After The Last Sacrifice, all charges have been dropped against her, and she is released from prison. But Rose can never be Lissa's guardian, and Dimitri doesn't love her any more. She runs away from the Court, and the only person who can bring her back is the person who was able to do it the first time.

For anyone who has read Assassination, this is sort of a 'what would happen if Rose hadn't ended up with Dimitri.' For the rest of you who haven't, it doesn't matter at all. You'll know what's going on :)


With a deep sigh, I grab the doorknob and slowly push the door open. Stark and empty. What I had once viewed as freedom, I now regarded as enclosure. Just another cell to be held in. And for what? I can never be Lissa's guardian. I can never ruin Adrian's future. A royal Moroi could never be involved with someone suspected of murdering the Queen. I don't love him enough to spend the rest of my life with him, and I love him far too much to ever have a serious with him. God, my head was aching.

And Dimitri. Love fades, mine has. At one time, I had thought that we were meant to be together. I had thought I had to choose between him and Lissa, the two very pieces of my life, and I couldn't decide. Now, I had lost them both. My whole life had fallen apart. I had nothing left.

I hadn't seen either since the trial, where I had been dismissed of all charges. Tasha had framed me.

She had done it to keep the Queen out of the way, to make sure that she wouldn't interfere with Tasha's plans to save the sophomores. Although her intentions had been good, her actions had resulted in the murder of the Queen. And me, being hot-tempered and already known for having a bad relationship wiht the Queen, had been the perfect target.

And now I was an outcast. An embarrassment to the Guardian world. The last time I had felt this helpless, I had been desperate to get Lissa out of the academy. I had left, run away from danger and fear.

I start into the room, quickly reaching under the bed and pulling out my worn duffelbag, and begin to shove essentials into it. Jeans, t-shirts, heavy to light jackets, all the cash that I had. The jewellry that I had saved that strigoi Dimitri had given me. My sneakers, and sweatpants, and an old ball cap.

Although it was hard to part with some of my old things, I need to move on. So I left behind the photo of me and Lissa at Halloween, along with my Nazaar, and Adrian's credit card. I wanted to take it, but cards can be traced.

I wanted a clean slate, but I couldn't help but scribble out a few letters to those of my past. Lissa, my mom, my dad, Adrian, Eddie, even Christian. I slipped the photo into Lissa's envelope, folded up Abe's scarf, and dropped my mom's nazaar into hers.

Without looking back, I throw my duffelbag over my shoulder, and leave my old life behind.

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