When I Fall in Love

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Chapter 26


I'm still no wiser to where we are. The place looks quiet. The airport if you can really call it that has no others planes around. Once our luggage is in the waiting car we are driven by our chauffeur along the coastal road. The scenery is breathtaking, I see not one other person. There are houses dotted sporadically in between lush pine groves and palm trees. The beaches I see are also deserted and the sand is clean and white, the sea crystal clear and inviting.

About half and hour later we slow down and turn down towards the beach. We enter a private road and I cannot even see our destination until we have driven another few minutes. The house when it comes into view is simple in design, its situated so privately it will be perfect for Edward and I's honeymoon. The car pulls into an underground garage just big enough to house two cars. The driver takes our luggage out of the boot and carries it into the house.

Edward helps me out of the car and after a short kiss we walk into the house hand in hand. I'm in awe of the sight that stands before me. The house is set on some sort of platform and is set high above the beach and back into the hillside in a private cove. The side facing the ocean is all glass, french folding doors span the whole rear elevation. It's breathtaking.

I walk around slowly and try to take in my surroundings. Edward follows me chuckling.

"Do you like it Bella love?"

"No Edward, I don't like it. I love it." I turn and throw myself into his waiting arms.

Sub consciously I think I hear the front door close as we are left alone. Edward tells me that the island is privately owned and situated in the Caribbean Sea. The owner is a wealthy English entrepreneur, the island is called Necker he has a large estate in another part of the island. This house along with all the others we've seen are for the use of his friends and family as well as trusted employees. Each totally private and yet all having the easy access to the owners trusted staff.

The wide wooden staircase leading from the house to the private beach is well worn but sturdy. I drag my husband with me as I go to explore outside. On the beach the view of the house is deceptive. You would never know what was inside from ths view. I love everything about our honeymoon island and our honeymoon house. Edward knows me so well.

We wander on the beach hand in hand. We are dressed casually but I long to be free of my clothes in a swimsuit so that I can swim in the inviting blue sea. We don't talk we don't need to. We are totally at ease in each others company and when we have walked for a reasonable period of time and come to the large outcrop of rock providing us with our privacy we sit on the warm white sand and just look out to sea.

We are snuggled closely and I feel Edward nuzzle into my hair several times.

"What are you thinking Bella love?" he asks casually.

"I'm thinking that I am the luckiest woman in the world right now, here on a beautiful island with my beautiful husband whom I love more than words could ever tell him. I'm wishing that even though we have only just arrived and we have three wonderful weeks here I wish just you and me could stay here forever."

I turn my head to his so that we can kiss. It starts out as a simple gentle kiss but soon becomes much more passionate and urgent. I manage to push us back so that we are laying on the sand. I hover over him, he doesn't stop me. It would be so easy to undress him and make slow tender love to him right here, but we've just arrived and I'm eager to unpack and get settled so we can really start to enjoy our honeymoon. I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunity to make love out here on the beach again. I make a mental note to make sure we do so.

Back in the house I go to start our unpacking, Edward checks the kitchen, he had given instruction of what we wanted in the cupboards and fridge. His requests must have been followed because he soon pokes his head around the bedroom door and ask me what I want to eat. He must read my face, eyes or thoughts because food is off the agenda for the next hour.

Eventually we drag ourselves out of bed and head to the shower. It has always been one of the most sensual places that Edward and I make love, once again the luxury wet room gives us enough space and the hot water and powerful water jets add to the sensuality of our lovemaking. Sated we head to the kitchen hand in hand.

For a snack we decide on toasted cheese ham and tomato sandwiches with a tossed salad. A glass of cold white wine washes it all down well. Now dressed in shorts over our swimsuits we head back to the beach. We each carry a large beach towel, I've remembered to bring lots of sun lotion so we don't burn. I'm looking forward to rubbing it all over Edward.

We settle just a few feet from the edge of the sea. Dropping everything onto the towels he drags me into the water. It doesn't even feel cold, the temperature is tepid. It's crystal clear and there is sand under foot for quite a way out. We wade out until it starts to drop quite steeply. I hang onto Edward my arms wrapped around his neck. Being so much taller than me he can walk out farther. Soon we are swimming in the lovely warm Caribbean Sea. All around us colourful little fishes swim. I hope somewhere in the house are snorkels. I'm sure there will be, if not I'll make sure I ask the staff next time they come around.

Tired now I head back to dry off and sunbathe. I rub sun lotion all over as I watch Edward continue to swim. He seems completely relaxed, I'm so happy he is happy. This break will do him and me the world of good. It means we can start our new life completely fresh and relaxed. I've brought some of our wedding messages with me I want to take some time to read through them and whilst I'm here take time to reply and thank people for their good wishes and lovely gifts.

