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Follow me into the night




The snapping noise echoed through the house late in the night. A sound of hisses of pain and silent screams followed the snap noise softly, but it was still recognizable to the ear. A smell hot leather and taste of copper littered the senses. A slight squeak of old rusted bed springs joined the morbid symphony of ripping skin and low hisses of pain that came from a small old second bedroom, one that was unfit to be a storage space let alone for a place house a person, in a regular cookie-cutter shaped house.


"AH!" a scream fell from split, bloody, bruised lips that came from a small boy that was tied to a bed, his back was exposed to a long leather belt that held torn pieces of flesh that came from the boy's back from the hard whipping. You could see the ripped muscles and broken blood vessels that came into view with each hit of the belt. Blood flooded freely down the boy's sides and soaked the bed that he was tied to.

"Useless freak!" a bloated voice came from above him, "No good whore! Gone and made me lose my job! You used your freakish ways to show lies! I'll teach you, I'll beat the damn freakishness out of you this time!" truth be told the business the person was talking about had lost income and let a few people go, which included the person whipping the boy.

"U-UNCLE!" The boy called out in a clogged and choke filled vocal shout. The man that was the boy's own uncle glared darkly and hatefully at his nephew. The boy had tears falling down his face; dark, haunting, forest green eyes were filled to the brim with those exact tears and more being backed up with every multitude of pain the riddled his back. The belt shot out and hit the side of his face, leaving a long red mark in its' wake, he was glad to have gotten rid of his glasses earlier in the year, otherwise they would of went flying off his face. The whipping stop after that hit, the boy trembled, he knew that he made his uncle change to a different tool.

'Great going Harry'a voice, that sounded like a sarcastic potion master he knew, rang in his head. The door to the room opened and closed, feet were heard going down stairs, well more of the groaning wood that was straining under the man's weight. The boy, Harry, struggled and tugged at his restraints, ignoring the stinging sensation as it dug and bit into his skin, he just wanted to get away.

'PLEASE! LET ME GO!' Harry begged inside his head, willing with all his being to be let go. Soon the binds were gone, leaving his bleeding and bruised wrists and ankles free. He jumped from the bed, not caring that it tore more of his back, he'd worry about that later, right now the sounds of his uncle rummaging in the little space that was under the stairs, that was once his room. He ducked under his bed and pulled up a floor board, grabbing what was inside.

A stick, a cloak, a photo album, and a shattered mirror came out of the small space. Harry used the stick, or wand as he would call it, and shrunk all that was in his arms and put them in his pocket before swishing the wand to the small window to open it, not caring about the law of his world that forbid the usage of underage magic. Leaping to freedom, Harry was unaware of a full moon shining down from the sky, a moon that others were howling at, at the same moment that Harry was falling to the ground. He landed with a grunt and felt a small pain in his ankle from when he landed, but he ignored it for favor of the fence.

Racing to the back gate of the backyard, Harry flung himself over it and ran into the darkness, racing from the shouts of 'BOY!'and away from the house that was his prison and torture chamber for the past sixteen years. He gained distance from that house and shortening the space to a forest that would be his sanctuary for the rest of his time alive.

Harry didn't know how long he ran, but he knew that it was past midnight as the moon was high over head and slowly lowering itself. He didn't stop and he thanked the gods that he was great at long distances from all the years of running from his uncle and his uncle's son, Dudley. He stopped a little ways in a darker section of the forest, thinking it was safe to stop, to rest and to heal. Grabbing his wand he started to murmur Latin into the cool night air. Slowly the wounds on his back were closing and leaving a small amount of scar tissue in the places of the large gashes. His wrists stop bleeding a while back and they were bruised instead.

After his back was healed he felt the sting of the smack mark on his face, there was no blood at least only a long bruise. He left it and looked around, dense, dark forestry was in his line of vision, he couldn't see much in the darkness, he blamed the sucky night vision he had, and didn't notice a pair of glowing gold eyes staring at him in lust and hunger. He leaned back against a tree, his shirtless back feeling the bark digging slightly into the freshly heal skin. He gathered his breath and his bearings.

'Screw the god damn war! Voldemort isn't worth going back to that place every summer!' he shouted in his mind. He slowly sat down on the ground, feeling his muscles sigh in contentment for a break. His head went backwards and landed against the tree, or what he thought was the tree; he was too tired to realize at the moment, the adrenaline that flowed through his body was receding, leaving him in a haze.

A warm feeling against his side an part of his back, it felt really good with the night air against his flesh. He turned and curled up into it, his hand gripped the fur in a soft tug. Wait, since when did trees have fur? His eyes opened slowly, he knew that he was going to regret opening them as soon as he did just that. Letting them rise slowly from the ground, he saw deep silver fur and a long muscular leg next to his hip. He gulped lightly and slowly let go before backed away, only one creature he knew could have a leg like that and be in a dark forest this late at night.

'Werewolf...okay just slowly back up and maybe it won't attack you...maybe is a long shot, but yeah, back away' he berated himself and backed up, he kept his eyes on the ground, showing submission like with one of his honorary godfathers, Remus. A low growl met his ears, not good. He shivered when a snout met his shoulder, the cold wet nose moved as the werewolf started sniffing him. Another growl came from behind him as it circled him and continue its' sniffing.

