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Chapter 6

Three weeks into their sixth year at Hogwarts the Marauders were growing extremely bored of the complete lack of fun. The vast amounts of homework they were receiving was getting annoying and boring.

Transfiguration was especially easy for them at the NEWT level, since acute human transfiguration came naturally to the four animagi. Even then, at times, it seemed that Remus had them beat. But not in that class.

With all that they decided that it was time for another prank. James sent out for a whole batch of stuffed animals to be delivered to the Slytherins with a special charm on them that made them come alive. The charm could not be activated without a specific spell, called Amorphous. But what the animals did ahead of time was stick to whoever opened their package first and so on.

That following day, as the Slytherins entered the great hall for breakfast, with toys, stuck to their backs the hall burst out laughing at their gloomy demeanor and fluffy new friends.

The five Marauders whispered the spell as best they could, without drawing suspicion and watched as the animals detached from their Slytherin student and came alive.

"Give me a hug" They squealed, followed by "I love you" in a cartoon like voice.

The hall burst out laughing, as did the Marauders. The Slytherins began to panic and run screaming, as the plush animals followed them around.

"I do believe you get an O for a prank well done, Moony." praised James.

Snape's eyes briefly met Krys and she stood up. "I need to go." she announced, grabbing a sandwich and leaving the great hall. A few minutes later Severus Snape followed.

They met in an empty classroom, granted most classrooms were empty during breakfast.

"Did you do this?" he asked as a stuffed bunny followed him in chanting, "Hug me, Love me."

"Well, I cast the charm, but the toys were Remus's idea." she started laughing.

"It isn't funny."

"Sorry, but from where I stand it's utterly hilarious."

"Take it off, I beg you."

She laughed a little more. "Amorphous finites" The plush fell to the ground. "I must admit, it added a bit of color to your wardrobe."

He glared at her. She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Don't be a spoil-sport. It was a completely harmless prank. And if memory serves, which it does, I specifically told you not to open suspicious packages or touch anything you didn't know wasn't safe."

"Fair enough, fair enough," he said.

"Kryssy, where are you." came a voice from down the hall. "If your there, we'll meet you in Transfiguration."

Krys sighed. "I better go. I'll meet you tonight in the Come and Go room?"

"Of course."

She skipped down to transfiguration and caught up with her friends.

Alice starred her up and down. "You seem….happy."

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, to be frank, usually you're kind of cranky and cynical. But lately it's like a very large stick has been removed from inside you." explained Sirius

"Gee, thanks, Padfoot, a girl loves to hear that." snapped Krys, "And I'm fine."

"Exactly." added Remus. "Leave her alone."

"Thank you, Moony." cheered Krys as they entered the Transfiguration classroom.

Alice went to sit with Mallory and Krys sat down next to Lily and across from James and Sirius.

"Welcome all." began Professor McGonagall. "Today we will be continuing with human transfiguration. For example…I shall need a volunteer." She looked around. "Mr. Black, please step forward."

A few Slytherins snickered. "And Mr. Avery, thank you for volunteering instead." added McGonagall. It was the Gryffindors turn to snicker. "Come forward."

Avery grunted annoyingly and walked to the front of the class. "Since you find Transfiguration so amusing, would you mind if I showed the class what we will be learning this year?"

"Uh…no…Professor." She transfigured Avery a mustache and made his hair blond and changed it back.

"Thank you Mr. Avery."

He sat down as a hidden to the Professor's eyes parchment landed infront of Krys.

Should be a really easy class eh?—James

Why of course, dear cousin. We are the masters of Transfiguration.—Krys

"What are you writing?" asked Lily.

"Just a message to a friend." explained Krys.

The parchment vanished as McGonagall gave them their homework, an essay on human transfiguration and its uses in the real world, to be handed in next class. They learned the spell used to change ones hair color and for the day focused on the theory behind it.

"Ugh, three weeks in and we're still getting insane amounts of homework." whined Sirius as the four of them sat in the Gryffindor common room.

"We're NEWT students now." explained Remus. "What did you expect?"

"On the plus side at least we have free periods." said James. "And the full moon is in a few days. Can't wait, can you?"

"Yes," began Remus sarcastically. "I do enjoy those nights so much."

Lily walked into the Common room after the Marauders and grunted annoyingly.

"Hey Evans." greeted James. "Will you go out with me?"

Lily heaved a sigh of irritation. "How many times must we go through this, Potter?" James looked as if he was going to respond, but stayed silent. "I will never date you." The anger and pure hate in her voice pierced James live venom from a viscous snake.

"But—" tried James, already looking sad.

She let out a screech of frustration and went up to the girls' dormitory. She could hear Krys snickering as she entered and collapsed on her bed.

"What are you laughing at?"

"I think it's incredibly amusing watching you dance around the inevitable."

