First offical chapter! Im soo sorry for the delay but here it is the introductions next chapter should be out soon so anywhoo here you go.

Ephebus Academy meaning youth in Latin has been a secret school for gifted youngsters for many years, notorious for either the most vicious of villains or toughest of super heros it only accepts the best of the best with its headstrong Headmaster Edward Mustafo one of the scariest yet toughest of supers feared above many and his loyal Deputy Headmistress Missy Payne together they rule that school with iron fists a year long Private school for super powered teens a secret special school very private and reserved.

That is until the young son of a local reality telivision series called Total Drama Island descovered his powers thats when the sadistic host got an idea for a great new series who cared of these old reality has been teens who do nothing but complain when he could have new, powerful, and vicious all rolled into one oh yes and that host was the one the only the person you love to hate Chris Mclean and he had a plan.

All he had to do now was convince his boss and the faculty of Ephebus Academy or now it will be refered to as Total Drama School for the Extrordinarly Gifted well just for the show of course a year long show, might improve raitings so the hunt was on for 16 boys and 16 girls with powers.

Well 3 months later and Chris has sucesfully convinced his boss and the tough staff of Ephebus Academy and have found the perfect victims... I mean students all extrordinary in his/her own ways awsome for raitings which was pretty much all he cared for any whoo that certain school was located somewhere outside of Germany and the students would be ariving via plane one by one the school was hard to find in a remote region covers in icey snow the academy was old and anicent looking chrystal electric gates surrounding the place, a lake and a vast forrest succluding it from wondering eyes it was quite marvelous yet scary to look at it certainly had its history to it.

Chris Mclean swaggered out of his stretch limo he gazed around in wonder and aww that is till he took notice of the camra he grew that over confidence and cocky smirk on his hansome face "Welcome to this years all new more exciting adventure" he said "This is Ephebus Academy" he waves behind him dismissively, he smiled confidently " I Chris Mclean am your wounderful new host now before we meet the students who have yet to arrive lets go say hi to our lovely" he sniggers clears throat" staff" as he enters the growns a cool wind blows his hair Chris freezes momentarly then sighs as a figure aproaches a short man approaces wearing simple robes but has his face covered and was slouching Chris observed him "This must be Ichijin Kidate the Nature Studies teacher" he thinks to himself he shruggs it off and clears his throat "um hey dude im Chris Mcl" but was interupted "yes we know who you are Christopher Mclean host of that reality show. Chris visably clenched his teeth at being refered to as (shudders)"Christopher, what was he 10" "my name is Ichijin Kidate and let me lead you to our headmaster" he walked away Chris sighed turned to the camra and put on a cheesy smile "follow me and we will go meet the rest of the staff" he followed.

He spotted 5 teens a young Chinese girl practicing with a spear making it twirl to fast for his eyes to follow she looked about 18 and had a look of extreem determination on her attractive face Chris's eyes wandered down her figure when he was hit with a little rock his eyes observed the young Russian teen about 17 smirking in a corner but his eyes said "you look at her in that way again you will get much worse" Chris overted his eyes to the other three two boys and a girl a young Japanese boy, a European boy, and a Chinese-American girl thwy were doing their own thing "My personal assistants" a voice sounded out making Chris jump and chuckled nervously "my name is Jiei Shinan Weapons teacher" said the man to Chris's left wearing a training kimono, with the top part being white, and the pants being blue Chris then noticed his eyes were covered by a simple red bandand and wavy black hair Chris them smirke knowing this guy was blind he then silently snickered his hand waving in front of the guys face Chris smirked to the camra then he let out a loud yelp as his hand was twisted "never make fun of a blind person" Jiei said tightining his grip wimpering "ok ok dude uncle uncle" Jiei let his hand go muttering "i believe you were ment to follow Ichijin to our headmaster" Chris gulped and ran inside to doors making sure the camra dude was still following him "we can edit that out right?" he whispered his pride hurt, the camra man shrugged Chris examined the inside of the castle many stairs and doors a great Chandelier above him he walked in he followed Ichijin who was Patiently Waiting for him "this way:" Ichijin said.