He plonks himself by my side and drips all over when he steals a kiss.

"Yuk you're all wet', I tell him.

"Want to help me dry off?" he replies wiggling his eyebrows.

How could anyone not fall head over heels in with him, just looking at him makes me weak at the knees and my knickers very wet. I cannot help but chew on my bottom lip. I know if he sees he'll know I'm perving over him again. Something I do several times a day.

"Lotion me up love?" he says casually, thankully he does not look at me and I get time to regroup my thoughts.

"Sure baby, lie down."

I take much too long but enjoy every second of rubbing the sun lotion into his delectable body. Can feel my body react the moment I touch him. The spark is immediate I wonder if he feels it too. One look into his eyes gives me my answer.

"Later love, I know; I feel it too." he says in the sexiest voice ever.

I can feel a blush cover my whole body, he's my husband now why am I blushing?

"Bella love, you are incredible and I love it when you blush, it makes me want you even more when you blush all over. I'll prove it at great length a little bit later but for now lets take in the sun, I'm sure you didn't want to spend the whole three weeks in bed even though that idea sounds very appealing to me right now."

Looking into his beautiful eyes I can see the love he has for me and I melt all over again. I cannot help myself lower my lips to his and kissing him with what can only be described as a dirty kiss promising much much more later.

I'm not a sun bather I love the idea but I fidget, I get bored or I fall asleep. I didn't want to sleep in case I snored. I'd been told over and over by Angela in the past that on holidays we'd taken I'd fallen asleep on a sunbed an snored. I don't know if I snore in bed at night Edward has teased me about it before but I didn't believe him. I roll over onto my stomach and watch him. I could lay here all day and be happy just looking at him.

We both know when we have had enough sun for the day. I don't want us to over do it too soon. We head back in. I take the first shower, if we share we'll never get out and someone needs to prepare dinner. I dress casually in a simple strapless sundress which falls to my ankles. The material is light and floaty and it hangs beautifully. The deep orange colour makes it perfect for a holiday setting.

In the kitchen I start to prepare our dinner, we'd decided on salmon steaks tonight, baked in butter and served on a bed on brown rice with a side salad. Fresh fruit adorns most of the kitchen surfaces so I make a quick fruit salad inside brandy baskets for our sweet.

When Edward finally joins me and I turn to speak to him my voice catches in my throat. He looks incredible dressed casually in khaki cotton slacks and a short sleeved white shirt, the shirt he wears open at the neck in fact having a longer second look I can see that several buttons are undone showing his chest hair and making my girly bits throb yet again.

How I manage to get through dinner I really don't know, I just want to get him naked and have my way with him. My eyes undress him at every opportunity.

"Are you alright Bella? You are very quiet." he asks a little concerned.

"I am more than alright Edward, I'm fantastic you look incredible and I'm doing my best to enjoy a nice meal and not jump your bones. I hope you realise just how difficult it is sitting here looking at you. I want you so badly right now it hurts."

I let my eyes drop to my lap, I'm embarrassed by how irrational my thoughts are. He's my husband and I have him all day every day forever, I'm struggling myself a little to understand the strength of my feelings for him sexually. Yes we had always had a very healthy sex life and were totally compatible in that department as well as many others. These thoughts though even after only looking at him were so heightened. Maybe I'm turning into a sex maniac or something. No I don't want other men like I want him, its almost like he's my life source and I need him physically to survive.

"Bella" he catches his breath now too " I do understand, I feel everything that you do and more, believe me. When you were in the shower earlier I sat dreaming up reasons why I should join you and make love to you, I argued with myself that you need time on your own to shower without me pawing at you. I got a hard on when you walked out that door I do every time I look at you Bella. I know you feel it too I can see it in your eyes every time our eyes meet. I thinks its part of who we are love. It's called true love, soul mates finding one another."

He leans over and kisses me gently, my embarrassment is gone. He feels the same as me, had I have not been silly I would have known it was our special bond. We spend the next half hour washing up together and clearing away. Its so comfortable doing the ordinary things together I love it. I shoo him to get the patio ready, I'm bringing the wine and the pile of stuff I've brought from the wedding I want us to go through them together.

The lounging furniture on the high patio is luxurious and very comfortable. We sit snuggled up and a large sofa. We've sunk into the massive cushions and it would be so easy to fall asleep. We take turns to read out the cards and messages. They are all lovely. I make notes so that we can send personal replies to each and every one. A yawn escapes and Edward pulls me up and we go in for the night.

Alice has made sure my night wardrobe is well stocked but I really don't need negligee's or fancy peignoirs. I need to be naked and with my husband.

