Chapter 15 – BPOV

I dawned a beautiful cashmere sweater and skinny jeans for that Monday. As I straightened my hair Edward came into the bathroom and wrapped his arms around me.

"Are you going to torture me all day looking like this?"

I laughed and nodded. He pressed his lips to my neck and left the bathroom. I met him downstairs a few minutes later. I had also added some mascara and eye shadow making me growl, pulling me to his chest.

"This is going to be a very long four months if you keep looking like this."

I pushed him away and skipped into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and we headed off to school. To say everyone was staring was an understatement – everyone was gawking. I swear I asked Edward if I had anything on my face about ten times before we reached our lockers.

"Are you sure?"

"Don't pay attention to them Love. They aren't the only ones who can't keep their eyes off you."

I smiled, "You have different reasons though."

"Do I?"

I slapped his arm playfully, "Seriously it's like I have a second head coming out from my shoulder or something."

"Well that I can assure you of because you don't… and besides I think you would hear the whispers in your ear if you did."

I linked my arm with his, "They can't be this star-struck because of our book."

He shrugged, "Who cares."

We got to homeroom and took our seats. Alice and Jasper followed in a few minutes later.

Alice turned around, "So glad to see that you do know how to use your closet there Bella."

I shrugged, "Maybe I have all along and just refused to let you dress me."

She glared, "You didn't."

I pulled my lips into a smile, "Who knows what goes through this head of mine anymore."

She turned around clearly fuming. I tapped her shoulder, "Thanks for the new clothes Alice. I really do like them. Can you help me after school today in getting rid of some old things?"

She whipped around, beaming at me, "No problem!"

Edward chuckled next to me and I had to laugh right along with him. The bell rang and we headed to our own first period classes. I was back in Honors English and Edward was actually content to take just the normal senior English class. I took my seat in the far right front corner of the room, as usual, and waited for the bell to ring.

As the bell rang my English teacher came up to me and knelt down in front of me.

"Bella I just wanted to let you know how proud of you I am. You come here every day with your head held high. It took a lot of courage and guts to do what you have accomplished."

"Thank you."

She squeezed my hand and started class. I was surprised when she gave us the last ten minutes free. I pulled out the book I kept with me and flipped to where I had left off. I was vaguely aware of someone tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around to find a mousy looking strawberry blonde looking anxious, I think her name was Rhonda.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course you can."

"Where did you get all your confidence from?"

I shook my head, confused, "Confidence?"

She glanced down, "I read your book. I honestly don't know how you had the strength to come back and maintain a normal life after what happened to you."

"I don't have a normal life, not at all. Everyday is a struggle for me. If I didn't have the support of the school or my family I wouldn't even be here."

"But you hold yourself so well. I mean today has to be hard on you. Everyone knows everything about what happened to you now and you are acting like it is just another typical day at school."

"That's how I have to act. I don't want to be treated special at all. I just want to graduate like every other senior in this building."

"You're so different than what you are presumed to be. You're down to earth, humble and really nice."

"I always have been. If anyone would have met me before this happened they would have said the same thing… hopefully."

I glanced at the clock, the bell was about to ring.

"Well thanks for talking with me. I appreciate it – not many people like to talk to me."


"They think I'm weird – that I read too much."

"You sound like me."

The bell rang and she smiled. I made my way to my next class, relieved to see Edward already there in the seat next to mine.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I actually held a normalish conversation with someone in my last class."

"Oh really?"

"She said that I was humble, down to earth and really nice. She was really appreciative that I talked with her."

"Do I know her?"

"She had strawberry blonde hair, kind of mousy looking. I think her name is Rhonda."

"Oh yeah I know her. She has always had her nose stuck in a book so people make fun of her for it."

"That's what she hinted at. She said she read our book and that I had a lot of confidence."

"Well you do Love."

"I don't feel like it."

"But it oozes off you, just the way you hold and present yourself."

The bell rang and Spanish was started. At lunch I noticed Rhonda sitting by herself at a table far in the corner. I walked over to her.


She glanced up at me, "Hey."

"Do you always sit by yourself?"

She nodded looking around.

"You don't have to worry Rhonda. Why don't you come sit with me?"


"Yeah. We have plenty of room. You shouldn't have to sit by yourself."

She picked up her things and followed me back to the lunch table where Edward was looking at me with enthusiasm. I sat down next to him and Rhonda sat across from us next to Angela.

"Oh hi Rhonda!"

"Hi Angela."

Alice finally came to our table. She plunked down in between Jasper and me and rested her head on the table, "I hate Physics!"

I giggled, "I told you to take Chemistry with the rest of us."

"I could help you if you want."

Alice looked up and smiled at Rhonda, "Really?"

"Of course. Science comes really easily to me."

"Think we could switch seats in class so I can sit next to you?"

Rhonda smiled, "I have pull with the teacher, so yeah."

Alice launched up from her seat and embraced Rhonda in a hug, "Oh thank you!" She then skipped off to get her lunch.

"Thank you for helping her," Jasper said with sincerity. "Now she won't keep bugging me to help her when I have no idea what she is talking about."

Rhonda simply smiled, "No problem."

