"Come now, Vieri—no need to be shy," Federico playfully cooed, threading his fingers through the other man's hair in a languid fashion—seeing as another huff blended in with the hot air, he held a better grip on the curve of lightly muscled buttocks and snapped his hips forward, reveling in the drawn out moans and scratches down his back. "Not after all these times we ha—"

"Silencio." There's an adorable blush that the Auditore boy can't help but to smooth his lips over, and he laughs teasingly when a great scowl was plastered on that flushed face; god, how damn good it felt to rut until no tomorrow, buried underneath by shadows as hungry as the appetite for the Pazzi heir. "Someone will see and—"

The older man subtly chuckled; licking a trail up an angled neck, said figure gently nuzzled the crook of it before he planted a firm kiss on top of a sputtering mouth—one for the corner, one for the middle, three for the fullness on the swollen bottom, not long to see that Vieri also responded with equal fervor. "No one will walk into such a dark alley, lest the man was a loon."

"Like your brother."

He said it as if it was in the cursed encyclopedia.

A grin. "Si, like my dear, cute fratello."

"Ugh … " The wary brunet scrunched up his nose and metaphorically spat to show his displeasure, attempting to put up a disgusted front amidst an onslaught of heavy thrusts and explorations of his body. "I am th-through with this … this … this ordeal—n-not to mention, you had the aud-audacity to call that s-s-s-stronzo carino!"

"Aye, aye, mi dispiace, amante: I will not emphasize his endearing puppy eyes or the way his mouth forms a pleading pout." Slowly, he began to fist the other's erection to his own tempo, laving a marked collarbone and the tips of burning ears. "Still, it amazes me—" almost did his composure slip to the tightening of the slicked passage "th-that … ah, that's amazing … that … that we are able to—si, move, like that—have a nice conversation at this time."

Oh, the joy of this very moment.

"Che cazzo? What the hell did I just say?" If Vieri wasn't being banged to the point his ass was raw, he would've slugged the idiot and castrate him in front of his father.

Well, not in this state.

"Ah … hm … " Thoughtfulness all around. "'Please, please, please fuck me harder into the wall, caro mio?'"

"Merda, you bastardo! How thick is that head of yours?"

Both of them moaned as the peak of climax was within reach.

And Federico smirked. "A thick as the hot cock inside you."

Later on, nursing the burn in his nether regions to the harsh barks of his father, Vieri de Pazzi discovered that not even coming twelve times was worth the leer at the end.

That is, until he found himself in said alley once more.