Stopped behind him from its fourth circle he felt a tongue against his neck, yeah that's not good. He was shoved forward, his chest colliding with the soil in front of him, ass in the air and legs spread slightly. Oh he hoped that the werewolf wasn't going to do what he thought it was going to do. Teeth nipped at his flesh slightly then grabbed the back of his pants. With a swift jerk they came off Harry, leaving him bare to the world.

He started shaking, yeah one of his fears was just realized as something touched his entrance, something wet and hard. He whimper slightly as two long legs came to his sides and the hooked under him, the dewclaws digging into his skin. With a thrust Harry was entered roughly and he left out a loud yelp, not able to scream since his earlier beating. He felt the werewolf thrust into him violently, rough nips to his neck and shoulders make Harry gasp and whimper.

He clawed at the ground, trying to get away, but it was futile as the dewclaws dug into his stomach and his neck was nipped hard enough to let blood flow. He let his fingers dig at the soil, fingernails began to be caked with the dirt. He felt his inner tissue tear from the rough pounding the werewolf was delivering him. His lungs burned from trying to gather air that he just couldn't seem to get.

He suddenly gasped and arched his back, feeling the werewolf hit something inside him that made him see nothing, but white and have a jolt of pleasure shoot up his spine. He moaned at the sensation as the werewolf slammed into him. The werewolf growled at the sensation of Harry slightly tightened around him as he continued to thrust in and out of Harry at a near brutal pace. Harry knew that his skin was flushed red with exertion and from a slight embarrassment that he was moaning like a wanton whore.

Harry felt his growing hardness against the ground, the heated flesh was getting sensitive from his body's hormones. He panted and clawed at the ground to just feel something in his hands. His skin was coated in sweat, saliva and a bit of blood from rough nips that the werewolf gave him. Harry met the thrusts just to hit that bundle of nerves deep inside him, just so he could feel that jolt up his spine. Harry couldn't last much longer with the abusive pace the werewolf was going at to become complete.

He saw his vision cloud and then dull before shouting out and cumming on the ground beneath him, his arms were jelly, but still held him up until the werewolf came inside him. Harry, for a reason that he didn't care to know, felt sated and calm, if not a little uncomfortable by the knot inside him and he didn't really feel the bite that was on his shoulder until he felt a soft heat circle through him in a dull throbbing movement. He thought that it would hurt more, but guessed that if was because he was in a sedated like state from the werewolf's semen.

The werewolf landed on his side, pulling Harry with him as his front legs were still wrapped around him. Harry didn't move much, just breathed lightly and felt his mind give into the haze of sleep, thinking that the werewolf would be gone in the morning, leaving him to defend for himself he did not think that the werewolf would be staying with him for a lot longer then he was thinking. The breathing behind Harry slowed into a deep and calm manner, signaling that the werewolf was sleeping, front legs still wrapped around Harry and his penis had slid out after the knot subdued.

A light breathing against his neck brought Harry out of his dreamless sleeping. Confused, he tried to remember the night before and blinked several times when he did. His thoughts were this:'I had sex with a werewolf, the werewolf bit me and said werewolf is still here'he mused as he saw two muscular arms wrapped around his midsection. The arms tightened when he shifted to look at the arms and his back was colliding with a wide naked chest. He stiffened for a moment or two and relaxed when nothing happened.

A mumble was heard from behind him and then a long lazy lick came to his neck that made Harry shiver. The chest rumbled with the man's chuckles, showing his amusement and Harry waited for a bit before he was flipped over to face the werewolf. He was met with the face of one Fenrir Greyback, the man who bit his honorary godfather Remus and had sex with him last night. Harry knew that he should have been afraid, but didn't care anymore and curled up to Fenrir's chest to keep warm. Fenrir wrapped his arms around Harry again when he was situated, his small body curled up to his chest and head under his chin. His fingers ran through Harry's obsidian black hair in a calm manner, which lulled him back to sleep.

Fenrir chuckled lightly at his small mate that he claimed last night when he smelt his scent by chance as he ventured this far from the pack to hunt. At first it was the scent of blood that drew him then a spice scent got his attention, the addictive spicy aroma of his mate. He got over his shock from the fact that his mate was the BWL and then he looked at him, watched him in the light of the mother moon's glow.

Even when he was a wolf he still had his mind, some went crazy without practice such Lupin did when he refused to correspond with his wolf properly. He thanked the mother moon for allowing him to keep his mind as he mated with his mate last night. He knew he was a bit forceful, but he had to show his mate his place if he went to dominate, he was glad that his mate knew that he was a sub. Fenrir had saw the scars on his mate's back and would find out who made them and make them pay for marking his mate in such a harmful manner. He then licked his mate's bruised cheek and saw it was at least half the size it was last night.

So he was, at the moment, basking in the afterglow of their mating. It was still early morning and his pack wasn't expecting him back till much later, maybe the next day as the full moon would last three nights, officially since it added a few days for turning. Now he could just be with his mate and mate with him again later, just knowing that he wouldn't mind another round after he was more awake.

Feeling the warmth of his younger mate that was wrapped in his arms, Fenrir decided to sleep a little more, knowing that his younger mate was safe with him in the forest, his forest to be precise, and knowing that his pack would wait and his beta would take over until he returned. His silvery, gold eyes closed with seeing his mate's lax body breathing deeply and hearing his mate's heartbeat was edging him into the dream world.

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