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The Kids Don't Like It When Mommy & Daddy Fight
Chapter Two

by NCISFF Special Agent Starr

She had expected to be sent to bed early as reinforcement of her punishment while her father was away. But she wasn't. Most likely due to her mother's mind being occupied with what happened prior to the three of four settings being taken up at the dinner table. However, she wasn't distracted enough to allow their firstborn to indulge in one heck of an ice cream sundae, sending her to her bedroom without even a taste of the delicious looking dessert. That was just cruel.

It wasn't like this was anything new. Well, she didn't think she'd ever gotten herself onto this level of trouble, but as for her dad leaving, it was nothing new. Sometimes mom would leave instead. Sure, it was kind of awkward and scary, especially the first time it ever happened. What kept her from freaking out about it during the whole thing was trusting that whoever left, they would always come back. And they always did.

Climbing on top of her comforter, she sat with her back against the headboard, and pulled the computer onto her lap.

Nearly as soon as the laptop booted to life an instant message window popped up in the middle of the screen.

MrMcGeek: I thought I said no internet?
McGeekette: Chillax, dad! I'm just getting a list of the assignments I'm going to miss.
MrMcGeek: Oh… How long are you suspended?
McGeekette: I guess the Smiths' talked to the principle. So I'm only getting 3 days. Are you at Uncle Tony's?
MrMcGeek: He's snoring the walls of his bedroom down as we spea - uh type.
McGeekette: In bed at this hour on a Friday night? He must be losing his touch. : P
MrMcGeek: My thoughts exactly… I mean… be nice to the poor guy. : )
MrMcGeek: … Where's your mom?
McGeekette: IDK … Probably in your guys' room crying or something…
MrMcGeek: Why woulds she be cring?
McGeekette: Whoa, let me get my pinky off enter first. Nice spelling skills Mr. MIT.
MrMcGeek: Sorry, I typed too fast. Now why is mom crying?
McGeekette: Maybe if you were here, you'd know.
MrMcGeek: Madison… Please?
McGeekette: … That's what usually happens when you're gone like this, dad. I know she tries to hide it in front of us. But I think even Brat-Boy can tell...
McGeekette: Like if she knows you're not coming home for the night, she'll try to con us into having a "slumber party" with her. Burger-Brain usually falls for it…
McGeekette: But don't tell her I told you that, okay?
MrMcGeek: I always figured it was because he was having nightmares… Don't worry, I won't.
McGeekette: Dad?
MrMcGeek: Yeah?
McGeekette: Are you coming home tonight?
MrMcGeek: I'm not sure sweetheart.
McGeekette: Oh, okay… Hey dad?
MrMcGeek: Yeah?
McGeekette: . . . I'm sorry.
MrMcGeek: I'm not the one you need to be apologizing to. I'll give you permission to call Danny and his parents tomorrow.
McGeekette: No, not that. Although, I guess I did over react a bit, maybe. I'm sorry I made you and mom get into a fight. : (

All the sudden her ringtone filled the silent room, nearly causing her to jump out of her skin. Thinking she should answer it speedily before mom heard and came up to investigate, she flipped it open.


It was the voice of the man behind the screen name MrMcGeek. "Madison, it's not your fault."

"I don't see how it's not," Frankly disagreeing, "If I wouldn't have been stupid and gotten into trouble, then you and mom wouldn't have gotten into it with each other."

"Maddie… your mom and I had a pretty stressful day at work. True, what happened at school today didn't help, but that is NOT the reason we're upset with one another right now." Trying to reason with his daughter and make sure she didn't take on any guilt because of their verbal brawl.


The small smile was noticeable in his answer. "I promise." This pulled the edges of her mouth in the same way.

"If I remember correctly, 'phone' was listed on the things you're banished from of 31 days. 30 if you're lucky."

Almost closing the phone as a reflex when getting caught doing something she wasn't supposed to be doing, she extended her arm out to her mother, perched in the doorway instead.

"I think dad will make an exception for this guy."

Raising an eyebrow, "I highly doubt that, especially if it's a boy. If you think your dad is a little coo coo now, just wait until you start dating." During her speech heavy combat boots had traveled their way to the side of the twin bed where she sat down beside her little girl, who wasn't so little anymore. "It is getting to be about that time isn't it…" Speaking more to herself as she used a hand to push hair behind her daughter's ear and let it linger on her cheek.

"Mom… " Rolling her eyes at the sappy my little girls growing up moment and placing the cell in her palm.

"Hello?" Clear the lump of emotion from her throat, "… Oh hi, honey."

The blonde-haired owner of the room thought she heard her dad respond with a, "So I'm coo coo, huh?"

". . . No, I didn't mean coo coo as in crazy. I meant coo coo as in, ya know … protective father waiting in a rocking chair on the front porch with a shotgun by his side. Only you'd probably just use your SIG." While she mouthed, "You could have told me it was your dad!" Launching a pillow playfully at her making her laugh as she caught it.

Watching as her mother stood and disappeared through the door, turning to her left, she deduced that they were going to say goodnight to her brother. In the meantime, she decided to proceed with what she had originally got on the computer for.

