Macey's POV

How could this be happening? Why me what did I ever do to deserve this, I thought as I sat in a corner of my room crying my eyes out. Why was I so careless? What is Mrs. Morgan going to say? "Can we come in?" Liz's voice rang thru the room. "Yeah sure come in." I said while wiping of the tears off my face. "Umm…. Nick said you were crying and would not talk to him. Are you okay?" Cammie said. My eyes started to fill with tears at the mention of Nick's name. Bex was the first to notice my reaction to Nick's name. "What in the bloody hell did that little creep do to you!" she said (oh wait screamed) her voice filled with anger and concern. I could not help but laugh a little at her reaction. "No he didn't exactly do anything to hurt me." I said nervously (?). "Okay then tells me what's wrong." Bex said sounding much calmer then she was before. "Okay so Nick and I got a little romantic and all that. We umm yah know…. did it. In addition, I am pregnant. I told the. They were all shock; Liz was the first to react. "Do you um…. " she said her voice trembling. "Well I took a pregnancy test and it was positive so yeah I guess I am." I told her. "So when are you telling Nick. He's really worried about you." Cammie said. "I don't know I'm scared he might not want the baby or will stop liking me." I said as tears started to run down my chicks. "I'm sure he will understand. It's going to be okay." Bex said giving me a hug. "Okay I will go look for him." I said getting up. I was about to open the door, when some knocked on the door. I opened the door and a worried looking Nick came in. "Are you okay. Look I am sorry if I said or did something wrong or stupid. I really like. Wait no scratch that I love you. And I Get if you're mad at me for something I did or said but I love you and I just wanted to tell you." He said surprisingly in one breath. "Nick I'm not mad at you. I love you too. But I have to tell you something very important and I don't know how you will react." I said to my eyes started to water again. "wWe'll leave you guy alone." Liz said while pulling Bex and Cammie out of the room. "So what did you want to tell me?" Nick said once the girls were out of the room. "Well remember how a few weeks ago (Which was actually a month ago) we umm… yah know had sex" told him nervously. "Yeah" he said. "Well I'm pregnant," I told him.

Cammie's POV (AN; I am evil : )

I was worried about Macey, I mean yeah Nick is good person I just do not know how he will react so such big news. Zach must have notice that I was worried because as soon as he saw me his eyes filled with concern. "Are you okay Gallagher girl?" he said while pulling me into his lap. " Oh Nothing I'm just worried about Macey." I told him. "Why what's wrong with her?" He asked. "Well I don't know if Macey would want me to tell you, But your going to find out anyway. Okay so Macey is umm pregnant." I told him and his eyes go really big. "What in world were they thinking." He said in shock. "I don't know ask them not me." I told him. "And I always thought Bex would be the first to get pregnant" He said. " I freaking heard that" Bex screamed. "How in God's name did she hear that she is 2 rooms away." he said. "Spy" was all I said

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