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Japanese Word List:

Himitsu – Secret

Hai – Yes

Gomenasai – I'm sorry

Kaichou – President

Ii nioi – You smell sweet

Kirei Dayo – You look beautiful

Hentai – Pervert

Kanpeki – Perfect

Arigato – Thank you

Kisu Shite – Kiss me

Chapter 4:

I leaned against the wall, chatting happily with my friend, Sakura. Usui had allowed me twenty minutes of freedom – not that it was spoken, of course, it was understood – so I had decided to use it talking with my friends.

Sakura talked animatedly about her night of preparations for the dance, using her hands and raising her voice occasionally. I simply smiled and nodded, spoke when appropriate, laughed when necessary. When she took a second to take a sip from her cup of her punch (spike free, by the way; I wouldn't let her drink it until I had thoroughly smelled it for alcohol) I took a moment to inspect her outfit.

It was a cute little dress, the blue skirt coming to her knees. It had a sash of sorts that draped over one shoulder and underneath the other. One arm was left bare while the other sported a three quarter length sleeve. It sparkled when she turned a certain way, the skirt sashaying around her knees. Her black high heels sparkled as well, her hair thrown up in its usual pig tails.

"So, Misaki-chan," she said suddenly, bringing my attention back to our conversation. "Who are you here with?"

My face flushed what I knew was a deep crimson, my face feeling hot. I looked down into my cup for a moment, gathering myself. I looked around the room distractedly, looking for something to change the subject with.

"Sakura?" I asked, looking back at her. "Where is Shizuko?"

Her eyes grew big and she set her now empty cup down on the table, clapping her hands together once she had turned back to me.

"Shizuko said she had two reasons for not coming," Sakura began, holding up two fingers to emphasize her point. "One," she dropped one finger, leaving her lone pointed finger held up. " She said she had nothing to wear. Two," she brought the second finger back up, "she said she didn't want to come."

"Well, that's odd," I mused, mostly to myself. I was certain Shizuko would've come, if only for the need to look after Sakura with all these boys around.

Sakura nodded her head in agreements, lacing her fingers together. There was a moment of silence before Sakura spoke again.

"Misaki-chan, you never told me who you came with," Sakura reminded. I bit my bottom lip nervously.

"It's a himitsu," I said after a moment, hoping she wouldn't press any further after that. I should've known better.

"Oh!" She squealed happily. "You have to tell me!"

I took a deep breath, turning to my friend. I smiled weakly and half-whispered, "I'm here with-"


Sakura and I both looked up at the mention of my name only to look up to see Usui staring down at us – well, rather me.

"Hai?" I asked, looking at Sakura from the corner of my eye, watching her eyes grow bigger.

"Would you like to come over this way with me?" Translation? Time's up.

I just nodded briskly, sending Sakura an apologetic look. "Gomenasai," I told her as Usui grabbed my hand and began to tote me away.

She waved a dismissive hand before smiling at me. "Its fine, but you still have to answer my question later!"

She couldn't guess? Well, at least it wasn't that obvious… to everyone.

Usui walked me over to the center of the gym, a few people dancing to the beat of the song that was playing. He looked down at me, cocking his head slightly.

"Dance?" He asked simply, holding out his hand that wasn't grasping mine. I shook my head, frightened, mortified, apprehensive. "What's wrong, Kaichou?" I asked me, smirking. "Can't dance?"

He asked it like it was the funniest thing in the world; as if everyone should be able to dance. Then again, everything came easy to him. I blushed again, simply nodding my head. When he saw that I was serious, his smirk faded into a somewhat surprised expression before changing yet again into an understanding one.

"Well, how about I do the dancing, and you just follow?"

I was very quiet, listening to the music as it changed from an upbeat J-pop to a slower song that I didn't recognize. Just my luck; he asks me to dance with him as soon as it changes to a slow song.

"Just," I said, annoyed with how easily I was letting this happen. "Just watch your hands."

His smirk returned as he held my one hand, the other laying lightly on my waist. My face spontaneously combusted as he placed his hand there, the heat from his hand burning my skin through my dress – all metaphorically speaking.

I allowed him to lead me, just swaying slightly back and forth. I was so embarrassed. This was so not happening. I refused to look up at him, choosing to direct my gaze to the wrinkle on his sleeve. It was quite annoying, actually. My perfectionist self wanted to fix it. My Misaki self told me I was already in deep shit and didn't need to go touching him over silly little thing; he might get the wrong idea.

Suddenly, Usui leaned down, his warm breath tickling my ear. My heart sped up at his sudden proximity, my eyes growing twice as large.