About twenty minutes later slow clunks could be heard coming back down the hallway. However, they didn't stop and continued in the opposite direction from which they had exited before. No doubt time for a more private and intimate conversation between the two quarrelers.

After closing what seemed like an entire one subject notebook of homework she had scribbled down, she set the laptop on her stand, and took a trip of her own to Levi's room.

"Hi, Sissy." He greeted, seeing the shadow created by the ninja nightlight- a gift from aunt Ziva to fight away any boogiemen that may try to lurk in the dark.

Trailing along his bedside, she asked, "Want me to tuck you in, squirt?" Surprised mom hadn't done it already. From the big lip prints on his face she had definitely been here.

"No," The youngest McGee shook his head gently, "Daddy said he was gonna do it when he gets home."

"Alright then, goodnight pipsqueak, I'm not kissin' you though. Cooties." Dramatizing a disgusted expression.

But the smaller sibling had other plans as he lunged at his sister, wrapped his slender arms around her neck, and planted a big wet one on her.

"EeewwW! … GRROOSS!"

Immediately wiping the saliva from her cheek with the sleeve of her shirt as the leaver of the mark sunk back down onto the mattress; sporting a triumphant grin. "Momma told me to do that every time you say I have the cooties."

"Do you always have to listen to what mommy says?" Not having to fake revulsion this time.

"Yep," nodding his head certainly.

Sighing a "whatever", bare feet went back to the doorway and looked in again briefly.

"Love you, Maddie."

He'd better! After the four weeks of torture she was about to endure because of him. Did she even like the brat that much? ...Yeah, she did.

"Love you too, Levi."

Remembering to keep the door cracked just a bit as she stepped out into the hallway, making it back to her bed minutes before Abby returned with her cell phone. But the little ears had heard the "I love you," pervious to her rounding the corner.

That was a good sign.

"Say goodnight," handing the device back to her. "Then get to sleep. You've got a lot of work to do tomorrow."

"But it's the weekend. I'll have a whole three days after that to get my homework done."

"Oh, the homework you'll have done by the end of the weekend. One: because you're a McGee/Sciuto and will most likely be done with it early anyway. And two: because you'll have a list of chores to do every day while your brother's in school and you're at aunt Sarah's and when you get home, too."


"Sorry, but you gotta learn your lesson somehow." Leaning over and kissing her forehead, taking away the sting of the news she had just been informed of. "And dad's right, none of this is your fault." Taking her pinky finger and sliding it around the tinier one. "I love you," Tenderly applying another coat of lipstick above her eyebrows.

"Dad?" Madison spoke into the receiver making sure he was still on the line.


"Hold on a sec'…" covering the mouthpiece with a palm. "Hey, mom…" Catching her attention before she past the threshold.

"Yeah, babe?" Putting her hand against the doorframe and twisting around.

"I know that I'm not technically allowed to... but do you think we could watch just one movie tonight in your room? Please?" Hoping she wouldn't be told to do the inevitable after a request like that, unfortunately, luck wasn't on her side at the moment.

"Ask your father."


Although, the tables turned when she brought the phone back up to her ear and heard the person on the other end chuckling. "Go ahead…"

"Really? Sweet! Thanks, dad! Wait… how did you- You know what never mind, I'm not pushing it." Obviously, the confession between the two of them earlier probably worked in her favor on this one.

"I think that's the best idea you've had all day."

"I'll go get things set up then." Announced the pigtailed woman standing idly by, somewhat surprised that her husband had agreed, but not really shocked because she knew how big of a soft spot he had for his babies. No matter what they'd gotten themselves into.

"Just one movie though, Maddie, don't even try to sweet talk mom into somehow letting you stay up later. Got it? I'll see you when I get home."

"Okay, dad, JEEZ! You're wasting my minutes... Love you."

"I wouldn't worry about that. You'll have a whole bunch saved up by the time you get to use them again. Love you too, princess."

Groaning at him calling her that, she was ready to end the conversation.

"Goodbye, father."

"Bye." Faintly laughing at her irritated, sarcastic response to his teasing... What he couldn't see was that even though she was annoyed, she was softly smiling too.

Flipping the phone down, tossing it nicely into the desk drawer, and maneuvering to the edge of the bed, she realized she had forgotten to tell him something.

Then she remembered she had left her computer on and the chat-box was still open.

McGeekette: You still there?
MrMcGeek: Uh huh…
McGeekette: Playing online, huh? Anyway… mom made you a plate. It's in the fridge. ; )
MrMcGeek: Good! Your uncle has pizza in here that I don't think can be considered pizza anymore. No way am I eating that!

But the last message wasn't read by the intended recipient because by that time she was already making herself cozy on his side of the bed, nothing between her and her mom except a big bowl of popcorn.

They had thought about letting Levi in on their get together, but Abby didn't think could watch people getting massacred by fish yet without some seriously bad dreams. And Madison thought he had been to enough of these "slumber parties"by himself. She could handle this one.


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