Author's note: Sorry this took so long, but I ended up biting off more than I could chew with my Naruto fics. You might want to check the Warriors wiki before questioning a certain fact in here.

Trial 1: Loyalty

Firestar cautiously walked along the Path of Destiny as he scanned the nearby forest for any signs of the first cat. The surrounding forest was quite unusual; it was neither as welcoming as StarClan's territory nor as harsh as unforgiving as the Dark Forest. It appeared to be stuck in perpetually night here as the half moon never moved in the sky. After padding along the slightly worn trail, Firestar paused as he spied a clearing up ahead. As he slowly made his way up to a fallen log in the clearing's center, a young sounding, calm voice could be heard saying, "Greetings, Firestar. I have been expecting you." As Firestar peered around the log, he couldn't stop a gasp from escaping his lips as he saw the killer of Tigerstar, Scourge, calmly sitting on the other side waiting for him.

Firestar had been ready for almost anything but this. He had expected to meet Yellowfang, Longtail, or perhaps even Rock, the mysterious ancient cat that he barely had even heard Jayfeather mention. Firestar could barely keep his fur from rising all over the place as he settled down next to his former enemy. He didn't need to speak yet; Scourge obviously had some serious explaining to do first. Scourge waited for Firestar to get comfortable before he meowed, "Greetings, half brother. It has been a while since we've seen each other hasn't it? It's odd how two cats such as our selves can share a father at yet lead such different lives. Before I start the test, I might as well explain how I can walk this forest after a life like mine. I was a kittypet, like you in a way, but I eventually had to live on the streets. I controlled BloodClan through intimidation; I've barely even fought. Due to my earlier misjudgments, I almost went to the Dark Forest. Lucky for me, I still had a fair trial. Due to my origins, I am allowed to spend four moons of the year here, four in StarClan, and the rest in the Dark Forest. As for your trial, it is simple. All I need to know is if you would defend your clan even if you had to kill a family member or a friend."

Firestar let the news that he had killed his own half brother sink in before nearly losing his temper. Related or not, who was this cat to talk about loyalty? He swallowed an angry retort and replied, "Why would you even ask that? You should know already that I have put my clan before my family."

Scourge sighed. He was afraid he'd bring that up. He hadn't even known they were related until he had died already. He'd just have to make things more personal. He paused to compose himself and not appear as irritated as he was before calmly stating, "I know what you've done. You have defended your clan well, but I still need to ask you something. If Graystripe, your best friend, had betrayed ThunderClan, would you have fought him to defend your clanmates? I know you were loyal to each other and that he wouldn't have been likely to betray you, but pretend he betrayed you. Answer honestly; I don't want to have to drag the answer out of you."

Firestar's eyes widened and he could barely keep his claws sheathed. How dare this dishonorable cat even imagine Graystripe betraying him? Sure they had a few rough times, but Graystripe was the most loyal and honorable cat he knew. Then he took a deep breath and tried to imagine what he would have done. Scourge may be a foxhearted cat, but he was the one being judged at the moment. He looked Scourge in the eye before meowing, "I wouldn't like it, but I suppose I would have to fight him. I do have my other friends and my family to consider after all.

Scourge had been expecting to get yowled at, so this was quite surprising. He smiled a little at Firestar before stating, "I must report this meeting to Star now. As for you, feel free to rest for a while before continuing. You have eight more cats to meet after all. Farewell." With that said, Scourge dashed out of the clearing.

Firestar slowly worked his way into a cozy position next to the log. It looked like he had done well, but he couldn't quite tell. As he slowly drifted off for a cat nap, he wondered what other parts of his past were not as clear as he had expected them to be.