"Jooohnyyy!" Randy Orton whined his husband John Cena's name as he walked into their large kitchen.

"Yes dear?" John answered, smiling but staying focused on cooking.

"I'm hungry," Randy stated, rubbing his six months pregnant belly, "feed me please."

"Well doll, unless you wanna eat plain, uncooked spaghetti noodles you and Weiss are going to have to wait for me to finish cooking." John planted a quick kiss to Randy's cheek before continuing stirring.

"Humph." Randy pouted as he sat down on top of the island in the kitchen to wait. He watched John cooking, shirtless, noticing every ripple of muscle in his back, loving when John moved to the fridge and bent over inside it giving Randy a gorgeous view of John's delectable ass. "Mmm." Randy growled deep in his throat, heart rate accelerating. His hormones were firing on all cylinders, it took very little nowadays to turn Randy on and that was happening now. He ran his hand along the outline of his cock inside his boxers, leaving a decent sized stain of precum. He reached inside the waistband to fondle his balls, legs spread whorishly wide on the counter; John decided then to turn around to inform his husband that dinner was finally done.

"Well damn," john said, instantly turned on by what he saw.

"Have you ever watched yourself cook? It's ungodly sexy." Randy spoke as he continued to stroke and motion for John to come closer.

"All this just from my cooking? Imagine how hot this is." John said as he stepped in between Randy's legs, rubbing his already rock hard cock against Randy's thigh.

"Can I have it?" randy asked, breathless as he reached for John's penis, freeing it from the confines of his boxer briefs.

"You were pretty fucking impatient earlier Randal; I don't think you deserve it."

"Please John. I'm so fucking horny; I need you to fill me! I even said please!" Randy hit John with his best bedroom eyes just for extra persuasion.

"Fuck I love when you talk like that, Take your pants off." Randy wasted no time in shucking his boxers off the rest of the way and scooting closer to the edge of the island. "Prep?" John asked looking Randy in the eye as he subconsciously rubbed his husbands burgeoning stomach.

"Still slick from earlier." John's cock twitched at the thought of Randy's hole still being wet from him fucking him open after lunch in the shower. John grabbed Randy's thighs as he let the head of his cock tease his lover. "Fuck Jay, do it!" Randy begged, nails digging deep welts across John's back already.

Suddenly he was balls deep in Randy, pounding the life out of him. "Fuck Ran, so tight, so fucking tight, all the time."

"Harder John! I want it harder." Randy demanded.

"Trying to top from the bottom are we?" John teased as he pounded even harder into Randy, bruising his thighs beneath the vice like grip of his fist.

"Oh yeah. So close, right there John." Randy was coming undone.

"Touch yourself." Randy's hand flew to his cock at the command, pumping with blinding speed as he was sitting on the edge of bliss. John blew lightly over the tip of Randy's penis and watched as his husband's eyes rolled back as his orgasm rocked him, causing his entire body to shake with the force of it. "So hot, pregnant with my son and shooting your load." The sight put John right over the edge as one hand reached up to rest over Randy's stomach. "Shit Randy," John said when he finally came down.

Randy just smiled and passionately kissed the love of his life, "Feed me?"

"That's all your daddy thinks about Weiss, sex and food." John whispered to Randy's belly before dropping a kiss to Randy's forehead. "Come on baby." John helped Randy off the table, laughing.