We all chatted quietly for awhile when I remembered I had our book for Ang in my back pack.

"Oh Ang! I almost forgot!" I reached in a grabbed it. I slid it across the table to her and she smiled back me.

"Thanks so much you guys!"

"Open it," Edward suggested.

She opened the front cover and gasped, "You two didn't have to sign it for me!"

"Of course we did – you are now the only one in the whole school who has a signed copy of our book."

She slid it into her bag, the smile never leaving her face. The rest of the day continued on with much fashion. I was at my locker as the last of the students were filing out when I heard a voice that literally made my skin crawl.

"Not so fast you pretty little thing."

I swallowed – hard and quietly made my way towards it.

"So you like those freaks huh? Want to be just like Bella?"

"Stay away from me Mitch."

"Why would I want to do that? You are so interested in everything about them, reading their book, sitting with them at lunch. You want a taste of that kind of attention – I can sure give it to you."

I peered around the corner. There stood Rhonda, smashed against her locker with a bruiting six-foot male hovering over her. His hands pinned her to the row of lockers as he leaned in even closer. She whipped her head to the side as he kissed down her neck, whimpering. Her eyes caught mine signaling me to run. I had run before – never again.

I threw my things to the floor, just enough to catch his attention as I marched towards him. I grabbed her arm and hers in the same motion and pulled her behind me.

"Leave her alone."

He smiled, "Now this is just too good to be true!"

He lurched forward, pinning me like he had her. His head swooped down but I dodged out of the way and his lips pressed nothing but air. He growled and grabbed my chin.

"Ger your hands off me!" I said pulling us away. Our backs were no longer held tight to the lockers as we backed down the hallway. Rhonda scrambled to grab my things as he sauntered after us. I glanced around and noticed she had just flung the front doors open. Thank god.

He reached out and grabbed my arm as my attention was otherwise diverted.

"You made me lose my prey," he forced slamming me against the lockers again.

"Who do you think you are?" I shoved against him, knocking him back a few steps.

"Is this how you were with him? Is that why he had to tie you down while he raped you?"

My fists clenched and my jaw tightened.

"That isn't precisely true," I growled.

He stepped towards me again, "Then how was it Bella?"

"Much like this!" I screamed as my right hand collided with his face. He fell back and I continued. I kicked his chin then swung my leg behind him making him crash to the floor. He groaned as he laid on his back in the hallway. I stood over him, "Never touch her again, got me?"

I turned to walk away but stopped, "Oh and next time you might want to be careful with just exactly who you pin against the lockers."

I marched off. As I reached the doors Edward came running in.

"Love are you all right?"

I nodded, "Fine. But he might need to see a doctor – I think I broke his nose." I said pointing back to Mitch who was still on his back groaning.


Graduation day – finally. I finished getting dressed as Bella came out from her shower. She grabbed her clothes and slid past me as she went to Alice's room. I internally groaned as I glanced down at my now stiff cock. She was so going to be the death of me. We had abstained for the past month so that tonight could be special.

I thought of kittens while I put my tie on. Bella hadn't received anything from her little encounter with Mitch. In fact he was expelled while Bella received praise from other classmates for sticking up for Rhonda and herself. Rhonda had become another permanent resident, along with Angela, at our house the past four months. There were slumber parties and movie nights all the time, and thanks to Rhonda's help, Alice managed to pass Physics with a B+ average.

I went downstairs and grabbed a sandwich while I waited for the rest of my family to get ready. My dad was the first to meet me in the kitchen.

"Ready for today?"

"Thought it would never get here.'

"I bet."

"Hey dad, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course."

"Do you think it would be a bad idea to propose to Bella at the wedding next weekend?"

His jaw dropped, then he composed himself and smiled at me, "Follow me."

He led me into his study where he pulled out a book. He opened it and pulled out a small velvet bag. He handed it to me. I opened it carefully and dumped the ring into my hand.


"It was your mother's. She said she wanted you to have it one day."

"But dad… you bought this for mom."

"And now I want you to have it."

I reached out and pulled him into a hug, "Thank you so much dad. You don't know how much this means to me."

Graduation day came and went – along with graduation night. Making love to Bella all night long was completely and totally fulfilling in every essence of the word. I woke up with her hair sprawled across my chest and I suddenly couldn't wait until Saturday.

Well it came quicker than what I had expected. I was in my tux, escorting her down the aisle when my hands got all sweaty – I was really nervous. The vows were said, my sister looked like an angel and Jasper and her were officially married. As I twirled Bella around the dance floor her smile left me breathless – I suddenly had to do it.

I interrupted the DJ and he handed me a mike as her patted me on the back.

"Excuse me everyone, sorry but I just have something I wanted to say before the night ended."

Bella smiled at me as I reached for her hand. I stood in front of her as my heart hammered away in my chest.

"I love you so much Bella. You are the reason I take every breath. You leave me speechless when your smile lights up the room. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you."

I slid onto one knee, tears streaming down her face.

"I want nothing more than to spend forever with you. So would you, Isabella Swan, do me the greatest honor of becoming my wife?"

I held the ring in front of her. She only nodded as I slid it onto her trembling finger. I brought her lips to mine, "I love you."

"As I love you."