Big Time Reunion

Summary: An old friend of the boys comes back into their life. How will they react? Carlos/OC (This takes place after "Big Time Blogger" and includes episodes up until the latest episode. =])

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Big Time Rush, band OR show. Just the OC character I add in here, whom I based her looks off of my friend.

"Morning, boys!" Mrs. Knight called cheerfully walking into the living room where the four Big Time Rush stars were splayed across the couch.

"Uuuugh..." they all groaned in response. "Hi, Mom," Kendall said. "What is wrong with all of you? Normally you're all up and bouncing around," Mrs. Knight said.

Katie walked in behind her mother and said, "They're all just sore from chasing Deke around the Palm Woods yesterday so they could get a good blog." Mrs. Knight just nodded in understanding.

"But it was worth it! We got a good blog from Deke..." James started.

"...and Big Time Rush is still a big time hit," Logan finished. "We're waiting on Kelly or Gustavo to call for when we need to go to the studio," Kendall put in.

"Ah. Well, me and Katie are going to the store today..." she trailed off when her phone rang. "Hello?" she answered, paused, and her eyes lit up. "Oh, hel-lo! Of course I remember you! How are you? Really? That's good," she said enthusiastically, occasionally shooting glances at the boys, who didn't notice because they were all laying on the couch lazily with their eyes closed. "Uh-huh...yep...okay, don't worry. Everything will work out perfectly. Okay, talk to you later, bye!" She hung up and put her phone back in her purse. "And while we're out, we're going to pick up a little surprise for you boys. See you later!" Mrs. Knight called over shoulder as she walked out the door, nudging Katie out the door.

Carlos looked up. "A surprise? For what?" They all shrugged, and Carlos' head flopped back down. James got up off the couch. "I gotta go to the bathroom..."

"And fix your hair for the millionth time?" Kendall chimed in. "No!...Yes..." James said before disappearing around the corner.

"Well, we gotta do something today..." Kendall sighed. "Noooo..." Carlos groaned, "I don't wanna..."

"We can't sit here all morning!"

"Sure we cou-" Logan was cut off by his cell phone ringing. He looked at it for a second before answering, "Hello?" His face slowly turned from one of confusion, to one of happiness. "Leah! Whoa, how have you been? How's New York? How's Mom?" Logan asked while Kendall and Carlos exchanged looks of excitement.

Leah Mitchell is Logan's fraternal twin sister, only 15 minutes younger. She was the boys' best friend, and was the best goalie on their hockey team, as well as the only girl. Because their parents divorced, their mom moved to New York City while the twins stayed with their dad in Minnesota. Then, Leah decided to go visit their mom, while Logan didn't want to go. Just a week after she left, Gustavo and Kelly came to town, and the boys went off to LA.

"Really? That's great! Glad you're having fun...when you going home to see Dad?'s great hearing from you again, sis! Hang on, Kendall and Carlos wanna say hi!" Logan held up his phone, and the other two yelled "Hi, Leah!" into the phone. They could hear her say 'Hi, you guys!' back, and Logan returned the phone to his ear. " us soon, okay? Great. Okay, bye!" He hung up, smiling widely. "She said she's having a blast in New York City, she really misses us, and she congratulates us on a job well done. Oh, and she's sending us something, we should get it real soon."

"She's sent us something? How soon?" Kendall asked.

"She said we should get it by the end of the day."

"What's going on?" James said, walking back in. "What'd I miss?"

"Leah just called!" Carlos burst out, smiling from ear to ear. Behind his back, Logan and Kendall exchanged knowing smiles. It was common knowledge that Carlos had a huge thing for Leah, ever since they were 9 and Leah beat up the kid that stole his favorite hockey stick.

"Leah? Mitchell? You mean, blonde, little, bright-color-wearing Leah?" James asked, looking from Carlos to Kendall to Logan and back. "Yeah, Leah. As in, my sister," Logan said.

"She said she sent us a surprise, and we should get it by the end of the day!" Carlos exclaimed.

"Which is odd...since first, Mom is getting us something...then Leah calls right after to tell us she sent something..."

"Who cares, man? We're getting two surprises in one day!" James broke out into a smile. "So, who wants to go to the pool? You can try getting the Simms twins to try and date you again," he said to Carlos.

Carlos shook his head, "Nuh-uh! Why would I ask them out?"

James looked around and laughed, "Uh, 'cause they're hot?" he said as if Carlos said something stupid. "No," Carlos said, picking up his helmet and jamming it on his head, "I'm just going to sit and chill! See ya there!" He grabbed a towel and ran out, the other three following much slower.

"Right...he'll sit back, relax, and think about Leah the whole time," Kendall said jokingly.

"Oh, right...Carlos...Leah, no wonder he won't bother with the Simms twins or the Jennifers..." James said.

"Guys, really? This is my little sister we're talking about..." Logan said. "Kendall rolled his eyes and slung an arm over his shoulder. "Logan...she's only younger than you by 15 minutes, not 5 years. Also, would you rather it were a complete stranger hitting on her instead of our dearest and closest friend?" Logan nodded reluctantly.

"Besides," James said, "it's not like she wouldn't be able to handle him...or anyone. She could beat all four of us up in one go!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'm going to read my book, and not think of my sister dating anyone, thank you." Logan pulled out his book as soon as he sat in a deck chair. Carlos was in the middle of a water-basketball game with some of the others. Kendall and James looked at each other, "Wanna go sneak into Bitters' office and cut the sleeves of his jacket?" James asked. Kendall smiled, "Let's."

-3 hours later-

The boys, laughing, ran into the apartment and shut the door behind them and leaned on the door. "That was awesome!" James said finally.

"You guys are insane!" Logan said, shaking his head but smiling all the same.

Carlos stopped laughing long enough to make his way to the kitchen, saying "I'm hungry. Is you're mom back yet?" he asked Kendall.

Kendall looked around, "Mom? Katie?" He walked through the apartment, checking each room before going back to the rest of them. ", they're not...that's odd, shouldn't take this long to go shopping...I mean, James doesn't even take this long." James shot Kendall a look.

"Hey, where's my book?" Logan wailed. The other three helped look around the room. "Where's the last time you saw it?" Kendall asked. "By the pool..." Logan trailed off. "The pool!" they all shouted at each other, then took off downstairs.

They ran around the pool area, all the while trying to avoid Bitters' path of rage, his jacket sleeves cut off to the shoulders. A half hour later, they successfully managed to retrieve Logan's coveted book (and Carlos grabbed a couple snacks on the way) and made it back to their apartment without detection.

"Hey guys!" Katie called from the couch, where she was watching TV. "What's going on?" Mrs. Knight asked, looking astonished.

"Had to grab my book, I forgot it downstairs." Logan said, the four of them composing themselves. "O-okay..." Mrs. Knight said. "Sorry we got back so late, things took longer than I expected."

"Yeah, um...not to sound rude, Mom, but where were you?" Kendall asked. "Yeah, where's our present?" Carlos asked curiously, to which the others looked at him, and Logan whispered "Carlos!" Carlos looked down sheepishly.

"It's okay. Your surprise should be here," she said, looking at her watch, "in 3...2...1..."

"Hey, fellas! What's up?"

The boys looked up in shock, jaws-dropped, wide-eyed shock, at what-no, who-just came into the room.

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