I have been getting a lot of messages from people who would like me to continue this story as it could have been. And, quite honestly, I would like to fulfill your wishes and add to this series.

Have you ever written a story and you just don't want it to end but you don't want people to get sick of it either?

That's how I'm feeling right now but I need your opinion. So!

Should I continue?

If I do, it will be a fast updated series because I have a lot of stories going right now, but I am kind of in a writer's block on them. This on the other hand, I have so many ideas for that it would not fit into another story. I will be merging the How It Could've Been with a new title. 'The Volume's the Same'.

As most of you know by now, I live off of feedback, wither it be negative or positive. I love hearing from you and I answer back to all messages no matter what.

So, for your enjoyment, here is a little piece of How It Could've Been/The Volume's the Same series if you chose you would like to see more of it. This picks up right where Priceless Sweet Chin Music lets off.

I Stand Alone - Saliva

"Now I've told you this once before,
You can't control me.
If you try to take me down you're gonna break,
Now I feel your hatred.
Nothing that you're doing for me,
I'm thinkin you outta make your own way.
I stand alone.
I stand alone."

April 5, 2010
Moline, Illinois
5:30 PM

Sitting in a car with John Cena, on our way to the next city, was more than enough to drive a sane person crazy. Matt Hardy had even attempted to travel with us but gave up because of our constant change in music and bickering about small things that didn't even matter to the average person.

Needless to say, he was now traveling to the next city with John Morrison and R-Truth.

Shawn was keeping tabs on us, following behind us in his car with Hunter. Since Shawn drove so slow, we sped up, trying to lose him but when Hunter got behind the wheel, well, there was no losing him. He drove a lot faster than Shawn and kept tailgating us. So, John being the best friend he is, brake checked him. When John thought he was close enough, he slammed on his brakes, making Hunter do the same so he didn't hit us in the rear.

Shawn had a panic attack.

Seconds later, Shawn had called my cell phone, yelling at John through me while I was laughing hysterically. That got me a tongue lashing also but it was worth it to see the smile on John's face as he tried to pay attention to the signs for our exit. Shawn had lost his voice by the end of a 5 minute yelling match that was one-sided.

Even though Shawn had retired at WrestleMania less than a week ago, he still likes to travel with Hunter to see how things will be without him performing. Tomorrow he would be going back to Texas to be with the rest of our family. I did miss Shawn being on the road with me but with him doing all this, it felt like he never left.

"You know, one day, Shawn will just get tired of you and your antics and I will find you in a ditch." I told John, as he turned off onto our exit.

John shrugged, looking back into his rear view mirror, a smile gracing his perfect features. "Hey, he'll do the same to you."

"No he won't, I'm his daughter, I get special treatment." I said smugly.

"I'll give you god damn 'special treatment'." John growled at me.

I chuckled at him and looked out the window. "So what's going on tonight, all I know is I get to see a huge argument between you, Swagger, and Randy."

John nodded. "That's pretty much what is all going on. You and I will be teaming up while Ted does his thing. How's Ted?"

I sighed deeply, remembering that we agreed to break up but Ted was taking it hard. He would lash out for no reason and now that he was in a totally different storyline, without the Legacy, it was harder to talk to him. "I guess he's alright."

John nodded at me, keeping away from the topic going further. "Well, you're a single woman now, we need to go stepping at a club!"

I smiled at myself. John always knew when to shut up or when to change topics. He did both in one sentence. I looked at the arena that was quickly approaching; smiling more, knowing my home was in the middle of that building. "Anytime John."

Once we had arrived at the arena, we quickly signed some autographs and took pictures for the fans that were waiting outside for us. When we had done that, we walked into the arena and towards our locker room. Ted said he would meet me at my locker room later.

A few months ago, I had won the Royal Rumble. I didn't get very far at WrestleMania though. I was beaten by Maryse for the Diva's title. I still get another shot at it. I just stayed in the background, working with the guys. I was currently with John, being his escort and his distraction for opponents during matches. It was working very well so far.

Rumor had it that Dave Bautista would be leaving the WWE in a few months, so his constant attacks would no longer be aimed at me. I would be able to live a life full of excitement instead of torment. None of the other superstar knew what was going on between us, except Ted because he was attacked by him but he hadn't said anything from that point on.

