Prologue: Tale of Triumph and Tears.

I have lived.

I have died.

I was once a student.

I was trained to master the power of an ancient and legendary weapon few could hold, much less wield.

The weapon of legends.

The Keyblade.

One legend, claims it brought order and peace, banishing shadows so light could grow.


Another says it wrought ruin and shattered light, letting darkness spread.

I know…exactly what my Keyblade has wrought.

I had friends, fellow students in the training to master the Keyblade.

A young boy, who was as energetic as the wind itself.

I considered him my brother.

And her…

She moved with a grace that rivaled water itself.

I… don't know what she was to me.

No matter how hard I try to forget, I know exactly when my end began.

When he appeared.

The old master.

He spoke his lies, whispered his words that tempted my weakness.

I wielded the legendary Keyblade.

But that was not enough.

I wanted to become stronger.

I wanted power.

Because I was scared.

Scared the strength I already held, would not be enough to protect my friends.

And in my desperation for more power, I followed after the old master.

And deeper down the path of ruin and darkness.

The farther and further down the path I walked…

The more my hands became stained with innocent blood.

I did not realize my mistakes until the end.

As my Keyblade struck my true teacher down, my heart and body immersed in the power of darkness.

And what a power it was.

It could make anyone crave a taste more then once.

But it comes with a price.

I wanted this power to protect my friends.

And this very power would only destroy them.

I confronted the old master on the site of another legend tied with the Keyblade.

The ancient cracked and bloodstained soil, impaled with the rusted and lifeless keys of the long dead Keyblade masters.

It was not an ancient battleground.

It was a graveyard.

At the time, I thought it fitting.

I swore to myself, I would only use that terrible power darkness offered, one last time.

I would use it to kill the old master.

My final sin.

But in truth…

The moment I stepped onto that ancient bloodstained graveyard my fate was sealed.

I had planned to destroy the old master on this ancient site, far from my friends, hoping they would never learn of my sins.

But this was not to be.

My friends followed after me, hoping to save me and steer off the path of ruin and darkness.

I was not worthy of such devotion.

For the light they offered wasn't enough to satisfy this lust for power born in my heart.

One last battle was fought on that ancient battleground.

And I had succeeded in defeating the old master with the power given to me by my darkness.

Exactly as the old master hoped.

And in the evil old man's dying moments, he revealed his desire:

A desire to know why a war of Keyblade masters was fought, who the victor was. The old master knew the secret lay within an ancient power, greater then darkness and light.

Every world has a heart, like a person does.

And every heart, be it from people or worlds, comes from somewhere.

The power of the Heart of all Worlds.

Kingdom Hearts.

The old master raved he would unite with this power and learn the secrets of the heart and Keyblade.

I should have struck him down there.

But I thought it the mad ravings of a dying old man.

And then what happened next, I will never forget.

No matter how hard I try…

The old master raised his terrible Keyblade, a destructive ebon blade that mocked the concept of a weapon forged by light…

And plunged it into his chest.

I watched, horrified.

As the old master's heart and soul emerged from his fading body.

And at last, I understood.

I understood everything.

I tried to defend myself, to save myself.

My teacher had given me a suit of armor, to protect me from the darkness.

I summoned it.

But the heart plunged into my body, as if my armor was nothing.

I will never forget that pain.

I was consumed by something darker and blacker then darkness itself.

And then…

I was watching myself.

But not myself.

The person looked like me.

But wasn't me.

He was hatred and malice melded into one being, all cruelty and power.

And his eyes…

A burning yellow, cold and unfeeling.

It was me.

But it was also the master, old no more.

His voice, my voice, spoke.

"His heart belongs again to darkness. All worlds begin in darkness and also end…The heart is not different. Darkness sprouts within it, it grows and consumes it.

"Such is its nature. In the end, every heart will return to the darkness whence it came."

The master raised his hand, calling his ebon Keyblade back and discarding mine, along with my armor.

"Darkness," he breathed in a kind of understanding. "Is the hearts true essence."

He moved away, towards the battle below.

And I feared for my friends lives.

He would destroy them…

With my hands.

And something inside what was left of my shattered soul consumed the darkness.

And my rage was born.

Chains of light sealed the master in my body where we stood. And he turned…

To see my Keyblade, in the hands of my armor, given life.

He was shocked. But unafraid.

"So," he sneered. "Even as a Lingering Sentiment, you would dare defy me?"

And so I was. And so I would.

He had taken everything I was and made it his own.

I would take all I had let, my rage, and make it my power.

And perhaps this power was far more terrible then darkness itself.

For this strength allowed me to strike myself down and banish the master away.

I was left in this graveyard of fallen masters.

I made a vow that day.

I would end what I had unwillingly wrought.

And so I slept.

For how long? Days? Weeks? Months?


I awoke.

And was greeted by a strange sight.

It was a boy.

He wore black and was accompanied by the strangest of companions.

And in his hand was the Keyblade.

Who was this boy? Was he related to my friends?

Or…the old master, in a new body?

My rage awoke once more.

I threw all the power that awoke with it at this boy, who mocked me simply by wielding that cursed weapon.

And I was defeated.

He was not the master, but something else entirely.

Something familiar.

I slept once again.

But not as long as before.

I woke once more, the scent of darkness around my soul, contained in this rusting shell.

And my rage was all consuming.

Burning hotter and hotter.

It would only fade…

Once I reaped my vengeance.

The darkness led me to a familiar world.

An island paradise, surrounded by water.

And the old master had taken another host.

A boy with silver hair, who wielded the Keyblade.

My memories stirred.

But were drowned by my rage and vengeance.

In this all consuming rage, I tried to kill the boy.

And once more met defeat.

My shell, my armor, was breaking apart around me. I did not have much time.

The boy was possessed by darkness as I had been.

I did everything in my power to free him.

And in doing so, was dragged deep into his heart.

Where the old master waited.

My rage and vengeance was focused, aiming to strike this monster down once and for all.

But it was not to be by my hand.

The boy with silver hair succeeded where I failed.

He destroyed the old master's heart.

And released me from my torment.

My shell of crumbling armor was broken and rusted.

In finally destroying the old master and the darkness he cast, what held me in this realm was shattered beyond repair.

I was going to die at last.

The boy…

I knew him. I remembered him

All became clear in death.

And the future of the Keyblades legends looked bright, in those boys hands.

Darkness claimed me one last time as my shell, my Lingering Sentiment, was no more.

Cobalt blue eyes opened slowly, wearily.

And were met by watery sapphire orbs.

He stared up at her, not blinking.

I died, Terra thought as he stared up Aqua, who smiled down on him.

So why am I here? Why am I still alive?