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Full Summary: It all started with a simple suggestion from Yami. "Hey Aibou, let's go out tonight." Little did Yuugi know that his normal Friday Evening was about to become very eventful.

Pairings: Yami Yugi/Yugi, Seto/Jou, Honda/Duke, Juudai/Shou, Atem/AEYugi, Seth/AEJou

Chapter Seven: Carry On

It had been a few days since Jounouchi had disappeared. Had it been three or four days? Yuugi didn't care about the days that passed anymore. He had come to realize that even though he was only experiencing the days, his body was still aging and feeling as though he were still back home. His wounds had healed completely on the day that Jounouchi had vanished and his sunburn was gone before he could even start peeling away his dead skin. Even though it was a good thing, it was also a bad thing. Everytime he thought about Yami, his heart ached and he felt like crying.

Yuugi knew that he wasn't the only one who had been sad lately though. Akiiki had woken up to discover his brother was dead and the Pharaoh had to end his best friend's life. It had been a horrible experience to watch and Yuugi had wanted nothing more then to find a way to save Seth, but the Pharaoh told him it was for the better anyway even though he had to be the one to kill him. Seth wouldn't have been able to live on knowing that he had killed Nuri anyway. Memorial services had been held for the two just the other day.

A hand rested on Yuugi's shoulder and he glanced up from the tiles in front of him to see Akiiki smiling at him. Akiiki had truly lost his voice and for some reason Yuugi could no longer hear his counterpart through their mind link. Though he got the idea that Akiiki could still hear his thoughts. Yuugi offered a small smile before glancing back down at the tiles in front of him. It was a game that the Pharaoh and Akiiki had introduced to him and it was actually quite fun. A bit like Duel Monsters but much harder.

It was quiet in the Pharaoh's room, with both teens concentrated on their game and the Pharaoh having gone off to see his sons. It had been a bit of a shock when Yuugi heard that he had children, but it had been one of the conditions he had to follow in order to be with Akiiki. His mistress had bore two boys about three years back and from what he was told, the two boys looked more like their mother with reddish brown hair and brown eyes. The Pharaoh loved them even if he kept them in a separate wing from his own living space due to their mother being dangerously jealous of Akiiki. Neither of them was really sure how Akiiki felt about it all.

The silence and Yuugi's continuous thoughts were broken by the door suddenly swinging open and the Pharaoh walked into the room.

"Welcome Pharaoh how...did..." Yuugi began but stopped as the Pharaoh walked out and straight to his balcony. Yuugi looked to Akiiki then who looked just as confused as him before they both got up and followed him out.

"Pharaoh what's..." Yuugi once again trailed off but this time it was because he was already aware of what the answer was. A dark swirl of clouds had formed over the city and lightning struck and somehow Yuugi already knew this wasn't a normal storm.

"What do we do?" Yuugi asked as he looked up at the Pharaoh once again.

"I'm just waiting for someone to come and tell me that my horse is ready. Then I'm going down there to fight." The Pharaoh responded, looking to Yuugi.

"What can I do to help?"

The Pharaoh smiled but shook his head softly at him.

"This isn't your fight Yuugi. In fact, I think it's about time you went home don't you? I'm sure there are people that are worried about you there." The Pharaoh said before he led Yuugi back into the room.

"I can't just leave now! You guys need me! I can summon Miu and help fight!" Yuugi cried out, wondering how on earth the Pharaoh expected him to just leave.

"Yuugi, don't make this difficult. You've helped enough without ever being asked and now all I ask is that you let me help you for once." The Pharaoh said with a small smile, resting his hands on the boy's shoulders.

"I...can't..." Yuugi looked to Akiiki but he wasn't looking back at him, instead watching the Pharaoh. From the look he had on his features, Yuugi could tell that the Pharaoh wasn't going to make it back from the encounter.

"You're...not going to come back..." Yuugi said then, tears beginning to cloud his vision.

The Pharaoh just continued to hold the small smile before he then glanced back at Akiiki, who was also tearing up.

"Akiiki, I know there's something you want to say to Yuugi before he goes home."

Akiiki nodded softly as he then moved forward and rested a hand on Yuugi's forehead. Yuugi could feel his mind calm to the point that it was like he was sleeping and he slowly closed his eyes.

