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In my books, Halloween was the best time of the year. It enabled you to scare the crap out of each other, and steal children's candy as you walked past them. Also, dressing up was extremely fun, as me and my friends always tried to out-do ourselves with the most gruesome costumes imaginable. This year, however, Geoff and I had different plans.

"This party's gonna kick butt, Man! And they're giving our free candy, woo!" Geoff exclaimed in excitement and I snorted. Yeah, as if Geoff needed anymore sugar. He was hyped up enough as it was.

This year, some kids our age from different schools volunteered to set up this big Halloween party in a park outside of town, and everyone seemed to have high expectations for it. Even I was pretty excited. It was free for admission, however, things like food and stuff cost cash. All the profits would be donated to some charity, or whatever. So me and Geoff planned to eat, later. You know, help the cause, and all that shit.

Once we finally arrived to the large, open park, me and Geoff wore equally awed expressions. It was nearing nine PM, and clouds blocked the stars and moon, leaving everything dark. However, the park was decked out with tiki-torches shaped like freaky pumpkins, all with different faces. All the other decorations that littered the ground didn't even look like any cheap Styrofoam pieces of crap you could get anywhere, they were hardcore; even by my standards.

"Dude! This is wicked!" Geoffy crowed, pointing ecstatically to what looked like a replica of a ginormous gum-ball machine. Apparently, you had to guess how much candy was inside, and whoever was closest actually got to keep it all.

"Holy fuck... that's like... three years worth of candy." However, my statement fell upon deaf ears, as Geoff made a beeline toward it, to fill out a card.

I noticed some elementary school kids hanging around with their Parents, and a toddler of theirs seemed to be staring at me. I grinned at her, and she hid behind her Ma's leg. Even the older girl and boy with the Parents, seemed scared of me. As they should. I looked pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself. I dressed up as the Grim Reaper. Complete with actual scythe, -which, even though made from metal, wasn't at all sharp- that I lathered up in some real high quality fake blood. I think I could scare the crap out of Grim himself. Hell, even Geoff looked pretty amazing this year. Although his happy-go-lucky personality seemed to ruin the dark look of his serial-killer-esq outfit. Still, the outfit it's self was impressive. Her wore a simple white button down shirt, but it was ripped and covered in the same, very real, looking blood I used. A black pair of cargo pants were on the bottom, and he had on some combat boots. Completing the outfit, was a real chainsaw he kept strapped around his back, and a hockey mask currently resting on the top of his head, to replace his usual cowboy hat.

My blond best friend, since first grade, rushed back over me, looking like he was going to explode from pure joy. "I totally nailed it! I can feel it!"

I laughed lightly, slapping a hand onto his shoulder. "Bro, chills. It would be good if you didn't give yourself a heart attack before they announce the winner."

He nodded, though still sported a wide Cheshire Cat-like, smile.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks!" Two annoyingly bubbly girls, dressed up as some fairies passed me and my bud, the skinnier, tanned one, nodded her head at the chubbier, matching pig-tail wearing girl.

"I know! That haunted house was like so scary! It totally reminded me of the time when-" I was quick to tune them out once the words, 'haunted house' was mentioned.

"We have to go check it out." I said quickly, turning my head back to the party-animal, who was blatantly starring at a blond girl from our school. Oh, right, Bridgette. Jeez, dude's had a crush on her for as long as I can remember. I had to admit though, she looked pretty damn good, tonight. Hair down, sweeping over her shoulders, with glitter eye shadow that caught off the orange lanterns that were strung around the places where no tiki-torches were lit. A ocean blue ballgown seemed to hang in all the right places, with a little tiara perched onto her head. She really did look like a Princess.

"Geoff, close your mouth." I teased lightly, elbowing him in the side to get him to snap out of his trance. "Just go talk to her."

"Oh, um, nah. I can do that later, Bra. Let's go check out that haunted house, first. Then maybe get a bite to eat. I hear they're serving up some really amazing grub tonight." I shrugged in response. If he wanted to stall another six years, then fine. I wasn't going to force him to talk to the chick. Even though it was so painfully obvious they had the hots for each other.

"Haunted house it is. Let's go."

Once inside the place, I felt a little disappointed. It had cost two dollars each for us to get in, and really, people jumping out at me really wasn't that scary. Geoff however, screamed like a freaking girl when someone laying on the floor reached out and grab his leg. Good for blackmail material, down the road, if the need to use it ever submerges. Plus, it made me laugh my ass off.

