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Set post TLO. Percy's POV

"I wasn't knocked out or anything, though, because I remember looking up from the floor and seeing them both go out the door and shut it," Annabeth read.

Wind from outside came towards the window, making a creaking sound, and I tried my best to focus on Annabeth's voice as she read, "Then I stayed on the floor a fairly long time, sort of the way I did with Stradlater." There was a brief pause before Annabeth said, "…Percy?"

"Hmm?" I answered, feeling my consciousness quickly slipping away from my grasp.

"Percy!" I heard Annabeth shout before she smacked me in the arm with my copy of The Catcher in the Rye. "If you're going to continually fall asleep while I read to you, then I'm not going to bother anymore."

"No!" I said, lifting my head out of her lap where it had been resting. I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, "If you don't read to me, how do you expect me to pass English?"

Ever since September, every time Annabeth and I did homework together, she'd read whatever book I was assigned to read for English class aloud to me. Even though she wouldn't admit it, I knew the only reason she read to me was because it got us done with homework faster and gave us more time to hook up, not that I was complaining or anything. My dyslexia forced me to read at a grand speed of five minutes per page, and so it was no question that the only reason I had a B- in English was because Annabeth had been helping me out.

"How do you expect to pass English when you're asleep while I'm reading?" she retorted, setting the book down beside her on the bed.

"Who said I was sleeping?" I said, trying to fight back a yawn. I gave Annabeth the best innocent look I could pull off. "I was merely resting my eyes, Annabeth. I swear."

Annabeth rolled her eyes, and got off the bed. "Yeah, I'm sure you were, Percy."

"I was!" I insisted, silently cursing the fact that my little dip in the River Styx last summer caused me to need more sleep than I used to.

Annabeth crouched on the ground and began shoving her textbooks into her backpack.

"You're leaving?" I asked, jumping off the bed so I was beside her. "Come on, Annabeth, I'm sorry. Are you leaving because I fell asleep? I promise it won't happen again-"

Annabeth looked at me, and I caught her smiling. "No, Seaweed Brain, I'm not leaving because you fell asleep," she said, touching my arm. "It's almost 8:30." She glanced over my shoulder and gestured the alarm clock sitting on my bedside table. "Tomorrow's the last day before Winter Break, and my teachers decided it would be a great chance to cram as many tests and quizzes as they possibly can into one day."

"Fine," I said, grabbing the backpack from her hands. "Study here the way we always do."

"Percy," she shook her head, "these last few tests are really important, and I can't focus when you're here."

"I'll be quiet," I promised, "I'll leave you completely alone-"

Annabeth bit her lip. "It's not just your talking, Seaweed Brain, it's your entire presence…it's just - it's distracting," she explained.

"Alright, fine," I said, giving up and handing her backpack back. "But I'll see you tomorrow, right? We can finally lay back and enjoy the vacation."

She pulled her navy blue sweatshirt over her head, and pulled her hair out so that her golden curls fell perfectly over her shoulders. Annabeth shook her head. "You know I can't come over tomorrow, Percy. I have to pack."

A few weeks ago, Annabeth's dad asked her to visit him in San Francisco for Christmas vacation. As much as I wanted her to stay here with me in New York, she insisted that she had to see him. Ever since, I've been desperately trying to get her to change her mind.

After she reminded me for the millionth time that she would call me every day and be back before the last few days of break ended, I finally realized that it would be good for her. Seeing her family again and getting some bonding time with her father was exactly what she needed.

I sighed. "Okay, fine, but what in Hades am I supposed to do without you for three weeks?" We had gone through this conversation just about a thousand times already and I expected Annabeth to roll her eyes and tell me that I wasn't going to die without seeing her for three weeks. But, as of right now, that's how I felt.

"Well," Annabeth said, surprising me when she walked over to me so our bodies were nearly touching, "you can think about this."

"Think about what -" I began saying, but I trailed off and realized that she had leaned forward and placed her lips on mine. I mean, sure, we had gone from being sprawled out on the bed just studying to making out plenty of times before, but this felt like something completely different.

It was almost like the best kiss ever, and that's really saying something, considering the fact that we'd had some pretty amazing kisses before. I was still trying to process how we had suddenly gone from her reading to me and doing homework to us kissing.

I could slowly feel Annabeth drawing away, and I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled back towards me. She didn't resist.

After a few minutes of an absolutely mind blowing make out session, Annabeth pulled away abruptly. It was like she suddenly remembered where she was and realized that she had been kissing me.

"What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.

"Um… it's nothing," Annabeth said, hesitantly. She pulled away from my grasp, and I let her go. "I really should get going."

"I don't think anyone's going to be able to go anywhere," a voice said. I turned towards the doorway and found my mom standing there. I realized that I hadn't even heard her walk up.