We walk slowly round the house turning off all the lights and locking the doors. Hand in hand we head to our sanctuary the bedroom. He doesn't take his eyes off me. I'm melting and wetter than I have ever been in my life. If he doesn't take me soon I'm going to spontaneously combust. My eyes plead with him to touch me. He doesn't he walks slowly around me dropping small teasing kisses along my bare shoulders. The sundress is only held up by the fitted bodice and he is soon releasing my breasts from the dress. It falls to the floor and I am stood in only the tiniest skin toned thong. Once again his breath catches as he takes me in. His hands are now all over me. I'm on fire and I feel wonderful.

He kisses me deeply, his tongue gently licks my lips and asks for entrance which I immediately grant. Our tongue's dance before they fight for dominance. I want and need to be closer to him and take a step closer into his arms. I let my hands finds their way under his shirt and caress his sculptured body. His shirt is off in seconds and his trousers soon follow. Now stood only in boxers and having a prominent erection I move us to the bed. I crawl on first and pull him with me.

I take my knickers off and remove his boxers, our mouths and lips never parting. There are lots of small groans and moans as each little touch sets us both more and more on fire. I want him inside me but I also want this incredible foreplay to go on and on. His tongue leaves my mouth and continues to set me on fire along my neck and down to my breasts. One hand caresses whilst the other devours my nipples and it feels so good. My hands rake through his sex hair, I cannot resist pulling and tugging. I hope I don't hurt him. He doesn't complain.

As he makes his way down my body I writhe under him. As he reaches his destination I cannot help but buck into his face. His tongue is creating havoc as he flicks my clit and I start to feel my orgasm nearing completion. His fingers enter me and find my G spot and I am gone...

When he crawls back up my slick body he slips into my wetness and hisses as he does. He doesn't move at first I don't think he can. He'll cum too soon if he does, being inside me even still, feels so so good. We kiss some more and then he starts to thrust, slowly at first, almost withdrawing from me. My breathing is ragged he feels so toe curlingly beautiful buried deep inside me. Our pace picks up and he goes deeper and deeper and it feels incredible.

"God Edward it feels so good, you are so good. I love you so much baby, harder, faster deeper please baby I need to cum and I want you as deep as you can go. Please Edward I need you."

"Bella I want to cum too but love I don't want to stop it feels so good."

I think it is inevitable that we both cum in a shattering orgasm moments later. Once we get our breaths back and we are laying side by side I start to giggle.

"Its not supposed to be funny love, its supposed to be romantic, heartfelt lovemaking. You'll give me a complex."

I know he's teasing. I fall asleep wrapped in the arms of my lovely new husband and I couldn't be happier.

When I wake its light and the bed at the side of me is empty. A quick check at the clock tells me its just after eight. I get up do the bathroom run and slip on a cami top and shorts.

Edward is in the kitchen, he's making our breakfast. He is wearing only a pair a shorts. Once agin my thoughts turn x rated. He turns to me and smiles and I nearly fall over. He sits me at the patio table and serves me poached eggs on brown toasted with freshly squeezed orange and mango juice. We talk casually and the food is delicious. He's quite the chef.

"What do you want to do today love?" he asks casually.

"Stay here and relax with you and sun bathe and swim." I tell him.

We have plenty of time to explore the island. We have at our disposal a jeep so we can get around the island. We'll do some exploring in the days ahead I'm I just want to spend with my husband on the beach.

"Good me too, plenty of time for sight seeing later."

I wash and clear up as Edward cooked. He goes off to ready for the day. A small smile comes to my lips as I'm drying the dishes. I am so happy sometimes I need to pinch myself. I never knew I could get this lucky.

I'm brought back to reality with my husbands lips on my neck. I swivel into his arms and kiss him deeply.

"I love you so much Edward Cullen, never ever doubt that."

I don't doubt it for a minute love and I love you too just as much."

He drops another quick kiss on my lips before sending me off to shower and put a bathing suit on. I've never liked bikini's I much prefer an all in one , the ones I have are just as sexy and almost as skimpy. Edward's reaction to them when I showed him proved that.

Today after my shower I plump for a tiny purple number, halter neck and held together at the bust by a gold ring. Its cut very high in the leg so its a good job I'm well waxed. A brief exam in the bathroom mirror leaves me satisfied I look okay. I cover the suit for now with a sarong skirt tied at my hip.

Edward is already situated at the water edge. He is sitting in the water just at edge of the surf. He is staring out to sea. He appears to be miles away in his own little world. He doesn't even hear me approach. When I sit myself down with him he turns to me and smiles his most breath taking smile and I melt.