Chris followed looking around and he spotted three female's one a very attractive young female with sky blue eyes with her blonde hair in a tight bun wearing a lab coat, a blue sweater, a short brown skirt, and black heels with black stockings but what got his attention was her DD-sized chest Chris had to peel his eyes from her and observe the next female this one wearing black pants with white pinstripes, white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to quarter-length, blue high-heels, blue fedora, blue bracelet a very attractive shape with large bright dark blue eyes and Curly black hair that goes just past her shoulder blades then to the third female this one also got his heart racing she was in a black dress skirt the reaches her mid-thigh, white blouse with blood red designs on the collar and red sequins on the edge of the sleeves with the top two buttons undone, red pumps with waist length straight silver hair and hypnotic blood red eyes Chris sighed at the sight of all these beutiful women who weren't aware of his present they were chattering among themselves.

He was about to aproach them when a strong grip on his shoulder stopped him "I wouldnt if i were you Mclean" a voice whispered in his ear in warning Chris gulped and turned to face the man, he looked awfully young to be a teacher he was wearing a big black/red/grey "Danzig" hoodie/jacket that's unzipped to show a black "Ichi The Killer" t-shirt. Black fingerless gloves, very baggy black jeans and black boots. stood over 6' tall had Bushy/scruffy black hair and beard and his red eyes seemed to glow the man was Darrell Ambrose Hodder he growled and gently pushed Chris towards Ichijin. Chris took notice that Darrell's eyes were on the attractive female with long silver hair rather than him as he walked away "dang it i coulda had one of them babes" he grumbled.(ok just so you all know i just introduced Allysa Boots/Rin Tsukikage/Megumi Igaku they were the three female teachers) "OW" he bumped into two people two men one in a orange and black short-sleeve jacket with matching jogging pants. He has silver gauntlets on both of his arms. He wears white socks and orange running shoes with narrowed black eyes and long curled Black hair with white highlights pulled into a ponytail(Cley Field) and the other made Chris undecided to either laugh, scream like a sissy, or wet his pants becouse this guy was well was he even a guy at all he was a freakin snow man of a man he even had the carrot nose pegged down, his bluish white eyes pierced Chris's very soul sending chills up his spine. Before the two men could utter anything Chris bolted the terrified camra man following the two men being a few of the most toughest amone the staff one being Deebler White and the other Cley Field did something that most of the staff rarely see they laughed and their laughter follower Chris down the hallway haunting him he stopped to take a breather wheezing "Dude that was totally like...just DUDE".

Chris spotted Ichijin standing outside a door labled Headmaster "this is where we depart Mr Mclean until next time" Ichijin said as he dissapeard in the shadows Chris turned back as he reached for the door it opened Chris screamed like a little girl as the tall pale womon with strange purple eyes and long grey hair stepped out she has such a cold aura about her Chris practically saw his life flash before his eyes, was she death finally come for him he wimpered she wore long purple robe with a hood that covers her entire body and she has a scythe in her left hand she looked at him with distaste she said in a cold chilly voice ripped with chill" i am Greem Reepeir not the Grim Reaper Mr Chris Mclean" she half sneered" besides it isnt your time" Chris's knees went rubber band like as he sighed in relief "yet" she finished though you coudn't see it she was amused as she faded into darkness her eyes still on Chris who was pale and sweaty he gulped and turned to the camra man who was also shivering "Dude Ace thanks for not ditching me here and volunteering to be the camra man i owe ya" his cocky self coming back the camra man Ace sighed in regret it really wasnt his choice he was forced to come the producers were going to can him if he didnt and he really needed the money for his family to which he prayed that he would eventually see again "Um yea sure no prob Chris" Chris nodded then knocked on the door Bang Bang Bang the door opened revieling the Deputy Headmistress who took in Chris and licked her lips "enter" she whispered suductively her yellow eyes romming up her new prey she then took in the camra man and straightend up cleared her throat "I am Missy Payne Deputy Headmistress please sit" she strod away her hips swaying she sat on the corner of the desk "Edward our...guests have arrived" the man in the chair looked up his cold black eyes landing on Chris reverting to the camra man the the deputy headmistress clearing his throat sitting straighter. His hair is grey and slicked back tightly againsed his head and was wearing A black treanch coat that reaches to his shins. The coat has two rows of brass buttons side by side going down. He has tan pleated pants underneath that. in a flat moontoan voice" you do relize that that this is still MY school and it has been for many years you WILL not be in charge of anything nor get in the way god knows why i agreed on this but i will Not be made a fool of and you will not jeperdise this school or its students." hell he might be cold and crule but these students were his charges and he will make sure that nothing happens to them ever" do we reach that understanding Mr Mclean" he finished observing Chris with unblinking eyes Chris nodded "yes yes you totally have my word dude i.i. mean sir" Chris felt the mans black eyes boaring holes into him the man suddenly sneered "go away i am buisy Missy show them the door" he went back to his paper work.

