6/25/10 Listening to Tina Turner while fixing the Frantic section of my wall (internet). The brainchild that was created.

inspired by ibuberu's 50 frantic ways.

"When he said her name in that tender tone, she just couldn't say no."

Guess what? I'm a kid who will NEVER own these people of the 'mon land.

They own each other, though l3

"Oh dang, not again…" Sapphire groaned as Ruby ran up to her, brush in tow, what he wanted painfully obvious. "No! No, no, no! I'm not letting' yuh brush my hair again! It really hurt las' time!" Ruby sighed, wishing to himself for her to simply give in for once.

"Come ON! It's all tangled already!" the boy pressed.

"An' I jus' tolju NO! An' yuh can't make me!" The blue-clad girl crossed her arms, believing to have won their latest "match". Ruby racked his mind for a moment, then grinned.

"…Sapphire… please?" He complimented the request with a pleading smile. She turned around, uncertainty in her eyes. Seeing his expression and hearing his tone of voice brought a blush and a jolt back in time to one of her favorite memories, when Ruby confessed. It was uncannily close to her current situation. For reasons unnamed, Sapphire could only focus of the boy before her, all else becoming insignificant.

Ruby noticed the change in his companion's expression, from unsure to dreamily focused. It was his turn for confusion. He'd seen that look only once before, when she revealed she loved him. The boy's face grew warm at the thought. Would she do it again? He had claimed amnesia, but being reminded in such a fashion…

Suddenly, pressure against his torso and cheek informed him of the hug he was in the midst of. Their entire beings became focused on the other, though their eyes took in the surrounding trees. Ruby slowly returned the hug, and Sapphire grinned with pleasure.

The brush lay on the ground, momentarily forgotten.

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