"Hey, you okay baby, you looked a little lost in thought there?" I drop a kiss on his cheek.

"I'm more than okay Bella I was just thinking how perfect it is here, just you and me in the most perfect setting. I was wondering if we could live here forever or if you'd get bored of me."

"Me get bored of you? Yeah like that would ever happen. You'd be bored in three months itching to get back to work."

I rest my head on his shoulder for a moment before getting up and making my way to where I had placed our towels. The days goes pretty quickly we sun bathe, walk, talk and swim. We laugh and frolic in the clear water. Edward found the snorkels and we spend hours looking at the variety of fish swimming in large shoals just off our cove.

Where the days actually go I really don't know. We've been here over a week and haven't left the house or bay yet. We've had no need to. Our every request is delivered within hours and we are left to our own devices. We have planned to take the jeep out today and go exploring. The staff have provided us with a hand written map showing us local roads and the best places to visit that are not private. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the island.

I'm dressed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt that I have tied casually just above my waist. Edward too is in shorts and a short sleeved casual checked shirt. We have a picnic basket, sun lotion, towels and our bathers just incase.

I've brought the camcorder as well as the camera. I want to have lots of reminders of this very special time. We head off first inland to a tropical waterfall and pool. We're told the place is magical and is home to an array of colourful birds and wildlife. We find it remarkably easily. I suppose a local guide is much better than the tourist ones. There is no where official to park so we pull up at the side of a dirt track.

There are no other visitors at the waterfall either guests or locals. It is breathtaking and so quiet, well apart from the bird noises. I walk infront of Edward carrying the towels and bag. Edward has the picnic basket and another bag.

"Edward its perfect." I say grinning at him.

"Its quite something Bella that is for sure but nothing can be described as perfect in comparison to you."

He certainly know how to stroke my ego. I blush again and nudge into him.

We settle our blankets at the edge of the pool. There is a well worn grassed area. I suspect all visitors make themselves comfortable here. The waterfall is everything I'd ever hoped one would be. I cannot wait to stand under it. We've been told the water is cold running down from the mountains.

I'm out of my shorts and into my swimming costume in a flash. Edward laughs at me. He changes too but at a much more leisurely pace. Our eyes keep meeting and I'm torn between my husband's body and the waterfall. Once again I find myself chewing my bottom lip.

He makes my mind up for me. He jumps straight into the pool.

"Bloody hell Bella it's freezing."

I laugh and follow him more sedately. He's right it is cold compared to the warm sea.

We swim toward the plundering waterfall. From afar it looks like it's only a small one. However up close the force of the water is much much more than I expected. When the first water pounds my head it pushes me under and Edward has to drag me back up. I'm coughing and spluttering until all the water is out of my lungs. He's laughing at me. He kisses me and asks

"Are you okay love?"

"I am now thanks to a handsome man."

Being so close to him in such a romantic setting gets me going again. I can tell from his face and his eyes that he feels the same. His fingers start to creep inside my swimsuit. At first he starts low his fingers brush against my folds before he finds my clit and starts to flick. It is sheer heaven. His other hand releases my halter top and he peels it down my body. Don't care that we are out in public and someone else can happen along at any moment.

I want my husband to make love to me and I don't care who knows it. When he finally slips his length into me it feels immediately like heaven. The sensations coursing through me drive me wild. Even in the water I want to be closer to him. I straddle his hips, wrapping my legs tightly around his waist. He plunders me hard and I love it. I cannot stop an intense orgasm ripping through my body. My inner walls close around his length and milk him as he growls my name and pumps harder and faster achieving his own release.

We see parrots of all colours as well as some cute furry things I have no idea the name of. Our picnic is lovely, we eat drink fruit juice and talk and laugh. It is a perfect day. We have not moved from the waterfall, tomorrow we will venture out again and this time actually do some sight seeing.

Tonight Edward has arranged for dinner to be cooked for us and delivered at eight o'clock. When it arrives delivered by a beautifully dressed waiter and waitress I feel under dressed. Edward and I have stayed casual dressed in a simple sun dress and he in casual slacks and a short sleeved shirt. I think we both look good, but definitely under dressed compared to the staff.

The food is delicious. Beef Wellington, sauteed potatoes and local vegetables. It is all cooked to perfection and tastes superb. Dessert is a light lemon tart with whipped cream. I can feel all the calories going straight to my hips. Edward laughs at this comment.

Lazy days spent loving each often, trips out seeing the island and more time spent making love at the waterfall. Nights spent eating wonderful dinners, talking , laughing and making love, make for a perfect honeymoon. The three weeks have flown by in an instant and I have loved every minute. It is our last night and we both are a little sad to be leaving in the morning.