Missy put her arm in Chris's shoulder as she closed the door she licked her lips and winked the door closing with a audible snap. Chris turned to the camra man Ace and snickerd them he smirked" ok viewers you have met our staff some a little creepyer than most some a little hotter than most and some just downright wierd looking so join us shortly when we introduce the vic... i mean students do you think this will be anything like Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour hmm.. Will we see Chef Hatchet here... Seriously doubt that dudes he is the new host for those ingrate teens i left back on the island will Chef survive on the island without me? Will i be murdered in my sleep here? Will Ace desert me "camra guy wishes if his family wasnt counting on him" How will the new kids react to getting here find out next time on Total Drama School for the Extrordinarly... and cut" Chris wipes sweat off his forhead "Dude the student will be here soon lets go to the front gates" walks away...

Meanwhile on a certain Island of Playa De Losa 24 teens were having the time of their lives with NO Chris NO camras NO interns and with Chef tied up in the basement they were living it up guess Chris forgot that he asked for the only camra man to go with him well the boss nor the producers will find out anytime soon they are to focused on the new show they were living up the good life. Relaxing on the couch a certin pair of bfffl's were laughing at chris as they saw him friek out on live tv "OMG Sadie did you like see that" "Oh i know Katie but Chris had it comin" they break out in giggles to their left a blonde bomshelle scowled at the tv "Chris is such a meanie he is a no good ******* and he needs a good ***** in his *** i hope he ********* and then he ******* she continuesly rants profanity as the other contestants stare at her in aww "WOW! Linds didn't know you had it in you" Geoff exclaimed.


Chris huffed as he got back to the front gate he stretched his back he took notice that his ears were ringing "You know i think someone somewhere is talkiing about me" he pondered then he shrugged it off he smiled smugly at the camra " Well you have now meet the faculty of Ephebus Academy and now we are going to meet the lucky students who should be coming momentarly" he exclaimed. "they are arriving alphabeticaly so hmm the first student should have been here by now" Chris looks at his watch "meow" startled Chris looks down and a golden curled cat was at his feet its intense ice blue eyes anilizing then smirking poof it transformed into a teenage girl standing only 5'2 her golden curles flying in the wind Chris jumped then regained his composure "well looks like Miss Fawn has decided to finally show herself" the teen still smirking strod forward and hissed "nice to see you i... look forward to getting to know you" poof she transformed back into said cat and trotted over to the tree finding comfort on a branch "O...Kay then well looks like we met the first of the students" Chris told the camra.

The next student waltzed through the gates another girl who walked proud with determination in her beautiful blue/green eyes her long redish brown hair and electric blue tips bobbed back and forth as she walked" OMG! Chris McLean it is such and honer to meet you im such a huge fan"she gushed in a sickingly sweet tone she seemed to be babbling on about this and that but Chris paid no attention to it for his attention was on her huge cheast as perverted thoughts plotted his brain the sudden silence cought Chris's attention he snapped out of his state and looked into the furios face of Kenzie Ashey her eyes narrowed gritting her teeth :im up her McLean" she hissed then summining up her powers of air she waved her hand and Chris went flying backwards landing on his rear the girl scoffed then muttered "pervert" the cat in the tree seemed to be snickering Kenzie immediatly cheered up and went over to the tree "oh yay another student!"the cat groaned and huffed reverting back to human as the two um got familiar with each other in the background Chris got up dusting himself he looked over at the teens one cheerful tying to make a new friend the other silently wishing she has a gun.. something to shut this usless nonstop blabbering up Chris opened his mouth "Don't say it Chris i know what you want to say but trust me don"t say it" a cheerful voice said Chris jumped and smirked at the new teen a male standing a small 5'1 with wavy londe hair and chockolate brown eyes full of warmth and something else Chris couldn't identify the teen had a big smile on his face" well well well our first male student Christoph Bennel our mind reader am i correct?" the 14 year old boy laughed his smile widening "you can call me Chris if you want" he tried to say superiorly but mirth was in his tone Chris frowned then smirked "naw dude i think i'll call you Christal OH no how about Chrissy" the boy's face turned upside down he shaked and reverts into a wolf like creature growling "call me Chrissy and it will be the last thing you do!" reverts into human "stick with Christoph please" he notices the two girls both looking at him curiously one in aww the other seemingly out of respect he went over to them smiling Christoph and Kenzie started yappin away to each other while Fawn seemed to fade out of the spotlight. Chris seemed to regain his composure again as yet again another male comes through the gates this one was wearing a Black shirt with a Red, Green and light blue dragons black shorts and converse with light blue eyes narrowed in myschif a playful smirl on his face " Ah Mitchell Finley" Chris exclaimed.