"Ii nioi," he whispered before pulling back, a satisfied smirk playing on his face as he took in my surprise.

At first, I was at loss for words, but then as my face lit up again, I turned my gaze back to his sleeve and half-heartedly whispered, "hentai."

The look that came onto his face was a mixture of amusement and disappointment. I was baffled at how such opposite emotions could be present at the same time. But then again, with Usui, anything was possible.

After that one dance, I had told Usui I didn't want to dance anymore, and he had complied, walking with me over to the snack table. After a moment of neither of us speaking, I told him I was going to go to the bathroom (don't ask me why I told him, I just did). He hadn't said anything, so I had taken the initiative to walk over to the restroom.

As I washed my hands in the sink, a girl tapped me on the shoulder, her face slightly contorted with held back giggles.

"You're the Kaichou, right?" She asked me, calming herself down a little.

"Yes," I said, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"You're hear with Usui, right?" Her eyes got a bit bigger in anticipation.

"Y-yes," I replied, this time a bit unsure of myself and of my answer.

"Well, I think that's cute; you two are kanpeki together." And with that, she giggled to herself again and proceeded to walk out of the bathroom.

What was her problem? I thought to myself as I dried off my hands. Her laughing made me a bit nervous and self conscience, but I dismissed it before walking out of the bathroom and into the gym.

The moment I was back in the gym, I started looking for Usui. It surprised me; I should've been using this time to talk to someone other than him. But for some reason, I was trying to locate him.


I turned my attention away from where I had been looking at and turned to see Yukimura waving and walking towards me, Kanou by his side. His hood zipped up over his dress shirt, his hoodie's hood up over his head, of course.

I nodded, a smile on my face. "Yukimura, Kanou."

Kanou nodded back, his hands dug into his pockets. Yukimura smiled enthusiastically, standing beside me before looking around the room at all of the decorations and people.

"This dance turned out to be alright after all, huh Misaki-san?"

I smiled, lacing my hands together in front of me. I nodded before responding, "It's quite nice, you did a fantastic job."

Yukimura waved a dismissive hand before pointing at Kanou. "Don't thank me, Kanou did most if not all of the decorations."

I nodded, "Well, then at least it's safe to say you were right when you said we should have this dance. I think it did turn out to be a good chance for the boys and girls to hang out."

Yukimura began laughing, whole-heartedly at that. I looked at him oddly, raising an eyebrow at his outburst. When he had finally calmed down, he looked at me, wiping his eye as he tried to control the last few giggles.

"I'm sorry, Misaki-san, but I didn't even suggest we do the dance."

"Then who did?" I asked. I was dumbfounded. If he didn't suggest it, who would've? Kanou would've never organized anything where he would be around girls and the other student council members were too scared of what I would say or do with a suggestion like that.

"Usui did, of course!" Yukimura said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "This was all his idea."

I stood with my mouth slightly open, surprise playing on my face. Usui? I was about to ask Yukimura for more details, but he suddenly turned back to me, waving good-bye.

"Sorry, Misaki-san. Someone needs my help over at the snack table. I'll see you on Monday; have fun!"

Kanou followed behind me, leaving me alone opening and closing my mouth like a fish out of water. After a second longer, I shut my mouth firmly and turned around, now twice as determined to find Usui. But I didn't make it too far before I ran into someone else.


Was everyone calling my name tonight? I turned back around to see Shintani practically running towards me. When he got to where I was, he leaned over with his hands on his knees, attempting to catch his breath. When he could breath regularly, he stood up straight and smiled at me, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

"Kirei dayo," he said, a slight blush on his face. I blushed a little as well, nodding.

"Arigato, Shintani-kun," I smiled a bit. His smile grew twice as big and he hugged me. It surprised me, so I stayed tense in his embraced, but he didn't seem to notice. I heard someone clear their throat behind me and Shintani instantly let me go. I turned around to see Usui giving Shintani a death glare, the hidden bite of his thoughts showing in his eyes.

"Usui," Shintani said in a clipped fashion. Usui simply nodded before looking at me and back to him. He walked over to me and grabbed my hand pulling me almost harshly to his side.

"If you'll excuse me, Misaki is my date for the night. I can be a bit selfish, so I'd like to keep her to myself." And with that, he turned on his heels and began walking away, pulling me along behind him. I could feel Shintani glaring daggers at Usui. I felt so bad for him. Every time he tried to talk to me, Usui butted in. It kind of made me mad, after all, Shintani was my friend.

I pulled my hand back rather sharply and he turned around and looked at me, surprise evident on his face.

"What exactly was that?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"What was what?" He asked innocently. I snorted at his comment.