I am also a little excited because we fly back not to New York but to our new home in LA. Edward starts his new job in a weeks time and I want to start looking seriously at schools. Our house is now fully furnished, Alice and Jazz have been on hand to take receipt of the last pieces of furniture. Clothes and the like were being transferred whilst we are away. Our new cars should be delivered the after we get home. We'll both have our freedom to get around. I cannot wait to start our new life together.

There is tension in the air tonight, Edward and I can both feel it. I assume its our impending departure. I have packed most of our stuff already, keeping out stuff we want to travel in and the clothes we are now wearing. Neither of us speaks out loud about the tension but we both know it is there. Once dinner is over we retire to the patio. Edward pulls me to sit opposite where I usually would and he kisses me almost to distract me. Only a few minutes go by when he says

"Take a walk with me on the beach love?" he holds his hand out for me.

"Of course Edward I'd love to."

We've only gone a few feet from the house when see in the distance a series of lights further along the beach. I look at him now and know he has arranged something for our last night. As we get closer I can see a blanketed area surrounded by candles fitted into holders like lanterns, they make the area very romantic.

I can now see a small table with an ice bucket and a bottle sticking out of it at the side is two glasses. We are upon the area now. How he arranged all this beats me. We have barely left each others side in three weeks. He's a sneak and I love him for it.

Edward sinks down onto the blanket and pulls me down by his side. I cannot resist kissing him.

"I love you so much ye know. Thank you for doing this Edward. It makes our last night here even more perfect."

"Don't say that yet love, you have no idea what I have planned for you." his eyebrow wiggle a little and I know he's teasing me.

The candlelight make the beach, the house and the sea look so pretty. They flicker in the light breeze but are also keeping us from feeling the cooling breeze. Edward lays down next to me while I pour us both a glass of champagne.

We chink our glasses and toast our future. After taking a sip I take our glasses and put them back on the table. Then I lean over my delicious husband and proceed to seduce him right there on the beach. I remembered our first day I had said we'd do this and we had several times during the day on the beach, on the patio in the sea but not at night. Now I intended to rectify that and it appears my lovely husband was in full agreement.

Our clothes were gone in seconds. Whilst the setting was incredibly romantic I didn't want romance I wanted sex, hard fast dirty sex. When I bit Edward's ear I think he got the message.

I was on my back and he was pumping into me before I could blink. It felt so good. I met and matched his every thrust and we both orgasm after a sustained period of hot fast hard fucking.

Exhausted we lay and rest.

"That was fantastic Edward. Thank you."

"Will you stop thanking me Bella I loved it just as much as you did."

Our hands are entwined and we look at the stars. Once my breathing is back to normal I turn over on my side and pull myself closer to him. I kiss his arm and his hand. He turns to face me too. Our lips touch noses are kissed. Everywhere is kissed. Soon it all becomes a little more intense and this time we make love under the stars for hours. Kissing, nipping, licking each other. Enjoying each others body. Finally sated we head back inside. We don't bother to dress. Edward wraps us in the blanket and after blowing out the candles he walks us slowly back to the house and bed for the last time.

Morning arrives too soon. A quick shower has us ready and awaiting our driver. A private jets waits on the small runway. This time I enjoy the journey home. LAX is heaving as usual. Alice and Jazz meet us to take us home. We have the usual chatter about the island and the like. I know we both have colour. We are both usually quite naturally pale. Alice comments on how well we both look. Edward and Jazz talk as we drive toward our new home.

As we turn into the estate I see that barriers are lowered as we approach. It appears Alice and Jazz have become firm friends with our security guards and they now recognise their car. I'll have to make sure that their visits don't get too much. It was what I liked about the security no unexpected visitors.

"Its alright Bella, Jazz and I won't be nuisances once you're settled."

It was like she could read my mind. Edward's hand reaches for mine from his seat in the front. It's his way of reassuring me I know. The house comes into view and immediately feel at home. Jazz carries the cases as Edward insists on carrying me over the threshold. We kiss tenderly as he walks with me in his arms to our new home. Everywhere is full of flowers. Alice smiles shyly from the doorway.

"Just a little welcome home and to let you know I'm so glad you're both here."

When Edward puts me down I rush to her and envelope her in my arms.

"You are the best sister in law I could have wished for Alice. Thank You."

"Ditto Alice" Edward says walking towards us.

His arms slips comfortably around my shoulder. They refuse the offer of staying for a drink. After a short goodbye we close our front door.

We are at last at home, together forever. I had always known from I first met Edward that it was special. Because

When I fall in Love it Will be Forever...

The End

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