Chapter Two: Filling Out the Application, Filming the Video & The Letter Arrives (The Williams)

Hayley POV

My family and I were watching Wife Swap. I decided that I would sign my family up for the show, because we were perfect, and we could teach another family so much. So after the show was over, and my children were bed, I printed out the application and filled it out.

"Wife Swap"



Date Submitted: August 27, 2010

Family Name: Williams

His name & age: Jason Williams, age 32

Her name & age: Hayley Williams, age 31
Maiden Name: Smith

Home Telephone Number: 865-811-9878

Address (inc. City & State): 160 Fork Rd. Franklin, Tennessee 37995


His Cell: 865-811-4657

Her Cell: 865-811-9765

His Work: 865-811-1115

Her Work: 865-811-7656

Names & ages of Children:
Josh, age 15
Kelli, age 5

What is Dad's occupation & work schedule? Accountant Mon-Fri 9-3

What is Mom's occupation & work schedule? 1st grade teacher at Franklin Elementary school Mon-Fri 9-3:30

How long have you been together? 20 years
if married, for how long? 10 Years

Who wears the pants & why? Hayley because she is the strict one

Do you rent or own your home? Own

Who takes care of the following responsibilities in your family:
Jason & Hayley
Planning social life?
Kid's homework?
The kids

Do you have any Pets? How many? What Type? Do they have free reign of the house? N/A

Describe dinnertime in your family. Do you go out? Do you cook? Where do you eat – at the table or in front of the TV? We always eat together at the dining room table.

How would you describe your diet? Do you allow junk food and soda in your home? What restrictions are there, if any? We are omnivores, we do not allow any junk food or soda in the house

What is your daily routine? Are you a scheduled family?
M-F: kids go to school: Josh 7-3 Kelli 9-3:30
M-F: Josh has Football 3:30-6
M-F: Kelli has Dance 4-6
M-F: Jason works 9-3
M-F: Hayley works 9-3:30

How do you spend your evenings? Weekends? We spend time together as a family. The kids clean the house and do their homework. Their Homework must be done before anything else is done.

What role does art and culture play in your life i.e. attending museums, the theatre, opera, ballet, etc…
We go to the theatre once a week

How do you discipline your children? Please give specific details and why this is important to you as a parent? The children are to do their chores, clean the house, their rooms, etc. They get a $3 allowance when they are completely done with their chores

What rules must your children follow? Are you strict parents? Do your children have strict bedtimes, curfews, censors on TV/music etc.?
We have 1 TV that is kept locked up, and is only used for the few hours when we watch it as a family. The computer is kept locked up. My children do not listen to any music

What makes your family unique? Why should your family be chosen? My family is perfect, in every way. We should be chosen because we could teach the other family so much

What would your family be able to teach another family? How to have the perfect family, who listens to the rules

What would you want to learn from another family? How we could be more perfect

How would you describe your relationship with your partner? We are very close

How would you and your spouse describe your relationship with your kids? We get along with our children

If you were not born in the US, how long have you been here and where were you born? N/A

Does religion and alternative lifestyles/practices play a part in your family's life? If so how? We go to church every Sunday. We are devote Christians

(Question for Mom and Dad to answer) For the purpose of the show, you should feel comfortable sharing your opinions on life, parenting and household dynamics with another family who may have different beliefs than you. In order to do so, you will have to be judgmental and opinionated. Are you prepared to do this? Please give a complete explanation. Yes

Are you willing to share your thoughts and feelings and enforce your rules on another family? Why or why not? Yes

Are you both ready willing and able to do the show? Why or why not? Yes, because it is something that we feel we could give back to the world

Has EVERYONE in the family seen a full episode of the show? Yes

How many episodes of Wife Swap have you seen together as a family?
None _
A few episodes here and there _
A full season _X_
I've never missed an episode. _
Other – please explain. _

If you've seen the show, please tell us about episodes that stood out to you or impacted your decision to apply. Seeing the families swap and how they react the week before the rule change and the rule change week.

Why would you and your family like to participate on Wife Swap? Because my family is perfect and we could teach the other family so much

What is your annual combined salary? $100,000

How do you manage the household budget? What best describes your family and why? Big Spenders or Penny Pinchers? Our children have a $3 allowance that they get when all of their chores are finished. We do not spend a lot of money, as we do not want to spoil our children with trivial items

What pushes your buttons? (Both in your family and in general)? People who are not religious

What is your household philosophy? Listen to god, do what he tells you

How did you find out about the program? We watch it every week

Have you or anyone in your immediate family been adopted? Have you or anyone in your immediate family placed a child up for adoption? If so, have you ever tried to contact your mother/child? What was the result? N/A

Have you ever or are you currently serving in the Military or National Guard? If so, what branch? What year did you finish your service? N/A

Do you or any members of your family have a physical or mental disability? If yes, please explain: N/A

Have you or any family member been treated for alcohol or drug abuse? If yes, please explain? For how long? When did it end? N/A

Are you or any family member currently or ever been in therapy? If yes, please explain? For how long? When did it end? N/A

Are you or any family members currently taking any medication, prescription or otherwise? If yes, please explain for what and how often: N/A

Have you or any member of your family ever been accused or convicted of a felony? If yes, please give detailed explanation: N/A

Have you or any member of your family ever been contacted by Child Protective Services or Family Services? If yes, please give a detailed explanation: N/A

Have you or any member of your family ever been detained, been arrested or been in jail for any reason? If yes, please give detailed explain: N/A

Have you or any member of your family had a restraining order filed against you or against someone else? If yes, please explain the circumstances and year: N/A

Have you appeared on any other TV shows in the past? If yes, please give show name and date of appearance. No

Is this your first time applying for a TV show? If no, please list other shows applied for.

Are you currently being considered for any other TV programs? If yes, please give show name and network. N/A

All that was left to do was make the video.

1 Month Later

Hayley POV

"Mommy" Kelli yelled coming in the door followed by her brother "You got a letter from Wife Swap"

She ran toward me. "Open it…What does it day?"

I smiled at my daughter, as I opened the letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Williams,

We are please to tell you, that you and your family have been accepted on Wife Swap. We found you and your family very interesting, and we think that your family would make for good entertainment. Hopefully with this experience you and your family will be able to take something away from this experience, as well as sharing your lifestyle with another family.

Enclosed we have sent the release forms to be filled out when out crew arrives. We have also enclosed the confirmation tickets for Mrs. Williams' plane ticket. A company limo will arrive at your house 5 hours before the departure time; Sun. September 26th at 10 am.

If you have any question or concerns please feel free to call us at 555-807-8898.


Jamie Smith
Wife Swap Producer

I read the letter out loud as Jason walked in the door "Honey, we got accepted"

"We're gonna be a Wife Swap" Kelli smiled clapping her hands "it's gonna be so much fun…right Josh" she looked at her brother.

"Yeah, lots of fun" he said hugging his sister. Kelli really looks up to her older brother.

"We're gonna be on TV" Kelli sang clapping her hands "wait until I tell my class during show and tell" Her smile widened as she thought about show and tell.

Jason came over to me, "you leave tomorrow" he said wrapping his arms around me.

"Yes, I need to pack" I said and went up to my room.

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