Too Late



Part Four

"How's that fake limp?" Nicole asked and as Harmony ignored that. She looked at Brooke. "Hi Brooke…" Harmony said and Brooke responded, "Get out of my face.." Harmony tried to walk to her to apologize, Sam and Nicole stood in front of Brooke. "I know how to make sliver bullets and she…" Nicole said and Sam just smiled then changed her eyes. "Everyone just stop be overdramatic, we all need to get along because Harmony is coming to the school and…" Cordeila said and Nicole responded, "Hell no." "Sorry majority rules…" Cordeila said and walked away as Harmony looked at Brooke while Sam stare a hole in her. Harrison back off a little bit because Harmony's little secret about a certain pact member….

As the Glams would working on a new routine and Harmony dropped the cane. "I think we should get along and so I think in order to do that. Brooke you need to be dropped." Cordeila said and Harmony responded, "No. Brooke was here first, Nicole should go." "Fuck no." Nicole said and then Sam walked in.

"What are you doing here?" Cordelia asked and Sam responded, "Well the head of the glams which would be Nicole wanted to do a documentary on the glams and asked me. I mean if your going out for nationals, I think they need to see you as more then just Glams." Sam said and Harmony wanted Sam to be close for so many purposes. Cordeila picked that up and agreed. "It's big for you to agree but it doesn't matter, my call." Nicole said.

So as practice began Brooke was shaken but they worked really good as Sam sat and took notes. They took a break and Brooke was with her two protectors. Harmony walked over there. "Can I talk to you?" Harmony asked….