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The Kids Don't Like It When Mommy & Daddy Fight
Chapter One
by NCISFF Special Agent Starr

"She did what?" he asked astonished.

The woman standing a few feet from him grabbed an oven-mitt and pulled the stove door open, checking the chicken casserole boiling inside.

"According to Mrs. Patterson, Madison strolled into the middle of her third period class, walked right up to Danny Smith, called him a bastard, and socked him in the nose." Seeming not nearly as shocked as the person she was retelling the event to.

"Actually, she didn't use a fist. She used the heel of her hand, which is much more effective. Ziva would be proud."

He starred at his wife in disbelief for a minute or two. Had she really just said that?

"Oh, and I suppose you're "proud" of her too? You do realize that the Smith's could press charges against us, right?"

"I'm not fond of the language… wonder where she gets that from?" Knowing full well the answer was maybe a little too much time around Gibbs. "Or the attitude-"

"Wonder where she gets that from," Mumbled her husband.

Ignoring the interjection, she continued. "Besides, they're not. The Smiths' called from the Urgent Care center apologizing for Daniel's behavior. So, apparently, they got the truth out of him. Plus, I don't think Maddie would have used such harsh action if it wasn't deserved."

"And what was our little angel's reasoning behind what she did?"

For everything leading up to this she had an answer but he could tell the pig-tailed cook had no response for that.

"You didn't even ask did you?"

Fumbling with a dishtowel, she retorted, "I was the one who had to leave work early, go deal with the administrators at the school, decide what we were having for dinner, go to the store, and then come home and start preparing everything. So, you'll have to excuse me if I didn't get all the details."

Rolling his green fairly exhausted eyes, he figured now that the only way to get to the bottom of this was to cut out the middle man – or middle woman in this case – and get the story straight from the source.

"Madison Abigail McGee! Front and center!" bellowed throughout the house.

Their daughter entered the kitchen a few sluggish minutes later. He knew for a fact she had heard him instantly.

When he came home she was in the living room watching TV, which was just in the next room. No doubt trying to milk the time of freedom she had left before she received whatever punishment was headed her way.

On the journey to the table she popped the white headphones blaring music out of her ears and heaved herself into the chair across from her father with a sigh.

"Do you mind telling me what happened at school today?" Making sure to start out calmly, maybe she did have a good explanation behind her behavior.

"Like I have a choice…" Crossing her arms across her chest and rolling her eyes.

Abby, who was currently retrieving plates from the cabinet, turned and warned, "Watch the attitude, missy."

With that, she unfolded her arms but still kept her gaze downward.

A few minutes passed – for her, what seemed like hours – without a peep. Tim could see as her eyes shifted back and forth that she was contemplating whether or not to spill the beans or make something up.

"I'm waiting…" he pushed, not giving her the chance to whip up something else.

Looking at the impatient man, she knew she was in major trouble. Might as well tell the truth and not chalk up any extra marks against her.

"The jerk got what was coming to him." The defense grumbled out of her mouth.

"And what, pray tell, did Danny do that warranted the need to get physically violent, Madison? Violence is never the answer."

"Yeah, well, you didn't hear the things they were saying Dad."

"That doesn't matter. You broke someone's nose! Can you even fathom how much serious trouble you could be in if the Smith's weren't nice enough to be understanding about this?"

"Nice? Apparently, they should be teaching their son some of these manners."

"That's enough, young lady..." He said testily, getting fed up with the back talk.

That was enough to make her crack, "They were making fun of Levi!" she finally admitted.

Suddenly, the three tensed, and two pairs of the eyes traveled to Abby, who had stopped plucking silverware from the cabinet and stood like a statue. Tim was about to go to her side to comfort her but their second child had traveled in before he had the chance.

"Momma, can I have some milk?" The little tike requested, oblivious to the fact that he was now the topic of conversation he had just walked in on.

"Sure," Relaxing her stiff posture, she fetched a glass from the cupboard and the carton from the refrigerator. The observant agent in the room tried not to notice how shaking her hand was as she poured or the unshed tears that glossed her eyes. "But don't drink it all at once. Supper is almost done."

With a stroke of her palm against his soft dark hair, he agreed, and was off to the living room to continue playing with his LEGOs. Not another word was spoken until they were sure he was out of earshot.

"That's still no excuse to hit someone, Madison." Returning back to his calmer tone, "You should have gone to a teacher and explained to them what was going on. Let them handle it."

"Yeah right," she laughed sarcastically, "Like they would have really done anything to stop it."

"That's a good point." Abby voiced from the sidelines as Tim, at the same time, said, "That's not the point."

The wavy- blond haired girl looked between her parents and gave a somewhat cocky smile knowing that one was on her side.

"What you did was wrong, period, end of discussion. Now, go to your room until we call you down. No TV, no music, no internet, no friends over, and no going outside except to school and back for a month. Got it?"

"A MONTH? That's not fair!"

"Would you like to make it two?"

Shoving herself angrily up from the table, she stormed her way out of the kitchen, and her stomps could be heard going up the steps. Needless to say, they didn't have to wait long to worry about her being out of listening distance.

"What the hell was that?" he questioned the remaining room occupant.

"What?" she asked, semi-innocently.

"You took her side, Abs…"

"Well, it's true! You remember what it's like getting picked on in school, Timmy. And how much good it did to tell on the bullies that were being jerks."

"That doesn't matter, Abby. You still could have backed me up. I thought we were a team here." He was standing and facing her by this point.

"Okay," she said opening the oven and bending down to tend to the dish inside, "what would you have liked me to tell her, Tim?"

"What I would have liked for you to do, Abby, is start being my partner and to stop trying to be her best friend!"

He was getting pretty worked up and next thing he knew, she was standing toe to toe with him, her body exuding the same agitation.

"Are you saying I'm not a good mother?" The steak knives in the drawer a few feet away dulled in comparison to the sharp glare that went along with those venoms words.

And they stood there for a couple minutes just fuming at one another. Until finally, Timothy broke away, not wanting the escalate things any further.

"I'm going out." He announced, heading for the front door while she switched her attention back to the food.

"But dinner's ready…"

Knowing that was her silent offer for him to stay, he also knew that there was still far too much hostility coursing through both their veins to sit down at the same table and have a peaceful meal, especially with one of the other owners of the four chairs already being not a happy camper at all right now.

"I'll be back later." He promised.

"Fine, go."

Not seeming to care as she placed the hot pan on a burner and heard the door click shut.


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