"I will never date him. He's conceited and purposefully styles his hair to look as if he's just gotten off the bloody broom."

"That's not entirely true." explained Krys.

"What do you mean?" She sat up and walked over to sit at the edge of Krys's bed and Krys set down her book.

"It's true he does style his hair in the morning, but his hair is like that naturally. Usually he spends twenty minutes infront of the mirror trying to flatten it. It's the first part of the Potter curse."

"And what's the second?"

"Why, falling in love with gorgeous, brilliant red heads, of course." explained Krys laughing harder.

"And what of the Tinsley misfortunes?" asked Marlene McKinnon coming up the stairs.

She had been absent the last few days of school last term due to her father being killed during a Death Eater Raid. They say he took a few of them with him, though. He was a muggle-born, showed those nasty morons a thing or two.

Marlene had beautiful blond hair that was almost white, and wavy, trailing down her shoulders.

"No idea. I haven't noticed anything, but since I'm half Potter by my mother I'm saved from the unruly hair and the weird red head thing." she turned to Lily. "No offense."

Alice came up exhausted and collapsed on her bed. "Where are Gwen, Mallory, and Catriona?"

"Mallory has Care of Magical Creatures and Gwen and Catriona wanted to get a bit of practice on the pitch." said Lily.

Alice nodded, abandoning her things at the foot of her bed. "Krys, can you help me with something. I think I completely ruined my Potions essay for Slughorn. Can you take a look?"

"Uh…sure…why don't we go down to the common room so we don't bother anyone." suggested Krys.

As the two walked down Lily turned to Marlene. "That was odd."

"What was?"

"Well…Alice usually comes to me for help in Potions and her essay is in her bag, which is on her bed."

Alice and Krys walked to the back corner of the Common Room and sat down at a desk. Krys was ready to assist Alice, but then realized that her friend did not have her potion's book or notes with her.

"Krys, where have you been going the past few weeks?" began Alice "And don't say Marauder stuff, because I've seen you leave plenty of times by yourself. I'm concerned and I just want to know what your up too."

Krys sighed; this was the only annoyance of being a Gryffindor. Everyone was too bold and loved confrontations. A lot of Gryffindors also seemed to think that her life was everyone's business. Sometimes she wished she'd been in Hufflepuff.

"Look Alice, I appreciate the concern, but I'm fine, really. In fact I haven't felt this good in a long time." She suddenly remembered something. "Sorry Alice, I forgot, I need to talk to James about Quidditch, the schedule and everything."

Alice nodded unconvinced that Krys really had to talk to James at that particular moment.

Krys was so glad to get out of there, in all honesty. She sat down with the Marauders as James was writing down new Quidditch plays for the team. "So Gwen and Catriona are our other chasers, Sirius is our beater and I think Greg Fillmore had a real arm at tryouts."

"I agree and fifth Year Mary McDonald was an excellent keeper. So yes, we have our team." said James proudly.

"Excellent. I'll copy down the names for the roster and post it on the notice board." said Krys taking a piece of parchment. "First practice, this Friday?" James nodded. "Hey, the females outnumber the males. We're going to kick Slytherin ass."

"Um…Krys is everything alright?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" she asked writing down the names on a piece of parchment. "Oh, can I take the map and cloak tonight?"

"Uh sure….but why?"

"Just want to do a little exploring by myself." replied the female Marauder.

The bell rang and everyone left the tower heading for Potions.

Slughorn welcomed everyone in and pulled Lily, James and Krys to the side. "I'm throwing a party this Saturday for my best students and I'm hoping you will attend."

They nodded as Slughorn began his instructions for the day. "Today we will be making Amortenia. Who can tell me what that is?" her looked around. "Miss Evans, of course"

"Amortenia is a love potion."

"Excellent, excellent, five points to Miss Evans." he said "Now what does this potion do? Mr. Snape."

"It creates an illusion, of sorts. The person who drinks the potion falls for the brewer, but it is only that an illusion or extreme infatuation and obsession and the bigger the dose the bigger the infatuation."

"Five points to Slytherin." said Slughorn proudly. "There is something unique in this potion that makes it unlike any other love potion in the world—Miss. Tinsley."

"When brewed correctly it gives off a specific aroma, one that is unique to the person whose nasal passages it penetrates. It fills the person with the aroma they are most attracted too."

"Five to Gryffindor Ms. Tinsley." added Slughorn. "For the remained of the class we will be brewing Amortenia, please work in pairs. Mr. Back with Mr. Potter, Mr. Lupin with Miss, McKinnon, Miss Tinsley with Miss Evans, Mr. Snape with— "

He continued pairing people up and the students shifted to their assigned partners. "Everything you need should already be at your work tables." added Slughorn and sent them off to work.

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