The boy named Mitchell observed his surroundings envisioning all the fun pranks he can commit while here, completely ignoring Chris he walked forward taking notice of the other three teens two of whitch were in a heated conversation of this and thatness the third observing him with a thoughtful frown on her face Mitchell gave a playful pout, Fawn blushed quickly turning away a scolwl on her face Mitchell went over to Kenzie and Christoph who introduced themselves. Chris opened his mouth when a blur knocked him flat off his feet "wha?" their stood befor him with looking at the academy in pure innocent amazment was a rather heavy looking teen wearing a white and black jumpsuit with white running shoes. with wide black eyes and brown hair he snapped out of his gaze and smiled wide "Chis Mclean man how are you im Sandro!" the big guy exclaimed slowly stood up wiping dust off himself "yes i noticed" Chris mummbles scowling Samdro saw three other students and was instintly at their sides pulling them into a big hug "hi guys!" Christoph, Kenzie, and Mitchell were pulled into a bear like hug by the big guy stuttering stuff like "dude cant breath!" and "OMG! my ribs!" Sandro let them go clutching his head "oww i got a headache" he whined "sorry dude thets all me" Mitchell stated his power out of wack again "darn it" he thought. Sandro immediatly cheered up "oh its dool dude" he looked around and lit up "OH a kitty!" the cat lounging on the tree stiffined and hissed and climed higher into the branches glaring down. Chris was doubled over laughing at the sceene Sandro caused "oh he totally beats Owen any day" he almost didn't notice another teen walking up a boy about 5'6 with straight blonde hair and blonde locks falling into his black eyes the boy's eyes were downcast he walked up slowly wearing a purple and black short-sleeve jacket with matching pants and black sneakers. He also has a purple scarf around his neck. and you can almost see it but both his hands were icey blue and he looked like he was shivering, Chris smiled and walked up extending his hand the boy recoiled slightly "hey kid you must be Praxie Fuun, right?" "um y yes" he went to shake hands and did but halfway through Chris recoiled in pain his hand icey blue and in pain "OW oh shi* that fu***** hurt go* dam* it!" Chris shouted waving his hand the teen whimpered and ran off by a tree the other students cracked up. Chris holding his hand asked the camra man Ace "dude can we delete that right?" The camra man shrugged Chris sighed shaking his head muttering.

Then suddenly a loud boom of electricity and standing at the gate illuminated by the bolt of lightning was an extremely sexy platnim blonde who's eye seemed to be sparkling silver wearing Denim skirt, black t-shirt, black Converse's she had a look of confidence on her porclin white face a smirk played at her lips she has a superior confidence about her she walked up to chris grabbing his still frozen hand and then Chris got a shock sent to his hand thawing it out Chris's mouth hung open dreamingly at her "you must be Josselyn Gates?". The girl tightens her grip her eyes narrowed Chris recieved another electric shock "Call me Lyn! Got it!" "yes yes dude let go um Lyn" the girl observes her surroundings Sandro waved Lyn grimanced shaking her head the went to stand next to Praxie the two of them standing in silence. Then all of a sudden a loud screetching BOOM nearly everyone covered their ears Fawn fell out of the tree transforming into her human self nealry hitting the ground but Mitchell managed to catch her befor that happened she blushed then purred as she was gently placed on the ground his arm around her shoulder she tied unsucesfully to keep her blush down Kenzie flew backwards into Cristoph whos fast reflexes caught her as she lost contol of her power by accident and their at the enterance stood a attractive teenage girl a smirk on her face looking board and superior she flipped her dark raven colored shoulder length hair she blew her bang out of her left eye which were almond shapped christal green she scoffed and walked over in front of Chris who was popping his ears becouse of her boom she created "Mclean, i am Fiona plesure to meet you" she them walks off and sits under a tree keeping her eyes on the growing crowd she locked eyes with Lyn and they began a glaring contest Chris chuckled noticing the beigining of a new rivalry.