John and I walked to our locker room. I still didn't share a locker room with the Diva's, they always put you down before you go out into the ring and because of that, you don't do you best out there. Maryse was a different story. She was a nice person and she took the hate to heart, using it to fuel herself to do better than any Diva out there. I loved to wrestle her because we both give it our all and we put on one hell of a show together. Why? Because we can.

I set my bags down right when Hunter and Shawn entered. Shawn immediately went over to John and continued to give him a tongue lashing. John continued to roll his eyes over Shawn while Hunter and I smiled, trying to conceal our laughter with coughs. Apparently it worked because Shawn did his normal excuse;

"I need to go to catering and get some water and um, take care of…things." Shawn said suddenly. I smirked to myself, remembering a line similar to that. He got up and walked out the door, leaving Hunter, John, and I in the room.

"So, what are we doing after the show?" Hunter asked.

John shrugged, pulling out his in-ring gear so he would have it at arm's reach for later tonight. "Probably go to Outback and get some grub. After that, I guess head to the next city."

Hunter nodded, patting his tummy as he smiled. "I can't wait to eat some awesome food."

"Watch it Hunter, you'll get fat." I replied, pulling out my gear.

"You'll get fat." Hunter mocked in a baby voice.

I pick up my water bottle and threw it at him. He caught it before it hit him in his chest, which made me frown. He smiled and kissed my head before sitting on the couch. After getting my gear out of my bag, I sat down next to him. "How are Stephanie and the baby?"

"They're both doing really good. She's still working but when she hit's 8 months, I'm going to keep her at the house. I'll probably take some time off."

"You deserve some time off; you've been working your ass off." John said sitting in the chair across from us. "You're one of the top guys but you don't need to push yourself too hard."

"I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't push myself."

"He didn't mean it like that Hunt." I said smiling. "None of us would be where we are today if we didn't give it all we had." I made a face, making John look at me as if I had five heads. "What? It was getting to deep."

"That's what she said." John said smirking.

"Shut up, Cena."

He winked and leaned back in his chair."So, we get to do an interview in a little bit." He smiled at me. "You ready to lay it down?"

"I'm not rapping." I looked up quickly. "Neither are you."

"Damn it! You always ruin my fun." John said grumbling.

"No I just level it out." I replied.

"Whatever." John said back.

"You love me." I said smiling from ear to ear.

"Not by choice."

I threw a bottle at him.

6:15 PM

I walked down the hall, looking for Shawn since he went missing an hour ago. Hunter couldn't find him anywhere, so we sent out a small search party, consisting of Hunter, John, and myself. Not very impressive but good enough to get the job done.

"You've finally saw the light, huh?"

I looked up and saw Randy leaning against the wall. I scoffed at him. "Ted and I decided it was over together. We are still friends, unlike you and me."

He laughed, getting off the wall, only to back me into it and blocking any way of escaping. "You will be mine."

"I belong to no one." I growled.

"You want me. I see it in your eyes. We've had our differences, yes, but you just don't want to push your pride aside and admit that you still love me."

I tried to push him off me, but he was way too strong. I sighed in defeat. "You love me still. You attacked Ted because he was with me. You need to lock your jealously in a cage. Can you not accept the fact that I don't want to be with you?"

"But you do."

"And you want me. Tough shit." I said to him. "You can get everything."

"I always get what I want."

"There is a first for everything."

"Do I have to take your friends out again? Since family is out of the equation already, it should be easier this time around."

"We aren't going to end up in the same position we were a few months ago."

"I guess that's a yes." He seemed to think for a moment. "I'll start with Cena."

"Good luck with getting Cena or anyone else." I snapped. "Just because they aren't blood related doesn't mean they aren't family."

"Then it'll just hit more to home." He replied, thumping my chest where my beating heart laid.

"Well, good luck with that. I have a big family."

"Oh, I'll take my time, break them down. Do you really want to be responsible for their downfall?" He asked.

"You'll have to go through me."

"No, I'll go around you and then come for you later. I'm sending a message; I'm going to eat you for dinner."

I smirked, rolling my eyes. "I'll make your stomach twist, baby." I stared at him, not blinking. "Bring. It. On."

He smiled, his white teeth flashing. "Gladly."

Start the war.