Forever Family Chapter 1 is based on the song Bang Bang ( Shot me down) remixed by Paqman, you don't have to listen to it to get it Characters: Tuesday Justice-Winchester,Dean Winchester,Trish Justice-Winchester,Sam Winchester Story: What if Dean settled down with his only true love and got married? But what if that just ended? What if zombies came to ruin the one good thing Dean has? Join Dean,His wife Tuesday,His brother Sam and Sam's wife Trish as they battle the undead and learn the true meaning of love and family.

Chapter 1

Tuesday's POV

I wake to an empty bed i fliped out for 3 secs when i heard the shower running i got out of bed and sheded my clothes. I got in the bathroom and close the door behind me and walked to the shower door, glad that the door was glass i could see Dean there standing. I opened the door slowly trying not to let Dean see me and got in.
I touched his back lightly and he jumped " sorry" i mumbled walking to him, he opened his arms for me and he closed them behind me. "When did you wake up?" He asked me kissing my almost wet hair " alittle while ago" i said putting my chin on his wet chest "oh" he said i moved out of his arms and got under the spray. I watched him as he looked over my body as the water ran down, i then watched him look at my hair as it got longer then when is was just to my hips. " god your beautiful" Dean said pulling me to him as he kissed the breathe out of me which i like.

Dean's POV I kissed the love of my life wondering why she's the one i was thinking she'd pick my brother when she found out what a player i was but nope she came to me anyway, after the three years her and Sammy shared i was thinking she'd stay but she broke up with him for me. Her sister Trish was happy. Trish had a crush on Sam while she was dating me i knew something was going on i just couldn't place it. I thounht it was the sex that got her looking but it wasn't, it was my brother i gave her up as soon as Tuesday did my brother when me and Tuesday got togther it wasn't long but we were madly in love with each other one day i got brave and asked her the one big question i knew she'll say no to me and walk out leaving me crushed inside but she said yes!. That night frist time in long time we made love.

End of chapter 1