They came back from the hunt. Blade, the dark knight, and Callista, his mentee. He trained her over a year now, and she made a good job.

After loosing her parents at the age of sixteen, Callista was living in the streets for some time, before Blade found her.

Jade had trained Teakwondo and Escrima from an early age. Her parents both worked very hard in their family business. They had a lot of money and fulfilled Callistas every wish, as long as she was busy all day and leaved them alone. Not that they weren´t good loving parents. In the evening they ate dinner together, and talked about the day. Her mother came to Callistas bed before sleeping and read for her. Later, even when Callista was a teenager she always came to her to kiss her good night.

It was a shock when the police told her they were dead by an car accident and Callista had to go to an orphanage. Totally distraught she ran away with nothing but the clothes she wore and found herself homeless in a foreign city. A group of young punks took her to their group and gave her a dry and warm place in a abandoned building. Some time later some members of the clique disappeared. They suspected another gang or the police, but more and more of the young people got lost. One evening when Callista went home from a job, she took to buy food for the group, five young men stopped her in an alley.

"Hey, sweet." they laughed, surrounding her.

Callista tried to seem relaxed and walked through them. The men screamed after her and followed her. When they began to touch her, Callista breathed deeply and tossed them aside. Suddenly their faces morphed. Large fangs showed up. Callista stumbled back and ran, but she had no chance. They caught her. Callista gathered all her courage and fought back, but the men were too strong. Stronger than any man Callista knew before. But she struggled herself free and ran in panic through the streets, directly in the arms of another group of men and women. They pushed Callista in their middle and sheltered her. Callista saw unbelieving how her pursuer turned to ash when her saviours killed them. After the battle the hunters took Callista to their safe-place. They were impressed by her fighting skills even if she needs more training and the tricks. They introduced themselves as vampire hunters and told her that homeless people were fair game for the vampires in the city. Nobody cares about them in the major cities. After what Callista had seen she wasn´t hard to convince they told the truth. So Callista became part of the hunters and some time after Blade saw her large capability and took her as his mentee.

Blade and Callista arrived at their temporarily safe-place. Blades matt black car roared heavy before he turned off the engine. Chen stood up from his computer terminal and welcomed them home.

"How was the hunt tonight? Kicked bloodsuckers ass?"

Blade took his armory from the trunk and handed it over to Whistler, who sat on the rear side of the huge industrial hall.

"Where´s Karen?" Callista asked.

"In the city. Buying new medical stuff for her studies." Chen murmured back on his computer searching the internet for new cases of vampire activity.

Callista went to her room, slipped in new casual clothes, then joined at his desk.

"Found something?" she asked.

"Yeah... think it´s time to move. There are massive homicides that are linked to vampires in New Orleans."

"Fine. It´s getting boring here."

They arrived at New Orleans late in the evening and drove through an industrial park to find an abandoned storage house they could live in while they were here.

It was the end of January and the weather was a cool. It showered and they hurried to get the their stuff insight.

While Chen and Karen unpacked and build up their working places and Whistler took a rest, Blade was anxious to get outside and check the situation. Calli decided to went with him. She took on her black fighting clothes made from tough cotton, made herself up with dark black eye-liner and mascara round her blue eyes and brushed her blond hair. She wasn´t vain, but it was an advantage to look good while fighting vampires. She came into the bars and clubs easily to get information. Blades method was to knock out everyone who got in his way, but Callista was convinced her manner was more effective.

Blade waited impatiently for her.

"Finished with your girlie things? Fine, then we can make a start on the real important stuff. Vampires, remember?" he mocked her.

"Yeah, yeah, let´s go."

They drove in the city and strolled the Bourbon Street up and down, where was a big party every evening. No sign of vampires or Wannabes, but Callista enjoyed the atmosphere and the crowed of people around her. Suddenly she had the strange feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around inconspicuous but saw nothing. The feeling stayed with her until they drove back to the hiding.

Days went on and on and more and more victims of vampires appeared without any hint. Blade went out every night with Calli and every night the feeling of being watched came back to her when they arrived at the city.

After a few weeks Calli was bored hunting with Blade and decided to spent an evening alone. Though they were here for so long, Callista didn´t got the chance to visit the sights of New Orleans, so she went out to lionize the Café Du Monde and the Jackson Square.

It was late in the afternoon, the sun set slowly. Callista disappeared in the hundreds of tourists that surrounded the statue of Andrew Jackson, took a few pictures and at the end of the tour she sat down at the Café Du Monde and ordered a Café au lait, which the Café was famous for. The sun had set completely, it was a cool but dry evening and Calli thought about going to the Bourbon Street to party later that night. She took a sweater out of her big bag and slipped it over, because she began to shiver in the cool wind. The sweater was knee-long and light purple, which was very colourful for her cause the major part of her clothes were black or dark grey. Since she was forced to went away from her home, her clothes were more practically then fashionable. Tonight she wore a tight black leather trousers and a black tank-top under the sweater. Then she took a cigarette and searched for her lighter, thinking not the first time that her bag was too big, and the bigger the bag the more you put into it. At least at this point she behaved like a normal young girl.

When she looked up, the flame of a silver chrome zippo appeared in front of her. She gasped and starred at the man who offered it to her. Usually no one could stalk her.

The guy was in the early thirties, with dark blond tousled hair, casually clothed. Another tourist, she supposed. The Café was very crowded and so he took a seat on her desk, because she was alone. She lit the cigarette and he closed the zippo with a zip and took it back in his trousers.

"Thanks." she murmured, a little bit ashamed that she reacted so scared at his sight. It was this awful feeling being hunted. For gods sake, normally she was the hunter, not the bait. It was eerie.

Callista looked up again and the guy smiled slightly at her. His eyes fixated her. Calli looked down. He was unquestionable good looking. His eyes were cold blue, high cheekbones, dressed casual but expensive. Callista thought that he seemed to look a kind of cruel, ruthless if he wouldn´t have smiled.

"Nice to meet you, finally." he brought the silence.