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Firestar walked with Spottedleaf through Silverpelt in a daze. He couldn't believe he had succeeded in the battle against the Dark Forest after many moons of preparation. As they came to a stop in the middle of a clearing, Firestar felt a wave of awe sweep through him from his nose to his tail tip. The clearing startled Firestar with its calmness as he took in its details like an anxious kit. Then, he saw a figure emerge from the shadows and approach him with a slow and proud composure. He didn't know who it was, but something stirred inside of Firestar causing him to bow his head down in respect. Spottedleaf bowed to the figure as well as it padded soundlessly into the clearing. Firestar was too stunned to speak as the majestic cat came into view.

The mysterious cat looked like something from Clan lore. It was at least as large and muscular as a LionClan warrior yet it was also as calm as a LeopardClan warrior and as cunning as a TigerClan warrior as well. He had some features that no other creature that Firestar knew had such as white fur, red eyes, unusually long teeth, and the strangest feature of all was his tail which forked in two. The cat gazed at the two bowing cats as he spoke in a mighty voice, "Welcome to the Judgment Clearing. For the one of you who hasn't seen me before, my name is Star. I am in charge of choosing who ascends to StarClan and who must pay for their disgraceful lives in the Dark Forest. Normally, I would simply send you on your chosen path, but times have changed. In order to determine if your heart is pure, Firestar of ThunderClan, you must face nine cats from your past. This is to allow me to see if death has changed you. No cat may help you on your quest. You must face your past alone. You will not know the results of your quest until it ends. Don't worry; you need only speak with the cats for this quest. Spottedleaf, show Firestar to the Path of Destiny," With that said, the enormous cat padded quietly to a large den nearby to await the results.

Spottedleaf raised her head slowly one Star had stopped speaking. Then without a word she rested her tail on Firestar's shoulder and guided him to a trail that had been well worn by many paws in the short time it had been used. Firestar sadly recognized the scents of Briarlight, Mousefur, and Crowfeather. It appeared as though many honorable cats had passed on in the recent moons. At the trails beginning, Spottedleaf turned to the former kittypet and mewed, "Good luck, Firestar. I hope to see you again soon,"

Firestar paused as the former medicine cat padded away. Then he turned his attention to the task at hand. It was time to prove that even former kittypets could join the ranks of StarClan. Firestar took a deep breath and started his journey into the unknown. He didn't know what he was getting himself into, but he still padded with his head and tail held high to meet the first cat.