Soft footsteps approaching and the entire group turned and fell under the spell of the next student she was most deffinetly labled The beauty Queen she has hip length platnim blonde hair her sideswept bangs the tips were pink fell into her hypnotic half lidden exotic silver eyes she smiled and gave Chris a hug "hi Chris how are you?" Chris blushed at the beauty that was hugging him "oh well hi guys im Tonia" she says to the rest of the students the girls glared the guys were in a daze over her she went to stand over near Lyn and Praxie trying to get Praxie to open up but he was silent Lyn observed her silently a smirk playing at her lips while Fiona scowled at her from her spot under the tree Chris snapped out of his daze as yet another teenager approaced. Chris snickered "ah our crazy little chatterbox Mariah Hollins" Mariah had strawberry blonde hair and light green eyes sparkling with youth and happiness she had a wide smile plastered on her face thet reminded Chris of Izzy then all of a sudden she took flight anf flew to Chris's side hugged him "hi Chris im Mariah and oh my god i am such a huge fan of yours its an honor to meet you" and she keeps chattin on and on in a Australian accent then she turns to the others "oh hi guys!" she then flew to Tonia, Lyn, and Praxie and she and Tonia immediatly struck up a conversation. Silent footsteps were barely heard Chris looked up the next teen was wearinga modern black leather jacket with a plain white t-shirt and skinny black tie underneath, dark blue skinny jeans, black converse, and a silver locket his ash black hair and dark onyx eyes he also seemed to havea scar on his right eyebrow he stopped seemed to notice everyone staring Chris greated him "Ah you must be Kei Izuru am i right dude?" Kei anilized Chris and the rest of the teenegers before silently walking into the shadows his onxz eyes scanning everything silently "alrighty then" Chris said slowly. Tonia and Mariah exchanged puzzeled shruggs befor going back to their conversation on teenage girl chit chat. Fiona and Lyn reterned to their glairing match Praxie sighed and sat down on the ground shivering Sandro, Kenzie, and Christoph were talking about their powers while Mitchell was playfully blowing in Fawn's ear, Fawn hissed and walked away hiding her blush she sat down next to Fiona and the two immideatly went into a deep conversation. Chris smiled "Well well well the next two students our Jamison sisters Wynter and Ebony hello ladies" Chris greated them Two teens walk up side by side one with long white blonde hair and piercing electric blue eyes wearing pink fitted t-shirt baby blue jeans that went down to her knees and pink flip-flops the other who seemed to be older her eyes seemed to be endless emerald green and shoulder length black hair with a single natural blood red streak in the front she was wearing black combat boots, fingerless glove on left hand, black mini-jacket, dark purple tank top, dark denim mini skirt, fishnets down to her knees, black ribbon around her neck the blonde named Wynter smiled "Oh hiya Chip i mean Chris" she giggles and hugs him the other Ebony deffinetly a goth sneered at Chis and walked away "hmm oh dont mind her she is just a perminint kill joy" Wynter told everyone and walked over to Fawn and Fiona whom were still in deep conversation diddnt notice her till she plopped down "hi guys!" she exclaimed the two girls startled then stared at her as Ebony stood near Kie niether of them talking.