"Thank you for everything Yuugi. I know this won't be the last time we meet." The Pharaoh whispered before Yuugi could feel an pulling sensation on his body.

"Pharaoh...what's your name? It's really important to a friend of mine..." Yuugi asked, trying hard to keep from completely going unconscious.


Suddenly Yuugi felt like he was falling, a flash of visions hitting his senses. He saw Akiiki caring for the twins that were Atem's, acting as ruler until they became old enough to rule at the age of fifteen. Then Akiiki walked out into the desert and was never again seen by anyone. The vision flashed suddenly to an eight year old Yuugi in his grandfather's shop, cleaning the stockroom and coming across a golden box.


Yuugi opened his eyes to once again be blinded by the sun and all he could think of was how extremely hot it was. He sat up then, rubbing his eyes free of dust that had somehow gotten into them. He looked around and saw sand dunes as far as the eye could see and he frowned. Was he still in Ancient Egypt? He looked over the outfit, one that had been given to him by Akiiki complete with his silver jewelery. It showed off his stomach but it had been given to him by the Pharaoh so it made a lot of sense.

Yuugi sighed softly, looking down at the sand then and he couldn't help but let a few tears fall. Whatever they had done to him, it hadn't sent him back to his time but rather back out into the desert. In more skin revealing close then his original outfit even. He began walking in a random direction, the belt around his waist jingling slightly.

However, he didn't get very far before he heard a honk behind him and he blinked. Wait...he had heard the honk...of a car? He turned around and saw a jeep driving towards him, a familiar form climbing up out of it.

"Yuugi, is that you?" Marik called in excitement as the jeep pulled up next to him.

"Marik...?" He then looked at the other forms in the car which consisted of Ishizu and Odion.

"I'm...not in Ancient Egypt?" Yuugi asked then, Marik chuckling slightly as he opened the door for Yuugi to get in.

"Nope, just normal everyday egypt!" Marik said happily as Yuugi climbed into the jeep and sat next to Marik.

"Nice outfit by the way." He said a bit teasingly, Yuugi laughing softly and wiping away the happy tears that were forming.

"What are you guys doing all the way out here?" Yuugi finally asked as the jeep continued on its way through the desert.

"We are actually on our way to pick up some friends of ours." Ishizu answered, smiling at Yuugi through the rearview mirror.


"This is amazing Grandpa. You certainly know how to work your way around a tomb don't you?"

"The trick is looking at everything as if it were a game of sorts." Solomon Moto simply chuckled before he winked at his younger companion.

The two were talking pleasantly in the shade of a tent before they heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. The two looked up, watching the jeep slowly park.

"I guess it's time to go back." Yami stated then as he stood and began to pack their gear.

"It'll be nice to return home after having sand in our shoes for the last few months." Solomon said as he too stood and began to pack up.

"I suppose."

"Hey guys, how was the tomb?" Marik asked as he climbed out of the jeep and approached the two, Odion moving to help the two pack up.

"Surprisingly fun." Yami answered turning to his friend with a smile.

"Find any treasure?" Marik asked, his tone making it seem like he had a secret that he just couldn't wait to share.

"Not really...why?" Yami arched a brow at his friend then.

"Oh, no reason. We just happened to find a treasure on our way out here to get you two."

"Oh, well that's good news. Do you mind if I take a look at it later?" Yami asked, returning to packing the things up.

"You can look at it now if you'd like."

Yami looked up at Solomon who simply replied with a nod before he then stood, dusting his hands off on his clothes.

"Alright, where is it then?"

Marik smirked before he then looked back at the jeep and gestured for someone to come over. Yami only assumed that he was trying to get Ishizu to come out but she didn't and instead the back door to the jeep open. His eyes widened then as he saw who emerged.

"Yuugi...?" Yami said, not sure if he should believe it or not. After all, it had been nearly six months since he had seen his other half.

"The one and only." Yuugi replied with a happy smile, trying to fight back all the overwhelming emotions that were attacking him all at once. In less than a second, Yami held Yuugi tightly in his arms.

"Yuugi...I...I didn't think I'd ever see you again." Yami whispered as he continued to hold his hikari tighter.

"I know...I'm sorry I was gone for so long." Yuugi muttered as he buried his face into the other's chest, his arms wrapped tightly around his lover's waist.

"Don't leave my side ever again...please."

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