She dreamed. She knew it. I was aware of her body lying between the sweated sheets. Nevertheless the flames seemed to burn her skin, transformed it to a black mass of pain. She screamed and screamed and her lungs felt like they would burst every second. But her sleeping body didn´t even took a breathe. She saw her man powdered to ash and in the very last second of her life her only thought was: My little girl, my little girl... and she was full of hope and love and despair. Then it was over.


Hot and cold and no air. The couldn´t breathe. The would die. And the pain. Her breast ached unbearable. She fought against the dark and the pressure. Someone screamed in agony. It didn´t stop. The noise was awful.

Water, cold as ice, hit her face, then her body, like a shock. She took a deep redeeming breath. The black cloud dissolved. She looked up. Deacon was over her, holding her tight. They sat in the marmoreal shower in her bathroom. Both soaked to the skin. To say that he looked concerned would be an understatement.

He was pale if a vampire was able to look pale. Callista tried to speak, but she wasn´t able to. She shivered all over her body.

"You nearly died." Deacon told her in a low voice. When she didn´t answered, he turned out the water, wrapped her in a huge fluffy towel and lifted her out of the shower, down an the a bathroom mat. While she sat there, motionless, he rubbed her dry, undressed her from her wet nightshirt, and lifted her up again to carry her to the huge fireside in the living room.

"Callista, please. Tell me what happened. You screamed like you were in agony, and flailed. And, for gods sake, Calli, you didn´t breathe. I thought you was about to die. Tell me what happened." He begged.

"I did." She whispered. "I died."

Finally her tears began to flow. She cried and sobbed. Deacon embraced her, holding her tight, rocking her slowly.

"My mother." Callista stumbled. "I watched her die. In the orphanage, I woke up that night, and I watched her die. She must have send me her thoughts and her pain... oh, it hurt so much. It was too much, I was a young girl and I... I wasn´t able to bear it.. I forgot about it.. and about everything else." Convulsive sobers shook her.

Deacon caressed her hair. "Shhh shhhh, sweetness, everything will be okay. Shhhh."

After a while she calmed and was weighted down with weariness. She huddled up against him and closed her eyes. When Deacon thought she was asleep he stood up.

Callista was awake at once. "No, please, don´t go away."

"I´m not going. I just wanted to get a blanket for you. The towel is wet and you are freezing. Come, I´ll bring you back to bed."

"But, please don´t go." she begged him and tears started to run again. "I can´t be alone. It will come back. The memories and the pain."

He leaded her to his bedroom, in his huge water-bed with the numberless pillows and blankets filled with downs. Vampires are always freezing, so they like the rooms hot and big blankets to get themselves warm.

Callista snuggled down in the sheets and creped in Deacons arms, when he lay down next to her. He switched out the lights. In the darkness she felt his breath on her face, slowly and constantly.

By an impulse she searched his lips with hers. He tasted so good, he felt strong and cool. Her hands run over his chest, and the first time she realized they where both completely naked. She needed to feel him, touch him, wanting him to caress her. To show her that she was alive and not in the dark chamber with all the urns.

Tenderly he pushed her away. "Huntress, don´t. You don´t wanna do this."

"No, please, I want you. Please, Deacon, don´t reject me." Calli pegged to him.

She heard him sigh in the dark. "Oh, sweetness, I wish you would. But you´re out of you´re mind. I may be a bastard, but not as much as this. I would use you."


"If you still want me tomorrow morning, I will welcome you in my bed with open arms. But not yet, darling. Sleep now."

Callista closed her eyes, still aroused, but the sleep came fast and deep.