The next person to walk forth was yet another girl she seemed to have that healthy Hawaiien tanned skin with hip length black hair and big doe-eyed brown eyes "Ah the lovely Miss Fauna Leilani has arrived" Chris stated. The girl grimanced "Call me Bambi everyone else does" she told him befor stamping in front of the camra, she then grabbed the camra glaring "Now all you out their listen and listen good! All of you out their are killers you are fu**** killing our Earth all the smoking and not reciycling and now you know i have powers so you fear me if i see anyone harming our inviorment in anyway i will phycically harm you if i have to!" she glares in the camra. Ace the camra guy seemed shakin as she backed up she sees the other teens and rushes over "hey guys i have this petition that will help our inviorment wanna sign it?" she asks. The others nervously exchanged glances. Bambi only collected Tonia, Sandro, Mitchell, Wynter, and Kenzie's signitures she steered clear of Ebony and Kei. "Daddy!" a squeeky voice cried out Chris turned and smiled broadly "Sean!" he opens his arms as the 12 year old youth lunges into his arms "Hows my boy doin?" Chris asks "oh im fine im so excited to be here!"Sean cried "thets good hows your mom by the way havent seen her in months." he boys innocent bright baby blue eyes fell his curly soft blonde locks swaying in the wind "she's fine didn't want me to be her though" Sean mumbled. Chris smirked deviously of course his x-wife wouldnt be happy that their only child was with him and not her "typical" he thought he looked down to the son he rarley see's since the nast divorce and custody battle a couple dozen months prieviously. "Well Sean go meet your new friends you will be with them for a while so go ahead we'll catch up later" the rather small looking boy went over to the group and was immediatly surrounded by a bunch of girls "Aww" they cooed at him and greated themselves Mitchell snickered shaking his head and Praxie had a small smile in his face at the sceene. A soft pop and suddently a teenage boy appered wearing burgundy zipup hoodie over dark green t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers he had curly brown hair with a pair of black goggles and brown eyes. Nervously rubbing the back of his neck "um hi im Quin um yea" he seems unsure about himself and walks away and sits under a tree by himself Chris deemed him" The slacker, interesting." Chris thought but shruggs it off.

Then the next teen walked up with glimmering pure black eyes muscular body wearing a long purple and black buttoned-up hoodie with matching pants and black boots his hair was covered by the hood he carried a sword leaning it on his shoulder as he walked h bowed to Chris stated his name "Tomas Pane" and want to stand near Kei and Ebony. The next boy to walk forward was wearing a Long sleeved black shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoes, black beanie, gold cross around neck with ear length messt pure white hair and his eyes...WOW they were a lovely shade of purple very unique he stood his ground waved to the rest of the teens Mariah blushed as he caught her eyes he smiled at her then he looked at Chris "hey dude im Tk how's it going?" he asked politly Chis shugged "so and so my man so and so". Tk nodded and walked over to a secluded spot and waited Mariah giggled blushing. Then wearing a dirt road jacket with a white and black shirt underneath, matching pants and some dark sneakers his hair was purple in Mohawk with some light blue hair on the other sides of his head but the oddest thing about him was the black crow on his shoulder Chris smiled brightly "Corvus and his pet bird Karasu welcome!" Karasu cawed loudly Corvus gently soothed the crow he stared at Chris "Karasu is not a bird he is a crow please get that straight." Corvus told him then walked over next to Mitchell and the two nodded to each other Karasu still on hi shoulder. The next student was a girl who had dark brown eyes with layer Red (red red, not just orange) hair with orange streaks that go just past her shoulders and she was wearing a Red and black striped off the shoulder short sleeved top, black skinny jeans and dark red converse she had a ball of fire in her hand she seemed to be throwing in the air and catching it her dark brown eyes filled with boardum she extinguished her fire ball observed the growing crowd of people smirking she crossed her arms and went to lean on a tree away from the rest if them as if daring anyone to doublecross her Chris cleared his throat and looked into the camra "Well looks like we met our Rebel girl Scarlett Sanders always the cheerful soul arent we Scar?" Chris said then he dodged a fire ball he scowled at Scarlett who sneered back at him ready to make another fire ball. The next boy to walk through was wearing a simple black t-shirt that has ripped sleeves,dark blue shorts that reach to his knees,and white tennis shoes with amazing sea green eyes he waved to everyone present and smiled 'What's eveyone staring at?" he asked "Nothin Dean my man nothin just welcome to the academy bro." Dean looked at Chris then nodded his head and walked nead Scarlett standing next to her.

