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Vampires What!

Renesmee came into her parents' bedroom and hopped onto the bed with them. "Hello."

"Hey sweetheart," her mother Bella said. "It seems like you never spend time with us. You're always with Jake."

Her father Edward narrowed his eyes. He saw what was going on in her mind, and knew that it wasn't going to end well. "I don't think that's a good idea Nessie."

Bella looked at both of them confused. "What's a good idea?" she hated when the to had conflicting opinions because it seemed like they never just let her stay neutral.

"But dad! I think everyone deserves to see it! They way they portray your characters seems hilarious, and me and Jake think that everyone should see it."

"Jacob and I" First the dog corrupts her mind and now her grammar Edward thought. He sighed. He could never say no to her. She was just like Bella in that way. "Okay tonight at eight bring it up on the computer and well look at it then." Maybe no one will show up he hoped.

"Actually eight thirty. Jake and I already asked everyone else," she said in a smug voice. And with that Nessie flitted room the room to find her other half.

Later that night everyone was gathered in the family room, where Nessie's laptop was connected to the television. At eight thirty sharp Jacob hit the play button with a grin.

"Wow most extraordinary of generation. Sweet." Emmett whispered with a grin.

"Why do we seem like were in a gang behind Esme?" Rosalie said in confusion.

Just then the Bella on the screen had a cheeseburger for ahead

"I never envisioned Bella with a cheeseburger for a head and never ran at her with a knife and a fork!" jasper exclaimed indignantly

"Where'd the Chinese guy come from?" Emmet said his voice full of laughter.

Then the Cullen's, save Edward and Bella were in uproarious laughter.

"You… used…one of th-those rent-a-cop… wheelie thingies?" Emmet squeezed out with his booming laughter.

"No!" Edward sulked. "And I certainly never shot that Alice girl from Alice in Wonderland."

"Lady Gaga isn't a freak she's an inspiration!" Carlisle and Alice screamed at the same time. Seeing that the trailer had been paused and every one was starring at them, they chose to sit down and shut up than stay standing to defend their idol.

"The pack never had to learn dance numbers!" Jacob said in horror. "Except that one time Sam saw White Chicks and he said we had to be prepared in case we were ever in a dance battle," he whispered to himself.

"And I know I didn't take my shirt off that often!" Jacob said in frustration. Once again the trailer was paused and everyone turned to stare at him. "What? I didn't!" Everyone shook his or her heads and the trailer began to play.

Rosalie snorted, "I never thought of those three as the black eyed peas right guys?"

Jasper and Emmett let out a nervous laugh. "Right..." they said in unison.

Jacob's mouth dropped open. "I morph into a ferocious werewolf, NOT a Chihuahua!"

Nessie laughed and gave him a kiss. "Don't worry. I know how ferocious you are."

Edward you're the best!

No! Jacobs the best!


"Well I'm inclined to agree with chicks with shovels," Jacob said, chortling.

Edward sent him a death glare. This was entirely his fault.

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