30 Thoughts of Light

Ryuzaki was yelling. And then it was silent. A gagging noise escaped his lips. Then Light realized what happens next.

30. I've won.

29. L is dead. Watari is dead.

28. I've won.

Ryuzaki's metal spoon slid out of his hand and the raven shifted in his chair, leaning to the side.

27. No more will I have to fight L.

26. I've spent my last night sleeping next to Ryuzaki.

25. No one is in my way anymore.

24. Ryuzaki..

The pale, messy body plumeted to the floor. Crashing onto the floor next to him was Light, in attempt to catch him.

23. Why did I just do that?

22. Impulse. It was impulse. That's why I saved him from falling.

21. He looks so defenseless, yet I've spent all my time trying to kill him..

20. ...Why do I feel so wrong, now that it's done?

The handsome boy cradled the esentric detective in his arms, L taking a last look into his face.

19. Ryuzaki..

18. Who are you?

17. He looks so.. peaceful.

16. I want to kiss him..

Light leaned down closer to the dying man's face, catching himself in time before anyone could suspect something.

15. What was..?

14. I've won. No more L.

13. No more L...

12. I would miss him.

11. I am insane.

10. Tears are falling from my eyes, because I killed my enemy?

L's face relaxed.

09. No.

08. He wasn't my enemy. I am crying because I lost a friend.

Slowly, the non-dialated eyes started to close.

07. I hurt inside.

06. Don't be stupid, Light. This is what I want.

05. He seems smaller than he ever did before. His warmth escaping in my arms.

The grey eyes moved up, meeting Light's.

04. I've betrayed him.

03. I've won.

02. No, I've lost. Kira won.

The raven's eyelids gently shut closed. Not a breath escapes his parted lips.

01. I loved L.