Taylor's love Chapter one

Mallory's POV

Somewhere in LA...

"Sky come on, Mom's going to kill me if I don't get you home" I said pulling gently on her arm " I want pizza Mall I want it!" she wailed at the top of her lungs "fine if mom yells, it all you" I said pulling her to the Pizzeria on the corner.

In the Pizzeria..

I sit Skylar down at a table while I got the pizza when I got back some guy was talking to her "excuse me" I said as I got close he turned and I froze in place "Oh are you her mom?" the boy asked "No I'm her sister, Hey do I know you?" I asked him "Uhh, you might I was in twilight" he said leaning back as if I was going to jump on him "Oh, well O.K., What was your name again?" I asked looking at him "Taylor, Taylor Lautner, You?" "Mallory Kennedy and my sister Skylar" I said shaking his hand "Well I have to get back to my girlfriend , See ya around? Maybe tomorrow over coffee and bring Skylar too she's so adorable " he said walking backward to his table "O.K. sure" I said smiling and feeling my face heat up he turned around I took my seat next to Skylar and smiled at her "I love you" I said hugging her tight "I no" she eating a pepperoni. I played it cool but I was a super fan even though I don't care for twilight I only watched because of Taylor so I was screaming on the inside... I can't for tomorrow!

End of Chapter one!

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