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Follow me into the night

Harry shifted in his sleep, curling up to the warmth of Fenrir, who was talking with a few pack members about their travels when they hunted while in the safety of their den to keep out of a drizzling rain, and breathed in his scent. It had been a week since he was introduced to the pack and he felt at home and at piece with them, especially with Fenrir, his mate and alpha.

If he was a wizard still he'd probably flip, but with who he was now seeing who he was then, it made him laugh. He could clearly remember the manipulations that Dumbledore had and how Voldemort wasn't doing anything, but trying to survive and literally help the wizarding world. The muggle-borns didn't belong, a few did like Hermione and Colin, but most did not, same with certain pure-bloods, but nearly all had a side chosen and all were doing what they thought was right or being greedy and power hungry.

Harry's mind ran through thoughts about his manipulated life; the prophesy didn't connect to him anymore, nor did it connect to Neville since the boy was mainly a healer and a huge herbology nerd. He didn't belong in the war, but if his kind; the wolves, were put into any danger then he'd fight along with his alpha and pack. Though he had a feeling that he'd be locked away deep in another cave with the mothering she-wolves and the other submissive males if he tried to give the thought of him fighting to Fenrir.

He heard the voices of the fighters that went out with the hunters or trackers, but he didn't get a ear in on their conversation as he was in a sedative state like most times. This is because Fenrir had the sex drive of a fucking bunny rabbit and he had a suspicion that Fenrir was trying to get him with a cub. Because of this, he was tired most of the time. He didn't even hear Fenrir, only felt the heated hand running through his hair in a soothing manner.

He rumbled a soft, low purr like noise in his chest and throat when he nails softly scratched his scalp, this was the most wonderful and loving thing he had felt in his life. Because the Dursley family had always told him that he should of died with his parents and that he'd never would be loved or touched him in a loving manner, Harry felt he was being spoiled with every small touch of affection he received from Fenrir. A flash of a memory swam through his mind which caused him to twitch slightly and it was enough to alert Fenrir; who didn't show that he knew Harry was remembering his past to his pack members, and caused the Alpha to place his arm around his little mate in comfort as he twitched in his sleep.

Fenrir could feel the distress rolling off his little one in waves and quickly finished his meeting with his fighters who were working with the trackers on finding Lupin. He picked Harry up and put him in his lap, letting his scent cover his senses so he would calm; he somehow knew that his mate was remembering his past and was waiting for a strong attack to happen so he could get his little one to talk about it and so he had the chance to get vendetta for his little one.

Fenrir watched his little one shake and twitch in his lap, letting out silent cries and pleas that even Fenrir couldn't hear with his advanced hearing. He held his little one so he could get him to stop moving; he held his little one's head straight so he couldn't move it, his legs were trapped between Fenrir's thighs and the rest of his body was wrapped up in the large arms. Fenrir thought of one last thing he could try to get him to calm without the use of intercourse. He bit Harry's neck at a highly sensitive pressure point and held down on it until Harry went completely limp in his arms.

Pulling back he licked at the wound, the blood that was on his skin was lapped up by Fenrir's tongue and the wound quickly closed, leaving only a small bruise that would disappear in the night. He laid Harry down on some fur, covering his small, lithe body in a heavy bear fur that was emitting his scent and went out to the other pack members as the rain let up. He motioned for June and Echo to watch over Harry while he met with his trackers and plan; he ended up splitting them up so one group was after Lupin and had the other searching for information on Harry's past, via Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy since Voldemort allowed them to correspond for information exchanges.

He listened to the group that was after Remus, he apparently was in the east now and still going strong, though it seemed that he had been joined by two witches in his travel, and the old manipulative wizard didn't seem to have a clue at their actions and the dark lord didn't seem to take a care in the world to notice them, though he had the LeStanges on them to get details. He breathed in to try and avoid a headache at the thought of people searching for his little one. He turned to the other group and got a tiny bit of information that Harry had that wasn't known to the wizarding world.

He blinked and kept back an eyebrow twitch at what he got from the group, he didn't want to think about it and just locked away the information, he was adding to his "To disembody" list for the people who hurt and used his little one, so far on the list there were 10 people. He dismissed the groups and went back to the cave, passing a group of she-wolves and cubs. He smiled lightly at the sight of the group as he that his pack was one of the largest in the U.K. with 250 werewolves, she-wolves and cubs combined though he didn't count the ones that went on their own or were exchanged with other packs that they seemed to thrive in better.

A small she-cub walked up to him, she was maybe three and therefore not in the mother moon's shifting grasp yet. Her soft brown hair swished in the afternoon breeze and amber-gold eyes shined up at him, she giggled at him as he smiled at her and the baby word 'alfa' escaped her lips, he pat her head before sending her to her mother. The cubs really got to him, such freedom and innocence they held, something that couldn't be broken until later in life.

