well it had said on the invitation that I got invited because of my outstanding academic performance in my OWLs," replies Dara as Zabini lies back down on her lap for her to continue stroking his head.

Draco looked angry, but let out a singularly humorless laugh.

"Well who cares what he's interested in? What is he when you come down to it? Just a stupid teacher." Malfoy yawned ostentatiously. "I mean, I might not even be at Hogwarts next year what's it matter to me if some fat old has been likes me or not?"

Dara's eyes go wide but she doesn't stop doing what she is doing.

"What do you mean, you might not be at Hogwarts next year?" said Pansy indignantly, ceasing grooming Malfoy at once.

"Well you never know," said Malfoy with a ghost of a smirk. "I might have -er- moved on to bigger and better things."

Everyone is quiet as they think about the similar thing. Blaise and Dara are looking at each other while the quietness still is unbroken.

"Hogwarts is in view," announces Draco.

Finally they get off but Draco stays behind to look at something.

Hope you all liked it. I hope you embrace Dara and read this story with a passion. Till next time keep your wands in check...