After we exited the laughing-stock of a haunted house, we decided to go grab something to eat at the little café they had set up.

Upon entering the brightly lit building, we noticed just how busy it was. And how most of the customers were male.

After standing in the doorway for a minute, Geoff and I watched as a girl with long blond hair, baby blue eyes, and a huge rack, run past us in a slutty nurses uniform. I bet this place was making a lot of money.

"Hey, can we be seated, here?" I shouted out, and some of the waitresses glared in my direction, before a pale-skinned, smoking, girl dressed as a Witch, walked up to us both.

"Jeez, can't you read?" She gabbed a pointed finger at a sign on the wall that clearly stated, 'Seat yourselves.'

"Sorry, Sunshine. Guess I was distracted." I made a point to stare at the blond I recognized as Lindsay from my Social Studies class. A total babe, but dumb as a brick. And after glancing back at the glaring Witch, I recognized her, as well. "Oh. Hey, Gwen."

She smiled lightly, tipping her witches hat at us both in a very Geoff-like manner. The blond chuckled, and playfully tipped his hockey mask to her as well, even though it just wasn't the same, as it was with his actual cowboy hat. It was no wonder I hadn't noticed it was her, sooner. The hat effectively covered most of her teal-dyed hair, and she had one of those fake Witches noses on, that were long and crooked.

Geoff said he'd go grab us a table while I talked to Gwen for a minute, to which I appreciated. It had been a while since I'd seen her. We didn't have any classes together this year, which really, I had been sorta thankful for. Then, about three months ago, her Parents transferred her to another school across town, saying it had a better art program for her, or something. I didn't buy that for a second. It was to get her away from me. Us not in classes together apparently hadn't been enough for her Ma and Dad. You see, me and Gwen dated a year prior to this one, and our break-up wasn't very pretty. I was glad to see how good she looked, and that she didn't seem to hate my guts.

"So what brings you here?" She asked casually, leaning against the wall beside me.

"Oh, you of course," I teased lightly, and she rolled her eyes, but cracked a grin. "But may I ask, what the hell are you of all people, doing in a place like this? Shouldn't you be at the haunted house? Ya know, making it not suck ass?" That was the one thing I'd liked about Gwen the most. She was great when it came to gore and horror movies. She would of made that haunted house totally rock.

"Ugh, I tried. Mom forced me to sign up for volunteering, here. Said it would 'brighten my horizons'." She scoffed, and I chuckled.

"Yeah, as if working at a café will brighten anything."

"Parents. What'cha gonna do, right?"

"Ain't that the truth."

We stood in silence for a moment, before I spoke again. "Hey, uh, you look... really good."

She smiled warmly, and her voice was just as soft as mine was. "Thanks. So do you."

"Gwen, table five needs their food!" A female voice shouted, and my ex-girlfriend whipped her head around, before looking back at me and smirking.

"Well, duty calls. I'm sure Geoff is probably eating his own arm off, by now. Better get a move on."

I nodded, gave her one more lopsided smile, before hunting down my sugar-craving friend.

He seemed to be ordering already, as I slid into the chair across from him, at our little table. I stared at the waitress taking his order, and realized she was one of the few people I didn't know, here.

And in all honesty, it almost bugged me how damn cute she looked. Her mocha skin complimenting the soft pink of the frilly dress that fell above her knees, with white, lacy stockings that covered the rest of her legs. Little black flats covered her feet. Her shoulder length brown hair was curled into perfect little ringlets, with a big pink bow on the top of her head, with her make-up done just right. She was the spitting image of a doll. Innocent, precious, and pure.

So not my thing.

...But so intriguing.

She'd walked away to place Geoff's order, apparently not noticing I'd taken a seat at the table.

"Hey, Baby Doll!" I called out to her, and paused to looked at me, ruby-red lips pursed in distaste. "Bring me a Coke, would ya?"

She made a humph sound, before retreating into the kitchen.

"Hey, Dude, you know that chick?" I asked, leaning forward across the table.

The blue eyed boy shrugged. "Mm, nope. Can't say I do. Why?"

"No reason. She's just... kinda hot. You know, in that preppy, I'd-fuck-but-not-date, kind of way."

"Mhm. So, come on, Duncan, what happened with you and Gwen?" Geoff asked, and I shrugged nonchalantly.

"Come on, you can't tell me nothing happened!"

I shot down his excited pestering right away. "Nothing, really. We talked. That's it."