A picture of his little one in pregnancy shot through his mind. Oh how much Harry would glow in pregnancy and motherhood, he knew that he and Harry were being judged by mother moon for a chance to have cubs, he hoped that they were blessed with that gift. He'd much like to see cubs of his own grow and possibly take over his pack or make one of their own when they were old enough. His eyes roared to life with the image he had in mind, but he'd have to wait for a little while longer to see if he and his little one would be granted the gift of parenthood.

Gold tinted, green eyes blinked open from sleep, mind foggy from trying to remember his dream and being woken somehow. Harry looked around the den, it was empty which not so strange, but there was usually noise coming from outside or from the other nearby dens from the young cubs. He got up and in doing so he moved the fur away from his body as he slipped away from the fur pile while clad in only a pair of torn pants and then walked towards the entrance of the den. It was night and only a large fire lit the area, he could see Fenrir and the adults of the pack on one side, all staring or glaring at three figures on the other side. His curious nature was rearing its' ugly head as he walked towards the fire, sticking in the shadows, telling himself not to get to close as he saw that Fenrir was in a pissed off mood.

Fenrir was grinding his teeth not only was his little one having problem with his past rearing its' nasty head, but the pack was found. He was glaring daggers, kitchen knives, swords and any other sharp object at the trio in front of the stronger part of the pack and himself. He snarled at Lupin and ignored the two witches on either side of him, his senses were haywire as he had to put his little one up in their den earlier then he wished and he wanted to be with at the moment just in case he had a nightmare or memory relapse, but no; the damn runt that ran off had to come here and try something.

A second er...actually a fraction of a second later the wind shifted from the east and all the pack members went ridged, luckily Lupin didn't catch the scent that lingered in the wind. Fenrir was a little happy, but majority pissed and worried that Harry was out. He could tell that his mate was just looking from the far edge of the shadows, not even trying to come in, but it was the fact that Lupin was here and Harry was out of the den by himself at night that made him mad beyond belief. He stepped forward, letting his face be lit by the bonfire.

"State your business runt" Fenrir snarled, silently sending one of the pack members off to get Harry back in the den. Lupin didn't flinch, but lowered his head and put it into a submissive pose. Fenrir growled and let him speak freely after the display of submission.

"I've come to put a treaty with Alpha" he said, letting the last part be silent. Fenrir felt his inner wolf come forward, growling at the pup who ran so many times that a record was made for the clans all over the U.K. Fenrir walked forward and was about two yards away from the trio.

"And what is the treaty runt?" he all but snapped out. The two witches were standing there, being silent with their heads bowed. They had yet to remove hoods that were hiding their features, but not their scent and Fenrir could tell that they belonged to Lupin's little ragtag pack. Lupin step forward, a away from the two witches, and stood looking at Fenrir with dark amber eyes.

"I wish to join and bring two witches who want nothing with the wizarding world. The treaty would be me being a tracker or what you see fit and letting us be part of the pack, the others don't have to like us, but please Alpha...I've lost everything, my mate won't talk to me because of his position, my beta is dead, my cub is missing and the light has all but flat out damned me into exile from trying to find my I'm begging you please let us stay" Remus said, his eyes shined in the darkness. Fenrir looked at the pitiful sight of the runt and thought about what was said, he wanted to pinch his nose to try and relieve the headache that was forming rapidly in his sinus cavity.

A twig snapped in the distance and everyone turned to see Echo holding a struggling Harry, who was in a sort of panic mode from being grabbed from behind. Fenrir went over to his little one and grabbed him, flat out ignoring Lupin and the two witches. He calmed slightly to the feeling of his mate being there and smelling his scent. Fenrir heard the triple timed heart rate slowly calm down before he picked his little one up and carry him over to where he had been, no use hiding him anymore. Harry held on by wrapping his arms around Fenrir's neck, he knew he was in trouble, but being so far from his mate was making the bond act up and his curiosity had kicked in for wanting to see who was here.

Fenrir held his little one up by one arm while looking at the shell shocked trio. He would have laughed if his anger and worry had not double in the last minute and a half. He glared at the trio and snapped them out of their stupid nature with a golden gaze. Harry nuzzled his neck and breathed in Fenrir's scent and felt his presence, which Fenrir was content with as his little one was calmer now, but his was still pissed in a way.

" may stay as well as your companions..., but they will be changed if they are to be part of this pack" Fenrir said, knowing that Harry would greet them in the morning when the clashing emotions were calmed. Lupin nodded his head and waited for orders. Fenrir snapped an order out to one of the lower pack members to put them in a den at the other side of the camp until they proved their worth. He felt Harry's grip was loose and his breathing was deep and even, showing that he fell asleep. Fenrir rolled his eyes and walked back to his den, signaling the others to go to their dens to sleep.

After dropping to the pile of furs, Fenrir shifted Harry to a more comfortable position that would also allow them to spoon, and rest his right arm on Harry's hip before slowing his breathing and falling to sleep, the headache still pounding at his brain. Oh the world just had to be complicated didn't it?

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