"You know what, why were you so rude to Shintani?"

He looked away and suddenly he wouldn't meet my gaze. I waited for a moment before clearing my throat.

"I'm waiting."

"I told you," he said suddenly, finally meeting my gaze. "I'm selfish and I don't like to share what's mine."

The inevitable blush crept back onto my face and my hands balled up by my sides.

"I-I'm not yours," I stuttered, embarrassed at the comment.

He smirked like always. He brought his hand up and set it tenderly on top of my head, his head tilted slightly.

"You are for tonight," he said, a suggestive tone hiding under the caring in his voice. I blushed furiously, at loss for words.

"H-hentai!" I scolded him, brushing his hand off of my head. He let the smallest smile reach his lips but it didn't reach his eyes.

"Come on," he said, offering his hand. "I want to dance again."

Two slow, awkward dances and four cups of punch later, Usui and I were working our way through the crowd, trying to make it out to Usui's car. Once we found it, he used the key phob to unlock the vehicle and we both climbed in. He turned the heat on since the weather had turned cool and made sure I buckled my seat belt.

After we had weaved our way through traffic and were on our way back to Aoi's house, he turned his radio on, the music pouring in softly. BoA's Every Heart was coming from the speakers and I reached to turn the volume down. It wasn't that I didn't like the song, I was just that I didn't want to think about my heart.

When I reached over to turn it down, Usui grabbed my hand as if to stop me. But when he just held onto my hand and rested our entwined hands on the armrest of his seat, I wasn't so sure that that's what he was trying to do.

I attempted to pull my hand away, but he held fast, determined to hold my hand for the ride home. Fine, let him hold my hand. He had been – it killed me to admit it – a gentleman all night, minus a thing or two. I suppose I could let him hold my hand for ten minutes if he really wanted to.

God, I was going insane.

When we were nearing the Aoi's place, he took a turn the went into the entrance of the park. I looked around at the street light lit sidewalks, the endless rows of pink cherry trees.

"Usui," I said, still looking out of my window. "I think you took a wrong turn."

He didn't say anything, just continued to drive. After a moment longer, he pulled over and let go of my hand, turning to open his door and get out of the vehicle. Completely dumbfounded, I climbed out of the car as well, not wanting to be alone in a park in the middle of the night.

Usui walked until he came to stand under two of the fullest cherry trees, a streetlight directly in the middle. I walked up behind him, taking in the view of the huge pink petal lined trees. They were simply beautiful!

Usui looked at me from over his shoulder, an expressionless look on his face. I couldn't read his expression, not even his eyes gave a hint as to what he was thinking. He turned back around and I saw his shoulders rise as he sighed. Now I was really confused.

"Kaichou," he said after awhile. He still had his back turned to me.


"Did you have fun tonight?" he asked. I think I was going crazy, but there was almost an air of self-doubt in his tone.

"Of course," I said, glad that for once he couldn't see my blush.

He chuckled slightly. He was really confusing me now; I was completely lost. Finally, he turned around and looked at me, his eyes searching mine.

"Usui?" I asked him, surprised at where my boldness to speak was coming from. He raised an eyebrow in recognition and I continued, diverting my gaze. "If I ask you something, will you answer me honestly?"

He had a mildly surprised look on his face but he nodded none the less.

"What was the real reason why you planned the dance? I know it was you who suggested it, so don't tell me otherwise."

He smiled at me, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"I wanted to see the Kaichou in a dress, was that so wrong?"

"It's very wrong!" I retorted, simply mortified. He smiled a bit more.

"Plus, I wanted to dance with you. I might see you in a dress at Maid Latte, but I can't have you dance with me, as much as I would like to."

I was at loss for words for what seemed like the zillionth time tonight. He organized the entire dance just to get to dance with me? It seemed like something he would do…


I looked up at him, surprised by the seriousness in his tone.


"Since I answered your question, if I ask you a favor, would you do it?"

My eyebrows scrunched together. With Usui, a favor could mean anything. Absolutely anything.

"Depends on what the favor is," I said, choosing my words carefully. A breeze flew by, sweeping up the fallen flower petals, the scent of cherry prominent.

Usui walked over to me so that he was so close, our bodies were almost touching. His face was inches from mine and I could feel his breath on my face, smell his cologne on his shirt.

"Kisu shite."

I have no idea what came over me. Maybe it was the moment. Maybe it was the scenery, maybe someone really had spiked the punch. But while I stood under the cherry trees with him staring at me with such an intensity, the street light shining down on us and the cherry scented petals falling around us, I made a snap decision.

And I kissed him.

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