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My qoute was 'If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go.' -

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Alright let's get serious. This chapter will show you what happened before our dear Dara started school, in her sixth year. I will record what happened from her first year to her fifth year.

In the first year…

Dara sits by her brother, very nervous. They were on the Hogwarts Express going to Hogwarts. What if she didn't go to Slytherin oh the horror?

In the second year….

Dara sighed why he had to ask her. She didn't know that her saying no would result in this. She felt like dying, yet when she was so close to it, something would pull her back and hold her tight telling her 'stay here'.

Dara looked at her brother and her thoughts for once didn't stray to other unknown places. Theodore Nott walks up to her and says, "What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing, leave me alone," Dara said, looking at him.

Before she could say anything a boy walks past Nott and touches the back of her neck, making her curse as she fell on the floor.

"Why did you do that for," Dara asks, looking at the unknown boy.

"I wanted to," he said, plainly. He holds out his hand to her and said, "My name is Blaise Zabini, I don't think we met before."

Dara shakes her head as she is helped up.

"Well I am glad that I have met you," Blaise said, kissing her hand before leaving her alone.

In the third year….

Dara looks at Blaise as he walks into the classroom. They had Defense Against the Dark Arts and Blaise happened to be late for class again.

"Mr. Zabini, why are you late to class again," Professor Lupin asks, looking at the boy sternly.

Blaise looks toward Dara for help. Dara nods and says, "He needed to give Madam Pomfery something for me."

Professor Lupin nods and replies, "Next time I would like for Mr. Zabini to tell me and not you. Very well you may sit down."

Blaise sits down by Dara glad to be by her. Some days later Dara walks into Professor Lupin's office.

"I'm so sorry if I interrupted you," Dara said, nervously.

"No, you didn't interrupt me, what exactly is wrong," Lupin asks.

"Nothing is wrong," she said, placing a gift on his desk, "Merry Christmas Professor Lupin."

In the fourth year…..

Dara watches the other students carefully. She didn't fully trust them so her house seen her as secluded for that year anyway. The Yule Ball was about to happen and all she wanted to do was not be there. When she walks in she doesn't find the person who was her date. Since she couldn't find him she sits down and sighs, he wasn't coming after all.

A hand stretches out to her. "I didn't forget about you," he said to her.

Dara smiles weakly, "Of course you didn't Mr. Zabini."

Blaise grimaces at the formality of what she said. He then takes her out to the dance floor and the two dance all night long. She did not shed tears like other girls that night. She felt happy once in her life.

In the fifth year…..

Dara walks up to where the Room of Requirement is and she breathes in as she tries to remember what she was doing. Of course she was a part of the DA though no one in her house knew about it, not even Blaise knew about her alliance with Harry and the others. Walking in Dara was welcomed by people smiling at her. She got ready to train but Harry pulled her aside.

"Are you sure you want to continue," Harry asks, looking at her.

Dara nods and said, "All my life I had two choices to do right or do what I knew what was destined to me as Malfoy, and see I chose the path that was right. Please don't make me go back like this."

Harry nods, "I will not make you leave its just…"

"I know," she said. "Everyone is worried where my alliances lie, and I can tell you this. They lie here in the DA."

"Well if you want to train with Ginny she is over there in the corner," Harry said, pointing over to where Ginny was.

Dara swiftly nods her head before going over to where Ginny was.

Present Day…..

Several weeks later they start to learn spells to make the Halloween Ball perfect. Nott walks over to her as she 'tries' to get one spell right.

"So who do you want," Nott asks, looking at her expectantly.

"Not you," she said, no longer concentrating on her spell. "Leave me alone Nott."

At that moment Blaise walks up to her and kisses her gently. "Is he bothering you," Blaise asks, looking at Nott with intent to kill.

"No, its okay," Dara said.

Nott slinked off, afraid he would get killed by Blaise.

"So what are you doing," he asked her as she tried to concentrate on this one particular spell.

"Just trying to get this one spell right," she said. At this moment they were in the common room which was almost empty. Her face smooth as she concentrated on getting a spell right.

"I love you," he whispers to her. Blaise was so close to her that his voice was only a murmur.

Dara nods and looks at him through the corner of her eyes. "I love you too."

After a while they are quiet it isn't until a group of people walk in that Dara decides to do something out of the ordinary. She stands up and looks at Blaise sadly.

"If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go," Dara said. Blaise looked at her in shock as well as the group of Slytherins.

Blaise looks at her for a long time, shocked at what she said. He stood up, ignoring the group of students and said, "Dara Malfoy, I love you and would do anything for you why would you think otherwise?"

Dara shrugs and said, quietly, "No one loves a Death Eater."

"Well I love you and that's all that matters," Blaise said, kissing her long and hard, the kiss even becoming very passionate between the two.

Hope you all liked it. I am really sorry that I haven't updated this in forever. I had serious writing issues and my muse wasn't being nice to me after NaNoWriMo so please forgive me and hopefully I can get better with this. :) Tell me who you all want for the Halloween Ball (couples wise).