Author's note: :0 "Hi! This is to help me get over my writer's block. I missed a couple episodes here and there so if I missed something please point it out because I could not find any full episodes of the Mentalist online. Opinions are appreciated."

Have any of you listened to Carrie Underwood? Well, this is inspired by her song called "Last Name." Lisbon has an experience like the girl in the song but there is one major differance. At the end of the song instead of leaving him there she waits until he wakes up so they can talk about geting a divorce. They get a divorce and she never hears from him again. A month later she finds out that she is expecting. She decides to keep the baby and names her Angela.

She never told the team about Angela and some how Jane never found out about her. Circumstances force Lisbon to bring her daughter to work and the team gets to find out about little Angela. How will they react?

Chapter One:


The gigantic spider was coming towards me. I began to run away from it but I fell into a dark hole where I landed in a spider web. The spider grinned at me. It was like the spider had planned to have me falling into her web. "Mommy," I shrieked in fear as I struggled to get out of the web.

Before the spider sunk his fangs into me I began to fall into a dark pit. My eyes shot open when the darkness in the pit eats me. I frantically pull my large purple quilt off me, and run to my Mom's room. "Mommy," I whisper into the quiet room, as I notice Mommy's eyes gently settle on me. "Did you have a bad dream again," my Mommy asked me kindly.

"I was so scared that the spider was going to eat me," I told her when as she held her arms open towards me. I ran to her and received a large comforting hug. "How big was the bug," my Mommy asked me. "As big as a lake," I told her. "I'd be scared too if I had dreamed of a spider that big."

"Have you ever dreamed of bugs attacking, Mommy," I asked her. My Mommy's face thoughtfully looked past me towards the open door. "No. Lately I've been dreaming of snakes that are coiled, waiting to attack without prior notice."

"Mommy, do they ever bite you?"

"No. They can't bite me when I remember something every important. Snakes are allergic to every kind act performed." Mommy was confusing me again.


"Hate will always lose when you are kind," she said softly with a distant look on her face. "So snakes are filled with hate?" "Only in a bad dream," she told me confidently. "Are spiders allergic to a person being kind," I asked her. "Everything that wants to hurt you in a bad dream is filled with hate. If you are kind every day, you are untouchable to the bad things in every bad dream you have."

"Are you sure about that," I asked hopefully. "Honey, it'll work. As long as you remember that you are untouchable, nothing in a bad dream can harm you," she told me firmly. "Okay." My racing heart slowed down a little bit as I thought about what she told me. "Would being kind every day stop me from falling down a pit," I asked her thoughtfully. "Being kind would give you wings to fly your way out of the pit." "What if there's a spider web on top of the pit."

"Would the spider web harm you?" "It would help the spider eat me." "Then you would be able to fly right through the spider web because nothing bad can touch you," my Mommy told me with a small grin. I grinned back at her and felt my grin wash away as I remembered how mean the outside world looked when I got a glimpse through my bedroom window before I went to bed.

"What is wrong," my Mommy asked me gently.

"I know I am silly for being afraid but can I stay in here with you tonight?"

"Just for tonight."


"Yes Angela?"

"Good night."

"Good night, Angela. I love you."

"Love you too," I said sleepily eyes my eyes began to fight to remain open. Eventually, my dreams claimed me.

Teresa Lisbon

I woke up to the sharp ringing of my alarm clock. Angela quietly groaned in annoyance as she crawled underneath the huge pile of silky pillows that I had on my bed. I sat up and looked at my alarm clock with eyes filled with hate. It was time to get ready for work. I love my job, but sometimes I would rather spend time with my daughter.

"Mommy," a sleepy voice called from her hiding place. "Yes Darling," I replied. "Do you have to go to work today?" "Unfortunately I do need to go to work today," I said with a heavy heart as I thought about Hightower, the woman who had replaced Minelli. I wish that he hadn't retired. Life was so much easier with him around.

I laid back down on my bed and rolled over and lifted up a few pillows so I could find Angela. "Please put the pillows back down." "You'll need to wake up now any way," I reminded her firmly, "Your babysitter should be coming soon to pick you up." "Is it Patty again?"

"No, it is Kathryn this time. Don't you like her?" "I do like her but I'd rather spend more time with you." "That's sweet to hear but Mommy needs to work," I told her. "I know." Angela was a good kid. She never gave me a lot of trouble.

"Hey, Honey," I gave her a big smile to try to lift her spirits up, "How about I make us some waffles to eat today?" She immediately leaped up and grinned happily at me. "Thank you, Mommy," Angela said gleefully as she darted to the open door to her bedroom. Waffles are Angela's favorite food.

As I walked towards the kitchen I heard my cellphone buzz. I grabbed it off of the kitchen table and felt a mass of dread fill me. I tried to shake the dread off. It's very unreasonable to feel dread this early in the morning. I checked to see if I had any text messages to read but to my surprise I had one missed call.

To my surprise it was Kathryn who called. I hoped that she was not calling to cancel. As I listen to the message I felt my heart grow cold as I listened to her talk. "Hey! This is Kathryn calling. Teresa are you there? I'll won't be able to make it tomorrow. I know this is very irresponsible for me to be calling you so late at night. "

Kathryn's cheerful voice was filled with almost hidden hysteria that she was trying to hide. Then Kathryn's voice lowered and the hysteria was no longer hidden. "He's going to come after you. He knows about her. I'm going to..." Kathryn never got to finish what she was going to tell me. I heard her scream once and heard a gun fire. I then heard another sound of gunfire and her phone went dead.

I grabbed a box of Legos from the freezer and ran to check on Angela. "Angela,"I called as I knocked on her bedroom door. "Come on in Mommy," Angela called back. I opened the door quickly. "Kathryn can't come today and I won't be able to get another babysitter this early in the morning so it looks like you'll be coming to work with me today." "Okay. Can I bring a coloring book?" "Sure you can. We'll eat breakfeast at work, all right?" "Okay."

I left her room quickly. I needed to call Hightower. Maybe I could get some protection for me and Angela. I dislike Hightower a lot but surely she would help me and Angela out, if she would not help us out then I had no idea of what I was going to do to protect me and Angela.

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