Author's Notes: I've been in a big Yu-Gi-Oh Mood lately. Thank LK for that. I got inspired for this while watching 'No Matter What' and hopefully I can finish it cause I really want to. Hope you enjoy the first chapter! :D

Full Summary: It all started with a simple suggestion from Yami. "Hey Aibou, let's go out tonight." Little did Yuugi know that his normal Friday Evening was about to become very eventful.

Pairings: Yami Yugi/Yugi, Seto/Jou, Honda/Duke, Juudai/Shou, Atem/AEYugi, Seth/AEJou

Chapter One: The Bangle

It all started with a simple suggestion from Yami.

"Hey Aibou, let's go out tonight."

It had just been a normal Friday for the pair with Yami having watched over the shop with Solomon while Yuugi attended classes for the day. Yuugi had been going to school for the last few months though it was difficult to get back to concentrating on the books when his life had just revolved so much around duel monsters. He had finally gotten the hang of it though and actually preferred the quiet life of school then worrying about losing his soul in the shadow realm.

After the long day in school, Yuugi had returned home and was too happy to see Yami sitting at the register looking absolutely bored. After a discussion with Marik and Ishizu, they were able to get Yami his own body and even though he missed the comforting feeling that his darkness was always beside him Yuugi could tell that Yami was happier like this. Where they could BOTH hang out with their friends or just be with each other.

On most friday evenings, the two of them preferred to order in and watch some of Yuugi's favorite scary movies but he could almost feel Yami's eagerness to get out. The younger of them of course didn't mind, liking when Yami actually WANTED to go out and the idea of it being just the two of them was a good one. So without a second thought, he agreed and they left.

"There's supposed to be this new scary movie out that I've been dieing to see! I was going to see it with Jounouchi, but he always scares me during them anyway." Yuugi explained as he looked over the movie times in a newspaper, Yami walking at his side. Or he had been before Yuugi looked up and saw he was walking by himself. He looked back then, noticing Yami stopped outside of a shop and Yuugi sighed.

"Hey, Yami we're going to be late." Yuugi stated as he trotted up to his partner's side, taking his hand gently.

"Can we go in here for a minute?" Yami asked, looking down to his shorter counterpart then before looking up at the shop again.

Yuugi glanced up at the sign of the shop, reading the scrawled black name 'Wonders of the World: Antique and Gift Shop'.

"Are you sure you want to?" Yuugi asked then, looking to Yami. It had been ages since the other had been like this and he was a bit concerned. Did this have to do with his past? When Yami nodded, Yuugi led the way inside.

"Good Evening." Called a voice from behind the register, drawing Yuugi's eyes to him. He looked around the same age as him, but he looked disinterested in the business and was reading a magazine on duel monsters.

'This is probably what Yami looks like all day while I'm at school.' Yuugi laughed in his mind before he noticed that Yami had released him to browse by himself. The teen sighed then before he looked around the store in an attempt to find something that interested him.

That was when a gleam from the corner of the store caught his eye and he blinked, shooting a glance at Yami before going to where the gleam had come from. He was a bit embarrassed, finding himself in the jewelry section of the store but the gleam shone again and his eyes landed on the item that was beckoning for him.

It was a silver bangle resting in the glass cabinet of the counter.

"Um, excuse me sir. Can I look at this?" Yuugi beckoned to the shopkeeper who glanced up at him with brown eyes.

"Sure." He replied with a chipper tone, considering the bored look he had just had a moment ago. He moved to the counter and slid it open before grabbing the piece.

"Thank you." Yuugi said rather happily as he took it and looked it over.

"No prob. My buddy, he's really good on stuff like this ya know and he was saying that this piece is from Ancient Egypt. It was worn by one of the previous pharaohs who just up and vanished." The brown eyed teen stated, leaning on the counter and looking up at Yuugi with his brown eyes.

"You don't say." Yuugi replied, only half interested in what the bi-colored haired boy had to say. This piece of silver was hypnotizing to him somehow. Suddenly, a weak cry for help sounded and Yuugi raised his eyes from the bangle.

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

Suddenly the bangle began to glow brightly in Yuugi's hands and his eyes widened.

"Woah, how are you doing that?" The other teen asked in awe, though he slowly began to disappear as the light was engulfing him.

"Aibou?" Came Yami's concerned voice as he walked closer, then noticing what was happening.

"Yuugi!" Yami ran to grab his partner then, reaching into the light but just as quickly as it had appeared, it had vanished and had taken Yuugi with it.

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