Prologue – BPOV

Have you ever felt something so strong that you couldn't ignore it? Like there was this force pulling you to save someone you didn't even know? As if your fate relied on saving this person?

Those were the exact thoughts that ran through me when I first saw him lying there. I didn't know how long he had been there or if he was even still alive but something told me that I needed to save him. I needed to make him feel like he was worth something again.

The door opened to the prison I was being held in and he smiled at me. Right then I made the decision – he needed to trust me. If I gained his trust we would get out of here, both of us. I walked up to him and placed my lips against his – holding back the bile that raised in my throat.

This is how it would have to be I order for us to survive. I still didn't know the young man chained to the floor – other than his name – but he was depending on me to save his life and I as going to do just that.