"Oh my god is this where we are staying?" announced the arrival of the newest sudent a female with dark brown eyes that have a yellow circle around the pupil and where the iris starts and her hair was dark brown hair with a slight natural curl, her peek-a-boo is dyed neon yellow, she has side bangs that are also streaked with neon yellow wearing A tight fitting black tank top, yellow skinny jeans, knee high black converse, yellow and black striped fingerless gloves she looked at the academy with detest "Its old i thought it would be like new i flew halfway across the world for this?" the new girl sighed shaking her head "oh well i suppose it would do" she said cheerfully befor walking up to Chris extending her hand "hello im Chelsea Sparks" she told him she then proceeded to scope out the guys her her eyes landing on Mitchell she walked over to him flirty, in the background Fawn snarled grinding her teeth "you know its like totally bad fot you if you grind your teeth" Wynter told her as Fiona chuckled at her new friends expence Fawn glared at Wynter "shut up!" she spat before transforming into a cat and disapearing. "Here comes the most complex of people now" Chris declaired as another person walked up the next dude he wore a black KISS t-shirt with two guitars crossing in the back, jeans and red converse his hair was a tall black mohawk with the tip dyed red with brown oval shaped eyes he put his hands on his hips "Hi Chris im Mozart Squiteri but please call me Mo" he said then it seemed as his while body quivered and instintly he changed his brown eyes turned harsh and he suddenly had straight shoulder length black hair and he wore a red v-cut short sleeved shirt with black skirt up to mid-thigh and black converse heels "and i am Monique" he/she whatever said in a harsh feminine voice He/she walked up too Chirs glaring "if you dont like me because I cross-dress and am a he/she I will sue you till blood comes out of your ass."he/she snarled then his/her body shook again reverting to his prievious state Mo smiled and walked away mosr of the others were creeped out about him a select few were entranced. Chris gulped "well looks like we just met our most unique student yet our Cross-dressing Jekyll & Hyde"."Hmm" someone said and thier stood a girl with Jet black, shoulder length, choppy, jagged and layered and Light gray, almond shaped eyes wearing a White v-neck, black vest, loose purple & black checkered tie, black skinny jeans, white converse she has scars in the shape of chains on her fingers seemed to be their a while observing everything she seemed cold and distant form everyone Trinity Asha Starkey was her name she then went to a sucluded area and observed everyone she smiled and waved at Sean who waved back.

The next person who walked through the gates wore a white labcoat with blue jeans, and a tan t-shirt under his labcoat he had intelligent bown eyes hidden behind a pair of black rimmed glasses his hair was midnight black and short he seemed to be deep in thought as he walked up then noticing Chris he grinned "Hey Chris i was wondering does this accademy have a science lab i wanted to continue my efforts in finding a cure for HIV i was recently working on it before i was accepted here" he continues on muttering gibberish as he walks by so lost in thought he didnt notice the low tree branch as he walked into it and crashed to the ground "ow" he cried landing on his rear end he was helped back to his feet by a soft pair of arms that held him straight he looked up and met the silver eyes of a platnim haired Beauty who was blushing his brown eyes glazed silghtly he gulped "T thanks i im Jeso Tacnu um wow your pretty" he stuttered "Oh your very welcome i im Tonia are you sure your alright that was a nasty fall" he nodded that he was alright as he walks away in a daze Tonia smiled and walked away to her new friend Mariah and both giggled slightly.

The next person was rather tall standing at 6'7 his sky blue eyes pierced your very soul he had loose short auburn hair and was wearing a Red lion shirt that has print on the back sayin' "If you mess with me+you=instant death of you", White ripped jeans and a black bead choker. he walked with confidence and had a cocky look on his face he looked around "What are you all looking at!" he asked ready for a fight "nothin bro nothin just a welcome" Chris soothed him. The tall teen semi-relaxed at that and muttered under his breath he walked away bumping into Chris, the camra man who saved the camra he nearly dropped with a shout of "hey!" the taller teen turned "What are you going to do about it!" Ace the camra man gulped "n nothing" he whispered holding his camra filming everything Chris chuckled "Wow that was one heck of an entrence by Phain Thomas!" he cried out Phain snorted and stood behind a tree out of view from everyone. The pitter patter of little feet came running up from the enterence and in view came a small pre-teen with light pink eyes and pale white blonde curles pulled into two ponytails falling down past her waist she was wearing light pink shorts and a white tank top that says "smile your important to me!" she stood only 4'7 and was petite she smiled showing off her shinny braces and a dimple "hi everyone im Liv plesure to meet you!" she says excitedly she runs up to Chris and gives him a big hug "Looks like our second youngest student has arived" Chris told everyone the pre-teen waved at everyone and almost everyone waved back, Sean ran up to her and gve her a hug they walked of shoulder to shoulder talking excitedly everyone "awwed!" at them.