The boy didn't look exactly satisfied with the response, but didn't comment on it, as the little brunette doll herself, came back with my coke, and Geoff's plate of nachos. I really wasn't feeling too hungry, but I'd probably still steal a few chips off Geoff.

"Anything else?" The Dolly asked impatiently, staring directly at me. No, staring was putting it lightly, she was glaring at me like I'd committed a personal offence, just sitting here.

"Mm, unless you wanna go fool around in the back of my car, nah, I'm good." I grinned cheekily, and she scrunched up her face, highlighting the freckles between her eyes that I hadn't noticed at first.

She took a deep breath through her nose, then let it out slowly, as if I'd just pushed every button she possessed in one fell-swoop, and she was trying to convince herself murdering me in public would get her thrown out of here. She probably was.

"Why don't you do me a favor, and leave, before I throw out into the nearest ditch I can find!" She hissed through clenched teeth, and Geoff was snickering while munching on his plate of nachos.

"Now, now, is that anyway to treat your customers?" She visibly fumed, and I continued. "I could do you a favor, but it has nothing to do with me leaving, Sweetheart." I smirked suggestively, and her face turned a light shade of red once she understood. From anger or embarrassment, I wasn't sure.

"Argh!" She growled, before marching away from our table, though I couldn't wipe the smirk from my face.

"Dinner and a show." Geoff chirped, "That was nice, Man." He reached across the table to fist pump me, and I bumped my fist against his.

"Haven't had a good argument like that in a long time." I stated gleefully, swiping a few nachos from the blonde's plate, and cracked open my can of Coke. I should of expected it to foam and spill all over me the way it did. I growled while Geoff laughed and I shot a glare at the Baby Doll who had poked her head out of the kitchen to give me a smug smile.

"So, what next?" Geoff asked once we left the café, and I shrugged lightly.

"You could also go talk to Malibu," I gestured with my chin to the blond who sat with another girl dutifully by the gun-ball machine, giving kids instructions on how to win all the candy inside.

"How 'bout we go over there?" He pointed to a tent that was blood red in the darkness, that had a sign that said, 'Movie Viewing Room'.

I'd get Geoff to talk to her one day. Apparently, that day just wasn't today. "Sure, sure. Hope it's a horror flick."

It had been a horror, alright. To me, at least. Why would the show a total chick flick at a Halloween bash? It didn't make any sense! Like I actually wanted to watch Miley fucking Cyrus make-out with some dude.

"Well that seriously bit." I muttered to myself, but Geoff was still staring wide-eyed at the gum-ball machine. I couldn't imagine what Geoff would be like if he ate three years worth of candy in the short three weeks I knew he'd finish it in. I didn't want to imagine it.

"Alright! We're starting the draw!" Bridgette shouted, capturing the attention of those of us who lingered around outside.

"I've so got this." Geoff grinned confidently, as the surfer chick rummaged through the cardboard box she held, then pulled out a little white card.

"And the candy goes to... Harold!" She shouted, and a lanky, ginger-haired nerd stepped forward, dressed up as some sort of lame-ass medieval swordsman. I didn't recognize him, but when did I ever bother to remember the faces of all the nerds in my school? I was certain he did, in fact, go to my school, however. I'd heard his raspy voice plenty of times in what I thought was Science class.

Geoff stared at Harold for a minute, before dropping to his knees and shouting an overly dramatic, "WHYYYYYY?" to the skies, and I patted him on the shoulder, though I couldn't help but laugh.

"Better luck next time, Geoffy."

"That party still kicked ass." The hyper male grinned, before mumbling a sour, "Despite the fact that the raffle was totally rigged." under his breath.

I smirked, thinking of the brunette I'd managed to piss off so much in under ten minutes. "Yeah, I gotta admit, I enjoyed it."

We drove back to Geoff's house while he chatted my ear off as usual, before I dropped him off, and swung back around to my place.

I found myself thinking of Miss Dolly on the way home. Without Geoff's babble to keep me distracted, my mind started buzzing, trying to locate a memory I had of her; try to remember if she went to my school or not. Surely I would of noticed a chick that hot.

I was going to drive myself insane, trying to remember. I just couldn't shake her image away. Every time I tried to shake her off, her face would pop up back into my mind.

Well, fuck. "I'm starting to feel a lot like that stupid prince in Cinderella. Am I gonna have to start passing around a shoe to find out who she is?"

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