1A new Story about our beloved Edward and Bella. This time all human with many lemons and strictly not for anyone under the age 18

Thanks to SM who own everything and lets us borrow.

When I Fall In Love


I am 24 years old and live in Albany New York I teach English Lit at a local high school. I decided to stay in NY after graduating with honours from NYU. I was born on Forks Washington, then moved to Phoenix Arizona with my Mum when my parents spilt up Renee my Mum married again when I was 16, her new husband Phil is much younger and plays ball. I decided to move back to Forks to spend some quality time with my Dad Charlie after the new year I had turned 17 the previous September.

Charlie is the town police chief, his exterior is gruff but deep down he has a heart of gold and I know he has never gotten over losing my Mum. He enrolled me at the local Forks High School. On day one I met the love of my life and his family. Edward Cullen. We had nine months of bliss before the cracks started to appear. It finally ended badly in month fifteen. He was super intelligent and wanted to follow in his Fathers footsteps as a doctor. That meant an Ivy League university and a direct route into an internship at one of the countries most prestigious teaching hospitals. I am neither Ivy League material nor do I have the contacts to go Ivy League. It was doomed to fail from the start. We did however love each other passionately and intensely and it killed us both when we broke up knowing it was going to happen after graduation anyway. Seeing each other at school every day was the worst kind of torture. I longed to fall into his strong arms and never leave.

The last time we spoke was at a graduation party held by our mutual friend Jessica Stanley. I had gone there with Angela Weber my best friend even to this day. Edward had turned up with his twin sister Alice. We managed to avoid each for a few hours. I was pretty drunk and Tyler Crowley another so called friend from school wasn't taking no for an answer. A strong pair of arms rescued me and promptly carried me outside. Coming round from my drunken stupor I saw the most beautiful blue eyes and the most handsome face in the world. I burst into tears .Edward held me tightly, stroking my back and kissing my hair. We talked a while, he told he was leaving the next day, he was going to Stanford. We were going to be on opposite sides of our huge country. It was time for me to get home, we kissed deeply, passions rising. This was really goodbye. I cried every night for weeks.

Even after Angela and I moved to NY I was like zombie. How I managed to gruaduate with honours I will never know. I put it down to not doing the usual uni stuff, I never went out to parties and studying was my only release from the pain.

I loved my job the kids were from a mixed set of backgrounds some affluent some not. They all loved my subject and I got amazing results. I encouraged the kids to have their own opinion on the stuff we studied. Telling them if they could back up their arguments with strong sound facts no one could argue against it. I specialised in the English classics, Bronte, Austen and the like.

I throw everything that I am into my job and my department is becoming high profile for the school and when the head of the department decides to take early retirement I am asked to take on the role. At such a young age I am honoured. The only downside being I don't get as much time in the classroom. I agree to take on the role if I can split the management side of things with the teaching side on a 50-50 basis. The principal doubts I will be able to do both but agrees to give me one year. My objectives for the department is to raise the standards of all learners and reinvent the curriculum to something exciting that will make pupils want to learn. I am also tasked with raising the schools profile more to encourage investment.

A couple of weeks into the job I am invited to attend a seminar of senior lecturers, they will be from the fields of teaching, finance, business, marketing and medicine. The seminar is being held in Washington DC over three days. School have agreed to pay for me to go. I hope to be able to do a bit of networking whilst I am there and secure some much needed funding for our school. I have five days before I leave so prepare my lesson plans and email them to the respective teacher who will deliver my lessons. I gather as much information on the school as I can, catchment area info, profiles on our previous achievements and our aims.

I've not been to DC before so am armed with my camera and a guide book. I have booked into a respectable hotel that is full of people attending the seminar. That means I can walk to the venue in company without feeling scared of a neigbourhood I don't know. Angela drives me to the airport. I wait to board my plane which is on time.

The hotel is great, busy and vibrant my room is adequate if a little smaller than I had hoped. I laugh thinking to myself. You planning on having a party in here Swan? I seriously doubt that I will see or speak to anyone outside the seminar. I book room service for my meal and ahve an early night. The seminar starts in the morning at 10.00 sharp. I intend to get up at my usual 06.30 and have breakfast before heading out to do a bit of sights seeing.

I sleep well enough in a strange bed in a strange place and wake refreshed and ready for the day. I quickly shower and dress casually for now in jeans and a cotton top, comfy trainers on my feet. I head down to the dining room for breakfast which for the time is surprisingly busy. I take a small selection from the delicious looking buffet and make my way to the window area where I find a table for two empty. I sit down and take out my guide book reading where to visit as I eat. I am just finishing my coffee when a strangely familiar voice says "Isabella Swan is that you?" I turn around to face the voice and look straight into the eyes of Dr Carlisle Cullen Edwards father and esteemed neurosurgeon..