A/N – Hey there! First time posting for this fandom, so please don't kill me… :) Just a brief two-shot starring Tony, Gibbs, and a mysterious injury… Set somewhere around Season 7 episode "Flesh & Blood". Hurt/comfort warning! – Might be a bit on the fluffy side, but here you go… ;)

"What's with the hand, DiNozzo?"

The familiar, gruff voice startled the younger man out of his musings.

He met his boss's questioning gaze distractedly. "Boss?"

This time Gibbs nodded towards his agent's left forearm.

"Your hand, Tony," he prompted somewhat impatiently. "Haven't seen you use it all day…"

Then, his voice deceptively calm: "Wanna tell me what happened to it?"

Tony looked vaguely uncomfortable at the question.

"Uh… Nothing really, boss. – Might have twisted it a little; maybe…"

Gibbs' eyes immediately narrowed at that, gaze zooming in on the younger man's uncomfortable, avoidant expression.

"Maybe? – What the hell's that supposed to mean?"

Without any further warning, he now approached his senior field agent's desk, holding out his own hand, clearly demanding access to the damaged limb. – Which Tony promptly hid beneath his desk, wincing slightly when the quick movement jostled something that really didn't enjoy being jostled right now...

From his peripheral vision, he saw both Ziva and McGee shaking their heads slightly, clearly anticipating what he himself was already starting to dread as well: This was a fight he was most definitely gonna lose. – Still, it never hurt to try now, did it.

"Look, boss; it's no big deal… I'm fine really! Nothing that a good night's sleep" and maybe a cast and sling for a couple of weeks "won't cure…"

He pasted on his brightest smile, hoping to somehow distract his boss into simply letting this one go.

Which was of course a ridiculous notion…

Somewhat uncomfortable 15 seconds later, Gibbs was still standing in front of his desk, hand still stretched out towards him; waiting. His expression – by now – was unreadable.

When Tony gave no sign of intending to comply any time soon, Gibbs finally prompted again, a note of impatience slowly but surely entering his tone: "The hand, Tony. – Now."

This time, the younger man granted him access – albeit reluctantly…

Preparing himself for the pain any manipulation of his hand would almost certainly cause right now, Tony was a little surprised to find Gibbs carefully holding his wrist and hand without, however, attempting any sort of movement. Gentle fingers briefly ghosted over the hot skin of his swollen forearm, before his hand was simply released again.

When Gibbs then started slowly walking towards his own desk again without saying anything more, Tony already breathed a mental sigh of relief, even though he was almost a bit surprised at his boss's unusual restraint in the manner.

That was until the older man threw him another very short glance, before simply nodding towards the elevators.

"What the hell are you waitin' for, DiNozzo? – Ducky; x-rays! Now!"