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It is a Jackson Rathbone fic but I think everyone will enjoy it. I may soon also add one of my Emmett fics, I haven't decided yet. We'll see how hard it is for me to get back into writing it. I've had it on the back burner for a while but if I can slip back into the groove with it, I just may share it.

Now, that being said, a rewrite of some of the chapters on Seasons may occur at some point. I may even post some of the out takes. Keep in mind this was originally written for the SBL writing4spencer fund raiser so I edited a whole lot out of it and left out some racier stuff to make it "age appropriate" for all. There was so much more I wanted to put into this and bring out in both Bella and Jasper so I may just rework it a bit once my life settles some.

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