Then the next teen arrived with long jet black hair and blood red eyes as he walked up. Chris looked this guy over then a lightbulb "oh yea the kid with the incredibly long name what was it again Jeaviussou or was it Jervennous somethin like that hmm, Oh well welcome to the accademy Javius!" Chris exclaimed. The new guy "Javius" snarled "My name is Javiusnocht-Ronst Unbreon, III (the Third) but call me Javiusnocht only Javiusnocht and nothing more" Javiusnocht warned Chris who quivered and quickly nodded "sure thing dude" he said the teen then comletly ignored everyone and walked off "dang these kids would give the old TDI cast a run for their money" Chris thought. Then the sound of wheels and next moment a teen riding a white and black cheeckerbored pattern board skated up stopping in front of Chris another tall teen at 6'2 wearing a red Tshirt with a pikachu on it and says in black letters "Pokemon are Bad-A**" He also wears black skinny jeans and navy blue converse he brushed his shaggy black hair out of his warm golden/bronze eyes "Hey Mclean dude wats up bro?" the teen asked while scopping out the crowd of students befor locking eyes on Chris who chuckled "Im fine Jake my man you excited to be here dude?" Jake nodded his head and went over to talk to Mitchell and Sandro.

The next person a girl who wore a Purple T-shirt with black skinny jeans and purple converse with brown hair thats in a tight bun and her bangs slightly cover her Dark blue eyes which seemed to be calculating her surroundings she had an arigant smug look in her pretty face she steps up to Chris and right away introduces herself "Chris Mclean i am Cameron Faith Woodlouse but dont call me that i go by Cammy so call me that" she says looking around in slight distaste "Well i suppose this will have to do you did get all my stuff my parents sent didnt you i simply cannot live without my personal objects i wont stand for anything less" she said bossily. Chris thought about it ( *you see Chris Mclean on the plane on his way here his first class seat was packed ith suitcases lables Cameron's personal objects he opens them and finds glamor, teen girl objects, cloths, and many other objects he had no use for so he shrugged and opened the door (the plane hadnt left yet BTW) and dumped everthing out on the platform while he snickerd shaking his head.*) Chirs laughed on the inside and looked into the girl's impationt eyes" Oh trust me its taken care of...Cammy." Chris told her she nodded and walked away standing by herself. Chris shook his head at the memory and muttered "oh great another Courtney" as another teen arrived her eyes were wide Charcole colored with dark red hair that reached her mid back and her silver side bangs framed her face gently she was wearing a sky blue V-neck Tshirt and black skinny jeans and for shoes she wore navy blue converse, she looked friendly enough "well by process of elimination i'd say your name is Paige Woods am i right?" Chris asked her, the girl nodded her head she shook Chris's hand "yep thats me" she said looking around siezing people up her eyes met Jake's causing them both to smile and blush she shook her head and giggeled and walked up to Lyn who looked board and greated her Lyn snapped out of it siezing her up and greated her not much talking but they were comfortable enough.

Chris looked into the camra "Well looks like we only have one more student to go and she should be her soon then they will all meet the Headmaster then the rest of the staff and set up" as he said that a asian girl in a fog like form behind him her she slowly became solid she was wearing a long green skirt and black off the shoulder top with long midnight black hair that went well past her hips her soft green eyes shone piece and maturity with a hint of myschifness she silently and gracefully walked up to Chris leaning her head on his shoulder and whispered hi his ear Chris jumped strtled and composed himself "Such a vision of of Beauty you are my dear" Chris told her kissing her hand the asian beauty softly smiled taking back her hand she bowed in respect "an honor to have meet you i am XiXi Xinghua and i believe i am your last student am i not" she asked softly Chris nodded as she walked to the crowd. Chris looked at the camra smiled broadly "Well their you have them the new students of Ephebus Academy, Villains or Hero's friends or foe's from Fawn Addams (* Said girl was sitting on the ground near Fiona and Wynter watching Mitchell she looked up as her name was called eyes narrowed*) to the lovely XiXi Xinghua (* said girl was buisy signing a petition Bambi had showed her both girls looked up muttering "stuff it!" in usion both looked at each other startled and blushing*) form our two youngest (*shows Sean and Liv sitting with Sandro laughing as the big guy said somthing funny the three looked up all three smiled brightly and waved*) "ah innocence" to our oldies (* Shows Mo aitting by himself filing his nails puoting as he looked up in annoyance/Monique snarls at him to Tomas Pane who was standing next to Kei and Ebony all three lookes sullen looked up and quickly looked away to Corvus who was quietly talking to Karasu completely ignoring eveything to Quin who was relaxing under a tree cracked open a eye then stretched looking away yawning*) "join us when they are introduced to the staff peace out from Ephebus Academy this is Chris Mclean" Fades out...for now until next time becouse we just ran out of film Wahahah!

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