Chapter 3 Dead Araise

Dean's POV

"What The Hell?" I repeated this can't be real I mean there's a guy standing... no nealling near a dead guy outside on the patio eatting him at frist I thought it was a vampire but when it ripped off the other guys arm and started eatting it... the thing started eatting the arm... I grabbed a hold of Tuesday's hand and we turned to leave but one of those thing was there Tuesday screamed and it threw her across the room "NO!" I roared and it turned it's eyes to me "Come on you Mother fucker!" I yelled as it reached for me behind it I saw Tuesday pull out her knife and jam it in the things head it howled out in pain then crumble to the ground I looked at Tuesday "What the fuck are these things?" I asked looking her with pleding eyes "There zombies" she said as if it'll make it better "How the hell are zombies real?" I screamed at her "I don't know want to explain?" she said her attutde coming out " Ok say zombies are real, then how do we kill them?" i asked watching her rip out her knife out of the zombie's head "Jam anything scarp or blunt into their head it seems to keeps them down for good" she said cleaning the knife on my shirt "How do you know all this stuff?" I asked following her out the door grabbing a carving knife on the way "Movies" she said as she sild into the passager seat and me in the driver.

Trish's POV

I roll over into my lover's arms "Moring Babe" I said kissing his chest "MMMM Moring loving?" Sam asked snaking his arms around me "If you want" I said moaning as he sliped his fingers into my core but as it started getting hot there was loud bangs coming from downstairs "Sam!" I said sitting upright "What? What's wrong? " Sam said sitting up along with me his huge hands carssing my face "I think something or someone is downstairs" I said gulping loudly As I said that More bangs sounded Sam went into hunter mode he got dressed and told me do so I dressed in a blue corset top black skinnies and blue and black converses I put my long blonde hair back into a braid it came down to my mid-back I looked at Sam for the ok "Let's go" Sam said taking a hold of my hand as he grabbed the hunting knife I held on for dear life as we dissented the stairs.

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