Ahh... I am awake. I lay in a bed, in a warm bed with a slightly hardened from the constant washing sheets... I'm in the hospital it seems which means the jutsu worked.

Although I am afraid this is just a dream... I am afraid to move my body as not to awaken back to the ashes and self loathing born from my uselessness. I am afraid I wont be able to change anything at all. I lay and breath slowly, cautiously as in to not destroy the dream. In. Out. In. Out. In...

The door creaks a bit opening. I stop breathing as the footsteps come closer to my bed and as someone moves the chair to sit down. The one sitting on the chair speaks to me.

He coughs a b bit and starts speaking.
-Hello Sasuke-kun - I immediately recognise the voice. This is the moment of truth. I open my eyes. - I hope I didn't wake you - In front of me on the chair is Sandaime hokage. Sarutobi Sasuke. - I am deeply sorry for what had happened to your family, but I must... - He looks at me with something I cant interpret in his eyes. - Ah... perhaps it is still to soon to speak about that... for now you should rest... I shall come at a later time, but for now I must apologise. I'll go for now. - The hokage stands up and leaves quickly. It must have been a reaaly disturbed look on my face right now, but as it is I am happy now for the first time in years.

The Years of experimenting with ninjutsu paid off at last. Now I am in the past where I have the power to do what I must do, to make his life just a tiny bit better even if it kills me.
I have created the technique to travel through time but the cost of this technique is great. I have destroued the world and there is no turning back now... I am still amazed by my own creation an impossible blend of several powerful and forbidden ninjutsu.

The first one was Izanagi - to make the impossible possible. the second one was Kuchiyose: Gedo Mazo - to seal and wield the power of all life in the world. The third one was Kamui - to open the path to the past. The fourth and the final one was Jigyakko no Jutsu - to walk the path. I do not know how I managed to control such power that tore the time itself apart. By the time I finished the jutsu the light had almost left me... but I endured and prevailed in the end. For him I made the impossible possible, I sacrificed the world, I opened the path that had never before been opened and walked it.

There is one more thing left that I must sacrifice in order to change the path this world would take.
My body.