"Mom?" I asked surprised. "What are you doing back so early?" She was supposed to be out with Paul at some benefit thing tonight. They had said that they weren't going to be back until around midnight, but the clock read that it was only near nine.

"Haven't you looked outside?" my mom asked, pointing to the window by my bed. "There's practically a blizzard out there. Paul and I decided to turn around and drive back home because we didn't want to get stuck out there. The streets are jammed."

Annabeth walked over to the window, cupping her hands on the glass to peer outside. I followed her and pressed my nose against the window, realizing how cold it was. My mom was right – it was snowing like crazy, and I had never seen a blizzard quite like this one in New York before. The flakes were thick and huge, and it looked as if there was already three feet of snow down below on the ground.

"I should probably go now before it gets any worse," Annabeth said, staring out through the side of the widow where our balcony could be seen in the corner. It was barely visible through the layers of snow doubled on it.

Annabeth quickly shoved her cell phone and a few miscellaneous papers that were lying on the floor into her backpack and began to make her way out towards the corridor.

"Annabeth, sweetie, it's not safe out there," my mom told her, following her into our living room. "They've already recorded a huge number of accidents within the past couple hours due to the snow. I can't let you out in this weather, honey."

Annabeth looked uncertain. "I know, but I've really got to get going. I have three tests tomorrow, Mrs. Jackson, and I can't miss them -"

"You won't even be able to make it out two feet in this storm, Annabeth," my mom explained.

"But, I have to get to my dorm," Annabeth persisted. "If I miss curfew -"

"Don't worry about it," my mom told her. "I'll call your school to let them know you're here. I'm sure they'll understand. I mean, they can't force you to come back in this weather - it's not safe."

"It's only a day before break, anyway," I reminded her, noticing that she was honestly getting worried.

Annabeth sighed. "Well, as long as you call, I guess I could wait a couple of hours for it to clear…"

My mom glanced out towards the bay window in our living room, slowly shaking her head. "I'm sorry, honey, but I don't think you'll be able to get out of here until the morning. Since the storm was so unexpected, the city didn't prepare. They didn't put salt out on the sidewalks or anything - it's a mess outside. It's going to take them some time to clear out all this snow," my mom explained. "I think you'll have to spend the night here."

Annabeth's hands flew straight to her neck, where she fingered the beads around her camp necklace. "Spend the night?" Annabeth repeated, her voice quiet.

"I know it's inconvenient -" my mom started, before Annabeth interrupted.

I watched her tighten her fingers around the strap of her backpack. "I can't possibly sleepover. I mean… I don't even have my clothes."

I could tell she was trying to come up with reasons for why she wouldn't be able to sleepover, and I didn't quite understand it. I mean, sure, it would've been something new to have my girlfriend spending the night over for the first time, but I didn't get why Annabeth wasn't too happy about the idea. How often do parents suggest that you have your girlfriend sleepover, anyway? And besides, when we went on quests we slept next to each other. We weren't dating then, but still, I couldn't figure out why this whole situation was so terrible.

My mom glanced at me. "I'm sure that Percy could lend you a t-shirt and pajamas to sleep in," she said. "And, if you'd prefer, you can always borrow some of my clothes."

"But, I can't -" Annabeth started again, just to stop mid-sentence. She looked between my mom and me and finally dropped her bag in defeat. "I mean… okay, that's fine. You're probably right, anyway."

My mom smiled, walking over to put her hand on Annabeth's shoulder. "Just tell me if you need anything."

I watched Annabeth return the smile as best as she could. "Alright. Thank you so much for letting me stay here tonight, Mrs. Jackson."

"Percy, you wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch tonight, right?" Mom asked, and even though she posed it in the form of a question, I could hear the demand in her voice.

"Yeah, of course," I managed to say, already feeling my muscles aching in anticipation of spending a night on the uncomfortably hard and lumpy living room couch. I pushed those thoughts away quickly, though, remembering that having Annabeth sleepover was honestly worth it.

Once my mom had gotten Annabeth's school's telephone number and left the room to go make the phone call to her boarding school, I walked over to Annabeth. I took her hand in mine and gripped her fingers. "This'll be fun."

"Yeah," Annabeth said, but I could tell that she was distracted, "I just hope I don't get in trouble at school, you know?"

"You won't," I reassured her. "My mom's calling, and I mean… what's the worst they can do? They can't expel you for sleeping over because of the weather."

"I guess you're right…" Annabeth said, trailing off.

I squeezed her hand, getting her attention. "Everything will be fine. Besides, it's not going to hurt if we get to spend a little more time before you leave tomorrow."

Annabeth sighed, and I felt her relax. She looked at me, giving me a small smile, but I could tell that there was something she wasn't telling me; something was bothering her. "I hope you're right, Seaweed Brain."

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