The third of the comment!fics I wrote for the IJ Porn Battle - prompt can be found at the end of the story. Set indeterminately in the series.

Teaching Hardison

"Eliot… Eliot!" Alec yelled, wriggling uncomfortably. "I am so not feelin' the blindfold here!"

Parker giggled. From above him, of course, but he didn't care right now. "Parker! Get me outta these things! Please!" Alec begged, trying to project his puppy-dog eyes through the light-tight cloth.

She giggled again, and this time it was accompanied by a low chuckle - a very familiar low chuckle, one that sent shivers down Alec's spine.

"You're supposed to be learning how to get out of these," Eliot said, nudging Alec's hands, which were bound to his chair behind his back. Alec jumped, though he ought to have been used to Eliot's silent movements by now. "and not by begging Parker - though you could try asking her for her expert advice."

With that, Eliot's warm touch on his wrists disappeared, and a moment later the door closed. There was silence for long moments, and Alec started to panic. "Eliot? Eliot! . . . Parker?" he called, terrified that he'd been abandoned.

Parker took a few skipping steps towards him. "Here," she said, "try to twist your fingers up like this, and then you can reach the…"

Alec took a few deep breaths, preparing himself to try and follow Parker's advice - it looked as though that was the only way he'd be getting loose today.

"I am having déjà vu here - how bad is that? I'm tied up and blindfolded, and I've got déjà vu!" Alec protested, twisting his hands inside the soft bindings.

Eliot knelt over him, sliding the blindfold away. "Better?" he asked, face neutral, though there was a smirk hiding in his eyes.

Alec scowled. "Tied up and blindfolded by my boyfriend, no less. With-"

"Déjà vu. Yeah, I heard." Eliot finished, sighing. "Want me to let you go?" he asked, raising a brow. "I do have other things I could be doing, of course . . . Nate wanted me to do a little nighttime recon, for one…"

Alec whined, and Eliot leant back, sitting on his heels next to Alec's hips, waiting patiently for his lover's decision.

Finally Alec closed his eyes for a moment. He sighed through his nose. "No. No, don't go. Only-" he stopped.

Eliot kissed him lightly, then pulled away just far enough to breathe, "Only?"

Alec smiled earnestly. "Can we leave the blindfold off, this time? I like to see you."

Eliot laughed. "Sure. And you don't have to free yourself this time, either." He bent to tease along Alec's neck, stretched upwards from where he had been attempting to examine the ties binding his wrists. "I don't expect you to have either the coordination or the focus, when I'm done with you…" Eliot purred cockily.

Suddenly he pulled back again, laughing loudly. "We'll leave that aspect of your training for another time, shall we?"

Alec, helpless to do anything to release himself, and, as ever, helpless to deny Eliot anything for long - especially when he looked like this. Eliot was still kneeling above him, all naked skin rippling with muscle, and flashing teeth behind his grin - and that laugh, thick as it was with southern charm.


The original prompt was 'Leverage, Alec/Eliot, blindfold'. I don't think I quite went as porny as expected, but...