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Chapter 7




"Oh yeah, baby!"




He finally turned his head to look at me. "Oh hi Percy! I am having so much fun! Have you ever ridden in one of these? I feel like I'm on a high speed chase, with the wind rushing through my hair! And blowing in the-"

High speed chase? He was going about three miles per hour. Actually not even that, because the same distance he traveled forward, he traveled backward. It was more like negative three miles per hour. And his hair wasn't blowing through the breeze. What breeze? We were in a mall.

Just then the little car stopped. "Aw," he said. Then he looked at me. "You have enough change for me to go again? I'll let you ride on the back!"

"Uh, no." We didn't have time for another ride, and I think I would have broken the ride if I had gone on.

"Okay," he said, trying to remove himself from the car. He got out and stood next to me. We were just standing there, facing the small black car. Finally he tuned to me. Grinning he asked, "So where we off to next?"

"Well, uh, it's getting closer to lunchtime, so if we just start heading toward the food court, there should be some other places to go on the way. Then we can have lunch."

"Okay! Sounds like a plan!" He just kept giving me that creepy grin. To tell the truth, it was kind of cute, which made it so creepy. With one quick squeeze and twist, he crushed the Red Bull can with his hands. Then he tossed it into the nearest trash can. It was a perfect shot. "Let's go!"


The walk towards the food court wasn't too bad. Sure Nico was totally friendly to everybody who crossed our path. He would wave and give a happy "Hi!" or "Hello!" and in one case "What up homie?" Now I don't know about you, but in New York, we don't say hello to random strangers that may happen to cross our way.

We went into a couple of other stores. We went into a Hot Topic store, and Nico tried to get me to get a pair of matching T-shirts that had the words 'Special Kid' on it.

"We'd match!" he said happily. When I said that we weren't going to get them, he got this hurt look on his face. "What? You don't want to match with me? Why not? I thought we'd look adorable in them!" He looked ready to sit in his own little reject corner.

"No," I lied. "It's just that they don't have your size T-shirt. They're all too big. Sorry, dude." Okay, I wasn't actually that sorry, but he seemed to bounce back to being happy again.

"Oh, okay! Too bad, it would have been fun! Well, we better keep going!" Then he just skipped out of the store.

We went into an AT&T store, and some old guy tried to sell me an iPhone. Did I look like I could buy one? No, but Nico agreed with the man, and told me that it was totally what Annabeth needed.

"Really!" He said. "Then if she were ever to get into danger, mugged, kidnapped, or otherwise, Annabeth would call you- her hero- to come and save her! And then she could use the wifi to entertain herself while you get ready, because I know how much of a morning person you are- very much like the Low Blood Pressure Evil Lord- it would probably be awhile 'til you actually get there. I wonder if dear Annabeth would be killed off by then…" I'm pretty sure that she would figure out a way to get out of a predicament like that before she had to call me.

"Uh, I don't think so. She already has a cell phone," I said pushing Nico toward the exit. And when we were out I said, "And demigods aren't supposed to use them anyways."

Then there was that candy shop we went to. Oh how much I regretted going into that little candy shop.

I wasn't really even considering entering, but Nico grabbed my arm and said, "Look! We have to go in there!" Then he started dragging me inside.

There was a little bell that rung as he pushed open the door. There was a boy sitting at the counter. It looked like he was taking a nap on it. The ringing of the bell must have woken him up, because he jolted up, almost falling of his stool. "What the fucking hell!" He cursed.

An older woman came out from what must have been the storage room. "What' going on out here, Logan? Why all the racket?" She demanded. Then she saw us. "Oh! Customers! What can I do for you fine gentlemen?"

"Well, I-" I started.

Nico interrupted me, "Whoa! You have a lot of different candies! They look sooo good!"

The woman shifted all her attenion to him. "Why of course! All of the candy here at Lerman Collections are good!"

"I certainly can see that, madam." She and Nico walked to the other side of the store, talking about the different chocolates and other candies they sold. They left me with this kid. Logan?

I studied him. He looked about fifteen old. Maybe sixteen. His long brown hair fell perfectly above his eyes, which were this blue color, but almost violet. I could just see the Aphrodite girls throwing themselves at him. I could also see Annabeth and Rachel spitting big words like 'narcissistic' and 'pompus' at him, as well as Clarisse shoving his head into a wall.

"Heey! Yo, dude. Do you want something, or can I go back to sleep?" I was knocked out of my thoughts.

As he started to rest his head back onto the counter I said, "Wait, actually you can help me."

"Oh damn it," he mumbled. "What do you want, and make it quick. It's bad enough I have to work at the shop during my summer. I don't need you making my job harder." He was so kind.

"Okay. Well, uh, I'm looking for a gift for my girlfriend. You see-"

"Is she hot?"


"You have a picture on you?"

Reluctanly, I took out my wallet and opened it to the picture of Annabeth I had inside of it. Logan snatched my wallet, and I swear he would have stared drooling over the picture inside.

"Dude. This chick looks hella fine!" He said. I grabbed my wallet back. "Smokin' hot! Do you think I could get her number?" Did he really just ask that?

"Um, no," I said coldly. This guy was seriously pushing it. If he didn't just shut up and do his job correctly, I was going to have to run Riptide through him, not that it would hurt him, that retarded mortal guy. I could, however, send him hate rays. Gods, I sounded like Rachel.

I glanced over at Nico to see how he was doing. Of course, he was practically being showered with free samples. Why did he have to be so lucky?

"Hm. Jealous." That was it. Just one word.

"Excuse me?"

"I mean it's okay. I'm used to it. Not every guy can be the Princely Type like me. You're brother on the other hand, he might-"

"He's not my brother," Why does everybody always thing that? "and I'd appreciate it if you would just do your job, thank you very much." I was going to crack at any moment. I suppose it really is hard to find good help (that's affordable) anymore.

"Hey man, I was just making conversation! Chillax!"

"No, good sir," Nico butted back in, "but I believe it is you who needs to 'chill-ax'." Then he turned back to the woman. "I'm so sorry Éclair. My dear cousin, here, did not mean to cause any trouble, I'm sure. If you'll excuse us, we will be leaving now. I quite enjoyed chatting with you. Bye-bye now." He took my arm again, and waved good bye. I noticed he had a small bag full of assorted candies and chocolates.

I honestly didn't know which was scarier. The fact Nico was going all gentleman, or that Logan looked… satisfied? Proud?

I made a mental note not to go back there.

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